About Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera

A love story that takes place at a concert in New York’s Central Park when an otherworldly being affects positive change on society saving a planet teetering on destruction … told in 17 songs.

Created for Broadway musical theater, Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera tells an uplifting story about the range of human emotions affecting behavior and effecting change. Along with bringing awareness of one’s self within, it asks the audience to understand humans place in society on this planet, as part of history and as an integral element of the universe.

The two act performance features lead character Voice, finally attaining respected status as a musician being asked to perform his new hit album at a free concert in New York’s Central Park. Surprises are in store as unbeknownst to Voice, the promoter hired his former girlfriend to be a back up singer, and sold a title sponsorship to a greedy corporate organization that the musicians detest.

The show is really a concert in the park, that is interrupted by the presence of an alien being, inhabiting an old musician turned stage hand, that mysteriously helps the humans become aware of their inner beasts to save our humanity.

“Beasties” attempts to save the world from climate destruction, hate, greed and fear by instilling common sense, hope, empathy and kindness through music and art, with a variety of musical genres of inspiring messages and memorable melodies.

Gary Sohmers is experienced in many aspects of show business. As well as being a musician, producer, promoter, writer, publisher, and fan, he has also become popular on television as an expert in popular culture for 13 seasons on the PBS show, “Antiques Roadshow”.

Besides co-writing several of the new songs, all of the songs have been orchestrated and arranged for Broadway by multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Bill Holloman, who also performs as part of the band Chic with Nile Rodgers, among other touring and concert groups.

The stage show involves computer projected animation that immerses the audience into a world where the Beasties can be experienced by the audience. Character development and animation is being produced by former Disney animator Philo Barnhart, who developed and animated Ariel for The Little Mermaid and numerous other characters and films.

The story of Beasties is comprised of several books about that experience that took place for those two hours in Central Park from the perspectives of those that were there to witness it. Each person has a unique viewpoint through which this concert happened. And each book recounts the sights, sounds and awareness generated during that magical time by that specific being. Since the crowd filled the sheep meadow there could be tens of thousands of perspectives of what really happened there that day. But all who were there, and all who were touched by the electronic media coverage, were affected.

Was everything experienced by each “real,” or just real in their minds?

Please join us as we take on the biggest challenge in history to save and heal our humanity.

Kindness is the currency of the universe … spend freely.

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