“Beasties Gra” – Chapter Eight – Dinosaur Rock

“Beasties Gra”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Eight – Dinosaur Rock


Now, looking back, I believe that this may have been the catalyst, real movement towards the success of impulse’s mission to find emotional and intellectual triggers to evolve the humans’ behaviors so their beasties do not encourage the planet to destroy humanity. I feel so lucky to be able to be here and participate in this event. 

Wait, what did I just say?  Have I just learned that my impulse’s mission is to save humanity from being destroyed by the planet?  We are about to be destroyed, by the planet? I guess being aware has its benefits and drawbacks, but that message was just conveyed to everyone on stage now aware.

On the concert stage Voice again takes over as leader of his show, totally aware that what just happened was real to him and his fellow musicians. A gust of wind blows the poster board with the two interlocking hearts right off the easel and again my drawing of a meteor streaking towards Terra’s easel is visible again. Could another meteor strike earth and restart our evolutionary experiment?

Impulse has conveyed to us that to save our planet that is dying from abuse and neglect, and the activities and beliefs of humans need to evolve their emotional spirit as a species planet-wide and find a way to make others more aware. We who have little yet precious time to exist, must take action to terminate the continuous erosion of the planet’s surface by changing the core subconscious belief system humans harbor. 

The challenge of our reality against this flight of fantasy was about to take shape and make this a much bigger picture, as my impulse to know more was driving this experience.  Looking deep into Terra’s eyes, past the memories, the fear, the experiences to her soul we saw a picture of a ravaged earth in the form of her heart. Her belief was that the planet will be completely ravaged by humans, destroyed slowly beyond any previous comprehension.  

Terra has surrounded herself externally with positive beasties to keep a monster of sadness from releasing itself from within her or destroying her from within, but she sees the monster reflected in the words and actions of herself and society. Sometimes her friends, acquaintances and even some family, her personal atmosphere, seem to be corrupted beyond communication by the negativity of others. From what I can gather and understand about what she feels, misunderstood emotions, thinking and reality cause irrational behavior and actions she feels she sometimes cannot control, and it makes her sad.  

Having never been let so deeply into the heart of a person, let alone one this pure, it was as if being invited into the soul of where supposedly all good grows.  She represented all the good of planet Earth that the universe wanted to protect. I feel true love for this woman down to her depths. If only I could ease her pain, calm her fears, be the man in her life to make her happy.  She was the perfect mate, but my impulse to pursue that human dream was stifled as we got back to work on the mission. 

Like Terra, this sci-fi rock of a planet may also believe that the cause of its misery may be its own internal struggle on its surface. Internalizing all the problems, Terra Firma might also withdraw from, or repel, the disease it believes are irresponsible human behaviors, much like Terra does when she feels the same way.  Mother nature was also having trouble with her beasties, the humans eating away at her atmosphere. Similar maladies, similar symptoms, similar results? 

This gave me a surreal impulse to add some levity to the situation and relieve some stress and pressure.  On the album and setlist, Voice’s choice of his next song to perform allowed that. Like a volcano or geyser for the planet to release its internal pressure, humans sometimes also need a release to balance the internal expectations and disappointments.

On a hand cue, Vibe and the band kick into the asian rock n roll sound of “Dinosaur Rock,” Voice’s attempt to correlate the past with the present to protect the future. Based on his favorite movie Godzilla, this song correlated to the destruction of the planet just as the movie did from a creature of man’s making. Sure everything has its time on the planet, and what happens during that time becomes history, so why not relate the time prior to the last planetary destruction to the current crisis.  Meteor or meat-eater, what will it be that destroys humanity?

The monster within Terra that i saw in her core through her fearful eyes, I could sense was in our proximity, the ultimate in narcissistic evil, larger than life, supported by the fear and anger of the populace. 

Donald T.Raitor remained a symbol of destruction that the tyrannosaurus rex represented hundreds of millions of years ago, and that Godzilla represented to a post nuclear destruction viewpoint. The chill from all of that, as impulse allowed me into the minds of the audience, their thought processes and deep feelings, visualizing the potential consequences. Inside so many human minds, reading so many belief systems, encountering so many irrational beasties, kinda rocked me into an awareness I would never thought could ever have previously imaginable. 

Wait a minute here, for explanation sake, all of this mental analysis happened within us in mere seconds of human time. Remembering that time keeps moving even though my impulse can stop or slow our reality seems to be a lucky talent for me to experience. Although we may need universal strength to give Terra, Voice and thousands of their followers help dealing with a monster that can destroy the earth.

I have always believed that comedy can be a defense against irrational behavior, but would it be even possible to counter monsters like TRaitor.  So using mental strength and skills crafted from transcension and billions of years of universal knowledge, impulse began by activating everyone’s imagination directly within their parietal lobe of the brains. The ability to produce a mass hallucination is simple when you know how.

The thundering beat and crunching guitars signaled a unified movement in the audience, up and down, emulating the ponderousness of the prehistoric beasts that roamed the earth millions of earth years ago.  Impulse projected a vision into the mass of minds. Now next to the stage in front of us all, at least visually in their minds, stood a full size, prehistoric tyrannosaurus rex straight outta my fifth grade science books and my favorite Godzilla movies. Like an expedition to a lost world in some Jules Verne science fiction novel, here we were witnessing something very unbelievable or imaginary. 

Voice steps up to the microphone as the audience nods in unison and sings “He’s a Big Tyrannosaurus, about 80 feet long, big and ugly and awful strong, got a roar that rings like a gong, just leaving destruction as he moves along,” as he is describing T.Raitor as the extinct raptor. 

Since my mind was linked to my impulsive pidi, i had full knowledge about DT being the corporate and political tool of greed and corruption. Appearing here at this park during this concert, and being invaded by this impulse to my body was a very weird cosmic coincidence. I feel completely capable of doing what needs to be done, I’m unafraid and have no anxiety. I accept a major download of universal knowledge.

TRaitor’s despicable plan was an attempt for he, along with his cronies and allies, to become the controllers of all physical resources of Earth, and since they felt that they had enough support, influence and funding to push that agenda, they figured they would just try.  They bribed the concert promoter, paid the expenses of this concert, just to be able to impose and control.

DT, as he was known to his followers believed that if the lie was good enough the innocent and ignorant will buy into it, and that was all he needed to overthrow rule of law and common sense. Past history has shown this action by this type of person had seriously negatively affected humanity previously, but somehow many people forgot, don’t teach history their next generations or are too naive to want to remember because it does not suit them. I’m not being judgemental, just a realization.

It appears to me now that we may have just gone from a utopian fantasy of a perfect earth to a potential apocalyptic end of the planet, worthy of another meteor to start us all over again. All this thought and analysis happened in mere seconds as TRaitor is gathering his minions in front of his platform again.  

Voice takes to the microphone continuing his song “Jenny Lou sittin on the steps, doesn’t know that he’s loose yet, a big dinosaur from another age, about to crush her porch in a rage, run Jenny Lou, he’s coming after you, he’s got no sense of humor and he plans on eating you. There’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you can say, turn up the radio and hope he’ll dance away.”

The music moves the people, and their beasties, as they all dance to the music and start to get the message from the words, music and humor within the hypocrisy that stands before them. Even some of the citizens abandon their placards and have chosen to dance to the infectious beat, evoking less aggressive beastie behavior.

As the song reaches its familiar chorus, DT appears upon the riser erected by his syncopants, tosses handfuls of cash towards the dancing crowd and shouts in into his microphone still attached to Voice’s public address system, “Dinosaur” to which his trolls react with “Dinosaur Rock!”   

DT responds with “We’re making lots of money and we like it a lot.”  Voice inserts himself to sing “He does the DInosaur,” to which his minions shout “Dinosaur Rock” again and Voice follows up with “It’s the same old sound it’s the same old shlock.”  

DT and his trolls are upon his platform as if its his own campaign rally, and in his delusion, it appears he considers Voice’s fans as his own followers, embracing his message. I can easily see that his supporters among the crowd are minimal, gathered to the front of his riser and the rest of the audience that is singing along, is doing so in a demeaning manner against DT and his people.  

Impulse informs me that there is a lesson to teach here and now.  The power of this transcended being within me allows us, yes, we are an us now, to employ a little mental manipulation of the entire audience. By tapping into the mass mindset, projecting a common image, impulse created the illusion in everyone’s mind that DT and his cronies have assembled, and grown to look exactly like that giant, terrible lizard.  Green as greed, with a mind the size of a peanut within the body of an giant eating machine, DT now looks as scary as his message. Impulse’s message to the masses was that if humans do not unify to repel the monster, they would be consumed by it.

Voice steps up to his microphone to take over the song as DT is at the edge of the stage continuing to throw handfuls of one dollar bills to his citizens clamoring to grab the flying money, pushing and shoving to capture such minimal rewards.  As a songwriter, he wrote this catchy little hard rockin number to make fun of the state of the music business, where everything was being rehashed for new generations, including the music he loved. Corporate control of the creative process had been destroying the music business. 

Voice sings “There’s always been a music that sounds like this, it’s a heavy kind dance and it goes like this, put one foot forward and shake-a your hips, then jump up and down till the record skips” and the crowd mimics the movements reflected in the words to the band’s delight. 

Correlating history of the ancient creatures to modern music, impulse urges me to jump in to sing the next line, leaning in to Terra I sing “There’s prehistoric passion in the rhythm of the drums, hearts beating in the tarpits everybody’s overcome.” Then turning to Voice and the crowd I sing the warning “you thought they were extinct, then you were surely fooled, even tho their brains are small they really had a groove.” 

Together Voice and I conclude the second verse as a way to humorously tell the listeners how to find the truth amongst the clatter of corporate messaging, even though all media is owned by the offending parties, “So listen on your radio, and tune in on your video, really big sound of the days gone by, there’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you can say, turn up the radio and hope he’ll dance away to the … “ 

Of course DT still doesn’t believe that the joke is on him, and doesn’t realize that the audience sees him as a monster, he bellows into his microphone “Dinosaur” to which now only his devoted deviants respond “Dinosaur rock!”  DT follows their response again by throwing more money offstage and singing “I’m making lots of money and I like it a lot.”

While rolling his eyes, Voice facetiously again snidely says “he does the” to which DT again monstrously evokes “Dinosaur” and his lackeys again respond in an equally dynamic manner shouting “Dinosaur rock!”  And Voice again concludes the statement with his opinion of the music industry singing “it’s the same old game it the same old schlock.”

“Dinosaur” shouts DT several times, each followed by “Dinosaur rock” from the entire audience in an accusatory tone.  DT has the irrational belief that he is winning over the crowd, smiling and waving like he has won them over. 

The crowd was loving their mass hallucination, as Vibe and band solidified the beat, Voice led them in a unified audience dance routine, basic easy steps they do at every show that mimicked the song lyrics. This time they were mocking the monster too.  Everyone jumps up and down in unison, clapped their hands on the beat creating a thundering sound reminiscent of the sound of dinosaur’s feet shaking the earth. The joy created by the unified mass, all mentally aligned, all enjoying the visual anomaly, adrenaline rush and aural incursion.  It was exhilarating to me to be part of this too.

Several of the citizens and their corresponding beasties, dancing with their new friends, seem to have seen the vision and decided that DT was not the person they were led to believe, and tossed away their placards proclaiming their loyalty.  

Vibe rips the audience into a frenzy with his guitar, the band supporting him with churning backup as the song builds to a conclusion.  Voice’s fans have had enough of the citizens, and their beasties begin to react against those trying to impose on their concert by ignoring them, the worst fate for an attention-demanding narcissistic beastie or their similar humans. 

Seeing the crowd abandoning his ploy, even after throwing money to them, DT and his supporters choose to quietly back away from what may turn into a confrontation spurred by the raucous rock n roll.  Some of his supporters’ beasties appear to be amending their actions while I could sense some of their humans may be changing their minds and beliefs.

Terra picks up a couple of political posters discarded by citizens that have been blown by a gust of wind onto the stage to keep them from becoming more neglected trash. Maybe the citizens were changing their opinion, but they may still be wasteful and disrespectful of the planet’s needs and could use some more education.  

She places the placards on the easels with the blank sides facing the audiences and smoothly and quickly draws the familiar shape of earth viewed from the universal perspective. As the music continues to throb, the audience pulses, until it winds down to just the drum beat.  

Impulse pushes us to dance our way to Terra at her easels, and write one word on each poster. “Stand” boldly markered on one, “Up” on the other. 

As the earthly saying goes, the proverbial tide appears to be turning, as the drum beat becomes a marching band rallying beat.

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