“Beasties Gra” – Chapter Thirteen – Why

“Beasties Gra”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Thirteen – Why


I realize I have done a lot on this project, but for some reason, completion did not feel eminent or certain, like I was just beginning another chapter of this mystery.  At least I believe I now have Voice as a companion on the path. Now we both believe it may be time to tell all to Terra.

When it comes to the history of human philosophy, the so-called questions of the universe and mysteries of life, science and fact sometimes takes a pass for speculation and irrational beliefs,  It may be that the conveyance of universal knowledge happens less when humans are closed minded and believe there are no answers.  

And sometimes the actual answers, even though simple, are incomprehensible by the unevolved human mind, even if they want to, or choose to believe in something their society or tribe doesn’t want to be accepted.  Change happens slowly on Earth, something that also cannot be easily understood by small minds controlled by fearful, hateful or greedy beasties.

Terra has posed the proverbial human philosophical questions of all times, on easels in front of all.  The answers to these questions of “why” and “why not” have baffled all living organic matter since single celled beings first decided to eat each other to survive, then decided to mate to propagate, then decided to divide and aggregate.  Each decision was a why or why not supposition that took an action to develop a solution.

Terra appears to be some kind of a barometer on the atmospheric temperature of an aggregated human spirit undefined by conventional wisdom.

From universal experimental perspective, humans are similar to subatomic single cell bacteria to the universe equally as single cell bacteria on Earth are to humans.  So as a spec in size, in time and in the being of a cosmos, no one at a higher plane considers these questions, as the body only acts on improving the lives of all cells, atoms, tissues, nerves, ideas and processes.  Why wouldn’t it if it keeps the whole healthy.

Voice glances at Terra and I standing next to her easels, eye to eye, unaware that we are locked in the same mental condition he and I had experienced.  Terra’s mind was open and I encouraged her to let out her concerns so that we could solve the problems of her namesake terra firma. She needs to know all so I let her know how much I love her as a human and as a planet, but that her mate would always her own choosing. I downloaded important information from my pidi into hers through her eyes, and she understood what she needed to do.

The band kicks into a funky number on Voice’s finger snap, and Terra moves confidently to the front of the stage.  Voice and I can see her beasties dancing with her, and the audience joins in to the R&B groove. She sings “Why becomes the question, when answers are evolving, as the questions are asked, from many perspectives, many options exist.”

With his newfound insight, Voice responds with lyrics he crafted years earlier that now have new meaning to him, “Why not may be the solution, as there may be no correct answers, each being only serves the purpose of moving time forward.”  Terra adds “and time never stops” to which Voice replies “but that doesn’t mean that anything is linear.”

Now we three are in sync allowing me to sing Voice’s next verse “Humans are the most curious of species, with traits of all beings that evolved before them, along with that special stardust imbedded within their genetic code. They think, they feel, procreate,

evolve, manifest and deviate, other species on the planet respect, fear and/or idolize.”

Terra repeats her acquired knowledge “and time never stops” to which Voice replies “but that doesn’t mean that anything is clearer.”

The band shifts musical gears, changing the tempo to allow me to emphasize the importance of this awareness for the masses, and I sing “yet there are some humans whose animal instincts, Internal grief and conditioning, have made them dangerous to the planet itself.”

Moving towards the front side of the stage that Donald TRaitor and his trolls were last seen scrambling around upon, I continue the song pointing to the campaign rally posters still adorning the cheaply made platform. “I have discovered, directly, in my face,

the cause perplexing the human race, on the planet, as the bigotry and hate, division, anger, fear and greed were the same.”

While the band churned I strode to Voice and Terra by the easels, threw my arms around them and chided just as if when we were alone, but everyone could see and hear now. “Curses that had destroyed previous universal experiments,” with their questioning breathless response questioning “Yeah?” was followed by my warning that “once a meteor was sent instead of a messenger to restart this planet all over again.”  

Terra and Voice nodded in approval with a solid affirmational “Uh Huh,” and I concluded with a simple query, “can humans evolve to be more than just food chain.”

Stepping out to the front of the stage to address the audience, Terra reiterates her initial inquiry singing “Why could be an equation, when answers are evolving, as the questions are asked from many perspectives, many versions exist.”

Voice wrote this song when he questioned his own self worth, choose to live instead of commiting suicide when he believed he could not tame his bad beasties or find love. The words mean something else as he sang “Why not can be deviation as there may be no correct answers, each being only serves the purpose to reproduce or die  

Terra and Voice harmonize the final sentiment “why is the big picture, when answers are not coming, as the questions are asked from many perspectives, universes exist.”  I chime in a final “and time never stops” as they then drift off with the music singing “never stops, never stops, never stops.”

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