“Beasties Gra” – Chapter Eleven – Love And Let Love

“Beasties Gra”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved


Chapter Eleven – Love And Let Love

The sound of the audience reaction carries all the way to the buildings surrounding the park, where high atop of the skyscrapers, people a mile away can hear and feel the tremendous surge of emotion being generated by the large amount of humans and beasties reacting.  The squirrels in the area do not even notice and continue to forage around for snacks dropped by the attendees, as the birds also busily go about their unobtrusive daily activities of survival. Nature endures.

Already bonded, Terra senses knowingly to allow me to see deeply into her soul through her eyes. I learn so much so quickly, i am amazed, but grateful that an alien and a human can share mental references non-verbally. If this is real, it is truly special.

I sensed a state of disbelief that this many people showed up for this concert, and that evil has infiltrated their atmosphere, much like pollution in Earth’s.  Since she and Voice can now clearly see and understand the beasties that plague the environment, she feels somewhat hopeful. And even though she has her protective beasties and friends nearby, I can still sense some anxiety related to the outcome even with her assistance.  She believes that if she continues to produce her art with pride in her accomplishment, and sing from her heart, she may be able to educate and communicate.


Terra was one person that everyone seemed to respect for her balance and fearlessness in the face of reality.  Terra spends much of her reality time reading, writing and introvertedly problem solving what she felt were the crises of her personal universe and share her awareness in art, song and story.  Now at her own deepest understanding of her current place in the real universe of existence, and being somewhat content with our relationship, her wry smile breaks against the face of evil. With her rational and humorous common sense viewpoint, she has a reputation as a guru to her friends as she always relayed from her heart about life, love and happiness.

We are all standing in front of the cheering audience, as she picks up another discarded poster board, places it on the easel over my drawing of a meteor, writes the word LITTER on it in black marker and adds the human symbol for NO, a big red circle with a line diagonally across it. 

Up to this point only Voice, Terra and the band know that I am different and was not part of the staged show, or that DT and his cronies were. Upon Voice’s cue, the band begins the next song, a quieter number that features Terra.  She places her new poster on the easel next to the artwork of the planet Earth.

With an orchestral swell, the audience quiets as she explains to me her perspectives on the human condition in song singing “Some say to live and let live is being alive, they move about the planet just trying to survive, content as a bee provides for the hive, as the queen, so serene waits patiently to die” comparing humans to all life forms that provide for the planet’s survival at their own departure.


She continues to elaborate about everyone’s short time on Earth exist singing “some say that life is just to experience the ride, that feeling of being takes you to the ends of time” acknowledging her acceptance that time may not exist as presently understood by humans.  She adds a qualification that she has learned to provide her own internal balance with “why bother to be worried when a sickness seeps inside,” with her solution being “Try to be one, who can feel the sun and let’s their lovelight shine” as a representation of her hope for better.

At this point in the song, I respond with some awkward comedic universal knowledge about the evolution of the human genetic experiment and the decisions humans make to affect it.  I lament to a jaunty rhythm that it appears humans have become a bit lazy in their evolution, negatively affected by their apathy, comfort and egocentric society, that they have lost their will, singing “without the drive, to see outside, their driven genetic complacency.” 

To which Voice joins in pointing out that “humans divided by decency,” through religion and politics causes them to “believe in impossibilities,” while they “enjoy the abundant delicacies,” and that they “can’t control what is destiny.” We three dance about happily on the stage to the audience’s amusement, but did they get the point.

All three of us look to the audience and attempt to inspire them that they must “love and let love.”  There is no other beastie that can assist change better than the beastie love, a multi-headed attribute of all forms of human love.  

I am learning from deep in Terra’s mind that the many faces of love are defined in numerous connotations so that humans are often confused about the often misused word, the meaning and the love beasties that accompany everyone.  These meanings can including romantic or sexual love, familial love, maternal or paternal love, platonic love, friendship love, respect love, and affection for a person, object or attribute love, 

And not the all too often irrational beasties control and possessiveness used to deflect reality, impose will on others or sometimes describing an imagined deity.

“Some say life is just a fantasy, A hologram is not a real symbol of reality, 3D and so deep beyond the mind’s capacity, We have become a victim of technology,” she continues again, reminding of the massive discrepancy between reality and the illusion of reality being beamed across the electronic sources communicating to all humans.

She adds her opinion about the past related to the future as “some say life is just a history, You try to make something that remains your legacy, could be cast as revisionist memories.” I sensed she could be singing to me alone, although Voice was standing right next to me, believing the same, as did the entire audience.  She had that ability.

It appears from my research that people are becoming unattached to each other’s desire to be caring. Following the earthly history path from early evolutionary awareness, a torturous period known as the dark ages caused by organized religion through to an art and literature explosion call the enlightenment era, followed by an industrial revolution, a worldwide land grab and then into the technology age, it appears that now reality may have been replaced by electronic news rewriting history to please the powerful.

From my perspective, she was singing of knowledge she could not know, but yet it was there inside her, and she was singing Voice’s lyrics, so I join in as my host knows all the words from listening to the recordings prior to attending. “Some say time and space are just distractions, those who haven’t lived them just can’t fathom.” 

I point out that “I see the universe expanding toward the horizon,” to which she joins me singing “And we see the earth, another birth could be another victim.”  Each child born to an irrational human controlled by bad beasties suffers and must struggle to survive, just as each baby being born to insect, animal or plant must.  But humans are supposed to be evolving.

Terra adds the big question in all humans, and even some lower intellect beings singing “some say we have a fate beyond our means, To be part of something larger as we live out our dreams.” I respond to make her aware that I am able to hear and sense the her call for help across the universe amongst the massive amount of cries, singing “scattered among all human screams.” 

She replies by addressing the thousands of people in front of us to “Try to be defining” to which I add poetically and emphatically “always be shining” and she concludes with audience aspiration that “your lovelight gleams.”  


A lovelight appears in the cosmos generated by the energy of trillions of happy beasties existing on planet earth within the forms of bacteria, plankton, single cell beings and the gamut of evolving species.  That special radiation generated by positivity affects all things in the giant body of the universe like adrenaline and other chemicals in a human body. A spirit that can be quantified, directed, amplified and generated by the will of the being.  A choice that the being makes to let their lovelight shine affects all.

My lovelight was now gleaming, and I believe that everyone could see it beaming like a bright colorful light emitting from my chest where my partner’s heart exists.  Eternal unlimited energy is the reward of higher evolutionary growth, and control of that energy is a responsibility. Being a source of energy can make each human a volatile mass of chemicals. 

It seems that Terra may have been evolved before me, and intercepting me at this place and time, to convey that a key to saving humanity may still may exist on this planet, with my help.

Voice and I repeat the humorous chorus, chiding the audience about the negative things that opulence does not lead to happiness. “Without the drive, to see outside, their driven genetic complacency, humans divided by decency, they believe in impossibilities, and enjoy the abundant delicacies, or can’t control what is destiny.”

But that no matter what, the path to human happiness may probably be to just “Love and Let Love,” as Terra joined us singing.  

Everyone needs to concentrate on their own happiness and not besmirch others who are different, love differently or have differing perspectives on life.

Now that I have a better understanding of the complex human emotions that involve the word “love,” my host appears to have a chemical reaction within our combined system to cause us to, as they say, “fall in love” with Terra the woman. This may possibly compromise my mission with a false belief that being in love with Terra would satisfy my human’s desire, satisfy my mission or support the cause.  I don’t believe I can allow us to selfishly enjoy these moments of bliss. I zone deep into ourselves, attempting to change our chemical balance to avoid embarrassment or sadness when reality sets in.  

The audience responds to the song’s conclusion with a joyous approval, and we can easily see the good beasties celebrating the message and music.  Now I believe I know Terra, but we may be now having a chemical concoction crisis.

Time to check my pidi.

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