“Beasties Gra” – Chapter Ten – Empathy

“Beasties Gra”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved




Chapter Ten – Empathy


Voice and the band tell the audience they would be taking an intermission, which gives me some time to analyze everything to this point.  My host who has been extremely cooperative throughout conveys to me that we are hungry and thirsty, which leads to needed sustenance. A couple of swigs of water, and some snacks, I gaze upon the scene with wide eyed wonder.

After all the commotion withers, the monster and the few trolls that continue to support him have scampered to where they to spread their vile hate to others during intermission, many of the formerly completely seduced righteous citizens’ inner beasties seem to have completely changed and they now can be seen by me emulating the lessons given in the first half of the concert.

Since the stage was empty, and only some incidental instrumental music was being played through the public address system, no one seemed to notice as I chose to sit cross legged in the center of the stage gathering my thoughts and focusing on my mission. The path was now somewhat clear, but that some more mental magic may be needed to get the needed result.  We are on our way.

Using universal knowledge and advanced technology, I am able to project in front of me, visually able for myself and my host to see, hologram like charts and graphs, analyses of actions calculations, interstellar movements aligned, chemical changes and reactions, and then potentially deduce the outcomes based on the mathematical equations that predict percentages of success.  These projections in the atmosphere can also be seen by other transcended souls within other human bodies, such as Terra and Voice, now along with several others who have gravitated towards the stage.

It was interesting to notice the variety of informed beings here in this crowd on this day in this location, as an aggregation of positive life-giving auras may create a catalyst force of change.  I felt the presence of good and bad humans being able to see, experience and control beasties around them, most for positive purposes, but I had a strange sense of an evil transcension in our midst.  

I can clearly see her beasties especially the one called empathy.  Empathy beasties evolve kindness beasties and kindness is the currency of the universe. Narcissistic humans regress that evolution.  Seems simple, except the basic wonder for everyone from birth to death can be how does one become one or the other except by the training of their own personal internal beasties, since you cannot force change on others without damage, including a planet.

Deciding it may yield a better outcome to continue to analyze scientifically instead of letting Gray’s human brain and chemicals lead to anticipation or anxiety, I choose to tap into the entire cosmic consciousness of the audience, the planet and all the beams of light reaching the surface of this beautiful day in paradise.  The ominous concrete towers looming in the distance surrounding the idyllic nature preserve gave me the presence of mind to check out the Earth’s electronic communications for more clues.

Since all radio, television and internet communication is wireless, and the signals are nothing but waves and particles of matter, just like I was, access to all knowledge, opinions, facts and fallacies was available to my research.  By concentrating I could not only gain this knowledge, I can project it in three dimensional holograms, compare, contrast and confirm many things about the humans destruction of their home.

The reality portrayed by the “news” channels messengers and reporters on the television waves was consistently divisive, pitting tribes of humans against each other, mostly for power or control, usually causing many to be damaged by the few who chose to take advantage.  These messages of the actions of the evil on society are interspersed with vapid advertisements trying to sell people on numerous frivolous products and distractionary experiences. 

Although it seems, that all purveyors of ill seem to have a justifiable reason for their actions, which is reinforced by the talking head conveying the information, usually blaming the problems on others or sometimes striking only because they are wealthy and can do so without repercussions.

Sometimes claiming what they call a “god given right” for their power, and alluding to what they call a “fact” that a god-like deity exists to “save” them and that these humans are anointed by said gods to be the conduit for others, to speak and convey the will of the “gods” upon humans weak of mind, spirit or knowledge.  These people appear to be surrounded by the most despicable of the beasties, apathy and fear, even being able to be seen cowering from the reality that is available for them to see and experience. The planet itself is the “heaven” promised by the snake-oil salesmen of religion, which refers to an age-old confidence scam to get people to buy, spiritually or physically, something fake.

Sure, there are many who seek to find “hope,” and sometimes for a totally irrational reason, have “faith” in a non-factual promise. But the greedy beings who manipulate the unsure and poor with promises of salvation in an “afterlife” rob these beings from their opportunity to transcend to being a better human while they are here in this life.  Organized religion supported by unbridled financial rewards corrupts the manipulators, as they add intense fear to those who are easily brainwashed, and target the youngest humans for culture breeding to sustain their power. This falsely justified mental child abuse, to blindly believe non-facts, may possibly be where all human suffering begins.

With an inundation of data absorbed into our system from a worldwide scan and download into my pidi attached to Gra’s mind, his mind was expanding, his heart was actually beating calmly even completely understanding the complexity of the task and we begin to contemplate our next foray in bringing about positive change using music, art and knowledge. If given the chance, the human mind can expand similar to the universe.

The intermission music allowed us to go into a deep meditative state of awareness, so as to not be disturbed, I slowed time and the movements of Terra, Voice and the band as they made their way to the stage to start the second half of the show. The audience was ready for more entertainment. 

In the frozen moments as earth time delayed slightly, Gra and I sang quietly to ourselves, “I took a few deep breaths, took my mind off the mess, into the outer reaches of the cosmos I leapt, where questions were not asked because there were no beings with evolving brains needing to know how and why.”

At that moment, I was able to also attach the subconscious minds of Voice and Terra in their slowed state of action, and bring them with Gra and I for a journey reaching the pinnacle of their open minds imagination.

We were all now far away from the planet and, although this was Gra’s first experience outside of a human body, I sensed that Terra and Voice had experienced this before .  All minds were attached to my pidi and we were traveling at light speed to a different visual perspective. We slowed just as quickly and the immenseness of the universe was apparent to all. I sang “There was a calm in the universe, as the experiences fell exclusively to the human experiment, affecting no one, and nothing, in the outer worlds. yet essential in evolving the universal goals.”

“I felt the calm, it was strengthening. I knew my fate and my destiny,” Gra and I sang to Terra and Voice with unified contentment, and personally committed “I felt the resolve to accomplish my mission to understand the cause of those irrational emotions,” 

In a split second of human time, we whisk on a beam of light to Earth’s moon, a barren orbiting rock, with a familiar view of their planet from photographic and video images from this distance.  This image of scientific reality carries with it a history of wonder, followed by proof of truths and facts, all developed by evolving intelligent human beings.

Gra appears to still have some doubt deep in his subconscious, developed by childhood trauma, bad relationships, and incorrect information acquired from bad sources, even when presented with scientific evidence and universal knowledge, he questions “Here i see the difference, but fail to see how, one can choose to be one or the other, is it math, or science, father or mother?” 

He is not only picturing his childhood in our combined mind, which would elicit emotion engaging chemicals if we were within his body, but he is curious about people like DT, his trolls and the humans who choose to endorse the negative behavior. I try to break it down for him, reaffirming with knowledge from my pidi directly into his brain. I mentally challenge his subconscious belief system to question all illogical motifs at their source.

With continued thought of DT we sing “What beastie are you and what are you made of,

controlled from within and unable to feel love”  Still out of his body and deep in his mind Gra questions again “does nature, genetics, society, universal guidance or a combo of these, attributes, deflections, unguided sad reflections, cause one human to be kind and fair?”

Of course the answer is obvious to thinking beings, but in a momentary pause, we think about the opposite of the beasties “kind” and “fair”, an evil presenting itself capable of destroying most of the evolved human life on the planet who have presented themselves blatantly at this celebratory event, and reflect the sentiment he presents directly alluding to DT with “another obsessed with power will just not care.”

Within the human time of an eyeblink, I bring us back to Gra’s body on the stage, as Voice and band, with Terra at her easels, about to begin the second half of the show. We stand up and move out of the way, as Voice and band begin a song in another different traditional mid-20th century popular rock and roll musical style that may help influence open minds to tame their beasties. 

With Voice out front, four back-up vocalists joining him, the band breaks into that uptempo, voices filling the speakers and the fans happily enthused to have the concert rockin again.  All attention is back to the stage as they begin singing words of wisdom disguised as frivolous fun “the beastie Empathy can shake your core, makes you feel deeply what you never felt before, if you have the conscience to help one another

empathy is mother nature’s lover.”  The audience and their beasties react positively.

Then in what appeared to be another blink of the eye, to everyone’s surprise including my own, one of the back-up singers, known as Birdy and The Tweets, pushes Voice out of the way and takes over singing the lead with modified lyrics to Voice’s own song. The lead singer sports a wig shaped into a pompadour resembling Conrad Birdy from the American musical “Bye Bye Birdy,” portraying an Elvis Presley iconic character who will lead the masses towards mass profits. 

Birdy emphatically sings as a salesman trying to convince people to buy what they do not want or need “the beastie Fear can shake your core, makes you feel deeply what you never felt before, creates no conscience to help one another, Fear is not mother nature’s lover.”  Adding the next verse, perverting Voice’s original lyrics, continuing the sale of poison as medicine become “the beastie Greed can shake your core, makes you feel deeply what you never felt before, destroys the conscience to help another, greed is definitely not nature’s lover.”  The backup singers facetiously slovenly drawl “Nature’s lover,” as if it was a joke.

Terra and Voice stand dumbfounded on the side of the concert stage in front of the easels, wondering how this preposterous insurrection has taken place, looking at me with questioning gestures to see if I was going to do something about it.

We all look as DT grabs a saxophone and honks out a catchy ditty to the amusement of the unaware audience enamored with the show, as the Tweets seemed choreographed to elegantly block roadies and band from regaining the upper hand so to speak.  Across the stage goes DT, as his Tweets glide and shuffle to the beat.

Concluding his sax solo, and not skipping a beat, DT reiterate his sales pitch that bad can be good reinforcing “the beastie Hate can shake your core, makes you feel deeply what you never felt before, manipulates the conscience, to hell with one another,

hate cannot be mother nature’s lover.” delivering the song with conviction supported by the Tweets doo wops.

Security and roadies finally surrounding Birdy and the Tweets to contain them, Voice slows down the band and pulls the wig off of Birdy revealing DT scowling, tossing handfuls of dollar bills at the staff, band and audience hoping to buy leniency.  In his classic arrogant narcissistic fashion, DT immediately take a bow, acts as though he alone has triumphed and dashes off the stage away from any repercussions. 

Voice, Terra and I can see the audience completely surrounded by the beasties brought to the forefront by DT’s call to action.  This may be the moment the negative side of every fan attending decides to support DT in his conquest of wills.

But what the trio in the know now can sense is that the beastie fear and beastie hate seem to currently be questioning how can they no longer be feared or hated, possibly by removing their own fears and hatred, instilled in early childhood and secured by their irrational subconscious belief systems. While the greed beasties question their need for things they don’t need, each beastie supports the internal emotions of their owner and with intensity that varies in each human based on numerous criteria. 

With all attention on me, I try to reach the intellect, the spirit, the unknown element of stardust that makes humans unique in the universe.  Yes life exists everywhere but only on earth does any creature have Hope and sing “the beastie HOPE will shake your core, makes you feel deeply what you never felt before, enlarges your conscience to help one another, Hope is truly mother nature’s lover”

With that I’m joined at the front of the stage by Voice and Terra, Vibe and the band, along with the Tweets without DT as with vocally bring this lesson in humankind to a resounding and uplifting conclusion. With rousing music, soaring backup voices proclaiming “Empathy,” and Terra responds with “You see it in the floods and in the fires” referring to the actions we believe now may be earth’s weather patterns scratching its proverbial human bacterial rash. To which I add a third crisis the planet may be using to solve the human problem, “You see it in the hurricanes of human desire.” and parallel it with the beastie emotion wanting to help.

“Empathy” we all sing again, this time in multiple layers of harmonies..

Terra adds description of the term with the human actions that may define those moments when the beastie empathy can shake your subconscious core with “You feel it in your panic to the cries,” while Voice answers with his lyrics singing “Your actions show your feelings” and we all join to harmonize on “as your spirit starts to rise.” 

The audience knows the song and the word, and joins in a monstrous unified acknowledgement of understanding the lesson, “Empathy” we all proclaim again defiantly. With the final choral escalation of voices concluding the song, almost as if the entire audience including their good and bad beasties, had experienced an epiphany, a orgasm of maximum magnitude. 

 “Empathy starts to rise” 



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