“Beasties Gra” – Chapter Seven – Beasties

“Beasties Gra”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Seven – Beasties

As “Stand And Fight” draws to a close, the drum beat continues, creating a lush bed of sound that resembles a human heartbeat, as the audience of fist pumpers divided themselves into different areas. 

Voice and Terra are standing by the easels, surrounded by their beasties of hope, empathy and kindness, with a few of Voice’s beasties of concern and worry circling. She is gazing towards a group of wild and domestic animals, in a fairytale kind of a moment, dogs chasing squirrels, birds playfully swooping down to add to the visual. I wasn’t quite sure if Terra was actually able to communicate with the animals and beasties or if I was imagining. 

At that moment, Impulse informed me that it has decided to take matters under its own control.  As it was explained to me, time itself is only a way for humans to understand their reality, but in the reality of the universe, an evolved transcended entity such as the impulse that is currently inhabiting my body has the ability to slow or stop the progress of time, by connecting a large group of humans into a telepathic neural web of influence, similar to hypnosis.

It explained some science to me, that by sending a unified message to the frontal lobe of the brains of all in attendance, through which the human parasympathetic nervous system can become accessed and activated, my impulse has penetrated the mass of humans’ nervous systems. The brain waves slowed to the theta range, and allowed reality time to slow or stop in the human’s minds. 

Impulse has stopped time in our reality. Everyone is still, although the atmosphere continues, as does all of nature surrounding the humans.  It has only reached into the thousands of brains before us. The rest of the world continues as before, unaware of this happening here and since time is based on awareness, those in attendance may not be aware that anything unusual happened when time begins again.

Continuing to teach me, as it learns, my impulse’s pidi explains to my brain that within the human subconscious exists a conditioned being that controls the actions and reactions based on past experience, genetic encoding and strength of character developed throughout the obstacles of being human.  This is the human subconscious, a place where the beasties evolve and learn to control their humans beliefs and behaviors.

The good and bad beasties that I can now recognize existing outside each human are a physical representation of human emotions. These manifest based on lessons and knowledge gained by experiencing life from birth until now. A human child has instincts embedded within genetic DNA, in each atom’s pidi, and each person must learn to control their own beasties’ behaviors through internal and external growth.  But, the mind is an incredibly powerful tool, and weapon, to create ideas and feelings often beyond the ability, or desire, of humans to understand, or control.

It appears that all atom based beings oftentimes have uncontrollable subconscious manifestations that appear to be driven by good or bad beasties and, at times, can go askew causing anxiety. It may be from outside influences such as parental, environmental and educational and can be easily explained on a human awareness level.  The worst beasties are the ones you can’t identify easily, the ones who take advantage of you from within without you even knowing it. 

The drumbeat still permeates the stillness, as it echoes, and with a blink of my eyes, impulse opens the minds of the people on stage while keeping the audience in their unaware state of mind. 

The beat becomes stronger and everyone begins to chant “beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties.” Punkhead awakens from his trance upon impulse’s prompting, and recites the poetic words which were being telepathically transmitted into his head. 

“Beasties believe in endless pleas, a tease to ease their freakasies, rants beyond the eyes of dawn comes alive on seeds of song” a cryptic message that the beasties can be deep dark emotions. “Creepy empty space in time delineates my aching rhyme, sometimes heated sorrow becomes true bliss” conveys change is possible from dark to light.

Terra and Voice respond to PunkHead, lamenting about their fear and hope beasties singing “even if i’ve tried to find a pathway to a better clime, if my try seemed vastly dark, no glimmer of light, no sign of a spark, even though i feel the pull, of every bad decision culled, between my spirit’s dream untold, i believe there’s something to this.” 

Now impulse informs me that it is our turn to add the knowledge of human failure being the root of bad beasties as I join in singing to explain that “a beastie is not just human, psychically diminished ruin, devoured thru and thru in, darkly depths within.” 

Impulse and I follow up explaining that the bad beasties blame themselves and their human for they consider themselves “failed like a withered blowhard, a delinquent emotional shit-tard, lost in a ghastly brain fart, disgusted that it’s so hard.”  I realize that the abuse is self sustaining to the beastie and their humans.

Now all on stage have opened minds and can see the beasties because nothing within them tells them that they visions are false.  Beliefs can change. Some people can see things that others cannot. Much like reading music and complex mathematics, understanding is about believing. 

Now that everyone on stage is aware and able to visualize what Voice and Terra previously thought was only in their imaginations. The bad beasties representing hate, fear, sadness, anxiety, anger, greed, suffering, malice, arrogance, self-centeredness and narcissism begin acting as though being called “bad” is a positive thing, celebrating being recognized and encouraging bad behavior.  Bad beasties love a closed mind.

Punkhead begins the second verse rhythmically chanting “as the art flows through your heart, coloured by dissenting marks, leaving space to be replaced by moments of un-splendored grace, contradictory desire, contorting even arts’ inspired, no one believes they can change this” trying to convey that the human belief system is flawed even if creativity inspired. Closed mindedness is the enemy even when having access to all the available factual knowledge through the internet and history.

The good beasties representing positive emotions such as love, empathy and kindness, choose to dance around Voice and Terra by the easels. Seeing them now dancing around on stage allowed Voice and Terra the opportunity to finally accept what they always believed.  Their belief system changed upon understanding the reality of the situation as impulse projected.

Now seeming to understand, Terra and Voice respond “enlightened business of the claw, reaches out to touch yet mauls, the flesh, the soul, the bonds of cold, demeaning self control, distracted yet from the timely set of requirements of human debt, without the sense to feel remiss, i believe there’s something to this.”  Terra and Voice now know through their own atoms’ pidis connected to impulse that we owe our future to our past and those who do not learn, do not survive.

Now, I again explain to them all about the closed-minded manufactured senses that cause pain singing that “a beastie is not just human, psychically diminished ruin, devoured thru and thru in, darkly depths within, failed like a withered blowhard, a delinquent emotional shit-tard, lost in a ghastly brain fart, disgusted that it’s so hard.” And yet again misunderstood, the bad beasties believe that I mean they are the best of the choices again after all of what they consider compliments.

There we stood, bad beasties believing they are good, and good beasties not caring what the bad beasties believed because they felt they offered positive experiences for their humans, and the internal chemicals and memories provide reinforcement of their beliefs. A proverbial stand-off in front of us between two sets of emotions for control of the situation.

Each of the musicians now aware are flashing back to memories of childhood trauma, demeaning behavior by responsible adults, the bullies in school, mean bosses at work, people who have taken advantage in their lives, bringing their bad beasties personas to life, symbolizing the loss of control of subconscious memory emotions.  Now this adds the anxiety beastie to the mixture and the chemical concoction with the humans is becoming toxic.

All of the beasties are now dancing to the music, as some beasties may even be the creators of the inspiration and skill sets needed for the musicians to understand and perform. 

Voice steps between the good and bad beasties as they begin to conflict singing “whether we be strong or weak, whether there’s a final peak, clever, life is, so to speak, a vacuum of aloneness, grip the charcoal control your grasp, paint by numbers without a task, black and white oblivious lapse, the actions that define us” to distract them and offer creative outlets to the mix.  An admirable attempt to turn anxiety into creativity.

While the beasties dance around, I move to the easel with the meteor depicted and place a new clean piece of poster board on it from the pile at the side of the stage and draw a giant heart shape in red marker.  

Punkhead begins the chant and everyone joins in, including the good and bad beasties, all happily proud of their contributions to their humans. “Beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties.” He then breaks into a powerhouse appeal that “beasties live with hopes of chance, change their queer by circumstance, no special needs or crucial greed, just find a place to be at ease, no one understands their pain, superficial attempt to gain a freedom from their madness.”  

And with that validation, all of the bad beasties quickly returned beside the humans they emerged from, content that they are accepted as misunderstood traumatized beings, not evil. And the good beasties offered warm support to their humans now with a better understanding of the other side. 

In some connotation this could be the story of lost causes and unexpected successes, besides defeating irrational beliefs. All beasties deserve to be happy, even what may be considered the bad ones, especially if when only being judged by others as “bad.” 

Knowing it is not easy to change ingrained programming so that other humans can recognize the change behaviors, impulse is sympathetic to helping create happier beasties by educating their humans. But each person has unique qualities, free will, can think for themselves, can be a positive or negative part of a group and change their minds behaviors and/or emotions when facts are presented. A definition of choice.

“Never worry that beasties exist, within that space of time persists, a fluid reminder of the lost track of time were there any involving the mind, beyond what is normal, a beastie is formally challenged to be what it’s formed,” impulse and I sang to assure all that they can control their beasties if they choose. 

The misunderstood underlying desire and need of each person may be the need to be unique, to remove their madness of trying to be like someone or everyone else, as an important part of the human spirit.  “Unique is better than sameness, a freedom from their madness” I sing, then joined by all. As we sing, impulse releases the audience back to our reality in time, and vocally concludes the song with “Unique is better than sameness.”  

Although the fans have only experienced the heartbeat rhythm of the drums underlying the ceasing of their time flow, they reacted again with overwhelming approval and applause. Terra steps over the the easel where I had drawn, and adds a beautiful heart shape on the board interconnecting with mine.  

Message received. 

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