“Beasties Gra” – Chapter Five – Even The Cool Succumb

“Beasties Gra”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Five – Even The Cool Succumb

The audience is ready for more music, and as EarthaMon leaves the stage Vibe steps up front to begin the next song.  Guitar strings blazing in the sunlight being stroked by his intensely moving hand, Vibe creates another of his powerhouse waves of energy.  The band picks up the beat and begin a driving rhythm that has the punks and fans nodding in unison as the volume rises.

The key, tone, volume, effects and musicianship gave Vibe a power to trigger the release of adrenaline into everyone that could hear his sound, all becoming excited. While unbeknownst to the band on stage, the citizens have now aggregated themselves off to the side of the stage where they are erecting their own platform, decorating it with their signs and banners and preparing for what appears to be their own event.  The audience came to Voice’s concert and from what I was led to believe, only for this band to entertain the thousands of their followers in a free concert. These people appear to be seriously infringing.  

The band is raising the energy level and most are ignoring the citizens unauthorized encampment, as most people cannot concentrate on as many things simultaneously as they wish. Even before this impulse, I had discovered that distraction may be the most common enemy of conscientious awareness.  

And it also appeared that the citizens intended to take full advantage that the band, fans and punks will be unaware of them setting up a political rally next to the concert stage if they can do it quick enough with stealth.  While my body and ears were attuned to the sound coming from the band, impulse was tuning in on a strange thought path emanating from a group near their erected platform. 

I turned to notice a flurry of activity involving numerous men in black suits with dark glasses, stern looks on their faces and surrounded by fearful beasties, escorting an overweight man in a rumpled suit onto the platform who is surrounded by a myriad of evil looking beasties.  They obviously do not appear to be involved with the the event.

No one was paying much attention to their activity until a big sign went up for Richard “Dick”T.Raitor For CEO of Earth that gained notice, initially with only the punks reacting negatively throwing some food at the people raising the banner on the platform.  These punks are protesting for another, completely different earth shattering cause than Terra’s plea of saving the environment. 

With their signs and placards, the punks want change at any cost, even violence against those who stand in the way of progress. They are surrounded by angry and hurt beasties, and their slogans convey that the mistreatment of humans and earth by the ultra rich humans led by Dick T.Raitor and his cohorts and destroying humanity.  

I can now sense the divide growing stronger telepathically as some fans are confused and angry about the presence of this platform, these signs, these people at their concert. 

Others appear sheepishly accepting of infringement of their time and space as long as they are distracted or entertained. Most did not wonder about who paid for this free concert and who was to gain from it, as we were already so manipulated by advertising and sponsorships in our media.  Telepathically, impulse and i were receiving mixed messages from the crowd about their understanding of this infringement. Many were thinking that Voice may have sold out and is being corporately controlled.   

Even among those that understand Voice’s messages, and the planet’s needs for sustainability, many choose to remain clueless so they do not have to confront, be confronted or engage outside their comfort zones. Music matters, even if rational thought may not.  

The band reaches the point where the lyrics begin, as rehearsed in advance Voice has again invited a friend to sing his lyrics.  Special guest vocalist PunkHead joins the band at the front of the the stage, grabs the microphone from Voice’s mic stand. 

“I’ve got too many irons in the fire, a heart filled with genuine desire, my brain’s not fried, and I never lie, i’ve got a soul full of true compassion, tho it never really seems to be in fashion, I can’t deny, that the time is right,” he sings with screaming intensity and conviction. 

Driving the audience to react, he sings Voice’s words to inspire the crowd of punks and fans to the driving rhythm of the band “Gonna move ya, gonna groove ya, gonna really cut ya loose, gonna rock ya, gonna roll ya, gonna really lose control, gonna be so hot that even the cool succumb.”

In my mind I was thinking about when I was reading an interview with Voice several years ago in a fan mag. In it he had stated that when he wrote these lyrics he was seriously concerned about the temperature of the earth rising, the melting of the polar ice and the hierarchy being created by the wealthy in an attempt to divide and control the masses.  He felt that although cool was a term for smart and liberal, it turned out that anyone can claim to be whatever they wish to define it as, without needing to live that truth.  He had pointed out that many people may have felt that they were cool people, the reality in Voice’s mind and music was that they had succumbed.

Earth may be losing its battle for survival as currently more people were less educated, and less people were part of solving problems due to being less educated.  The citizens wanted change too. Back to the stone age, or near enough where they could control others thoughts and actions. And they have brought their reprehensible, corporate political candidate, Dick T.Raitor to represent them in what appears from my viewpoint to be an unauthorized rally to steal the spotlight. And he was their leader and the epitome of the evolution of the bully.

From my position on stage, I could see two guys off the side of the stage plugging in some wires into our sound system. The long cables stretch from the main stage to the platform, where now that sloppily overdressed overweight man was holding a microphone. 

A booming voice disrupts the speaker stacks, as if rehearsed in time and tune with the music, the fat man with the microphone on the extra long cable proceeds to sing Voice’s words as if the song was written for him to sing. 

T.Raitor spouting with a rasping booming voice “I had a hard time finding my direction, when i looked at my reflection with tired eyes, and it’s no surprise.” 

Impulse taps into the singer’s brain and we discover quickly that as a child, little Dick T.Raitor was abused by his family and friends which screwed up his life, his ego and sense of importance. Surrounded by hate, fear, arrogance and greed beasties I could easily see, he was singing Voice’s words with sincerity, “I make the most of life with what I’m given, tho its hard to believe I could be driven by greed and pride, and not guiding light.”  

Wow, his trolls had tapped into the sound system and they were now infringing on the music. But the relentless rhythm and driving guitars did not stop, as Voice let it continue to the surprise of all. He urged the band on to continue.

T.Raitor continued to sing in response to PunkHead that he was “gonna take it to the limit, better watch me every minute, gonna learn it as I live it, gonna burn it if i wish it, gonna be so hot that even the cool succumb.” 

Using Voice’s lyrics which were originally about smoking marijuana freely to convey an evil power to force change he wants or destroy the planet if he doesn’t get his way.

“I can’t really show you by example, cuz i don’t really seem to have a handle on winning ways, just financial praise,” T.Raitor espouses to the crowd, to which PunkHead replies vociferously “some people’s future is well written, other people’s destiny’s well hidden.” 

T.Raitor shrugs a simple “do what you know” and PunkHead snidely quips in return our get-along reply, “or go with the flow.” 

“I’m your fearless leader,” T.Raitor proclaims to his followers, as Punkhead retorts “Rock and roll’s your teacher, if you let it reach you.”

Each trying to out bellow the other, the two sing “you can be so hot that even the cool succumb,” with PunkHead overwhelming the audience with his bombastic vocals and a stage dive that had the crowd cheering. Vibe moved to the front of the stage, joined by Voice also on guitar, and they started rocking the crowd and the crowd swelled towards them, moving in cohesive waves of power, completely diminishing any waving the small group of T.Raitor’s citizens and trolls could muster.

And so it became clear to me that Dick T.Raitor’s narcissistic messages of hate, greed and fear were being echoed with zest by his TRaitor trolls and self-righteous citizens, as they all hope to benefit from this association with their fearless leader.  None of these sheeple had ever understood history or evolution. 

This musical interlude again has Vibe ripping up the air with guitar licks, and it gave impulse and I a few minutes to process all of this new information, and observe. The beasties surrounding the supporters of T.Raitor’s seem to be mostly fearful, yet when gathered in numbers they become irrationally fearless. 

Their beasties are also made up of judgments, of other people, society and science, encircled by disgust, hate, greed and narcissism.  These beasties define them, just as birds of a feather flock together, a common irrational belief system can be an attraction to a like-minded being. They can choose to be close-minded because it suits them. And now they have support from others who feel the same, led by a man who extolls those bad behaviors. 

Voice is also able to see the beasties occupying the audience, which Terra had never been able to get him to acknowledge.   He looks at Terra and me, and we all are now seeing the same vision of zillions of beasties dancing with mad abandon to the exciting music that Vibe and the band are producing.

Impulse is sending positive messages to all telepathically. To me, the impulse is now a  mission to convince the humans that the beasties are real, and need to be understood by their owners, in an attempt to save humanity from destroying itself.  

The song speeds up as Vibe rips the guitar, notes pummeling the audience and concludes with a long crash cymbal build, band powerfully concluding their onslaught.  The citizens and the punks have separated. 

DT has been swept away by his minions.

A second easel has been set next to Terra’s on the side of the stage by a stagehand.  Impulse proceed to have me draw a Meteor streaking towards her drawing of the planet Earth.

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