“Beasties Gra” – Chapter Twelve – Dive

“Beasties Gra”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Twelve – Dive


With a simple blink, again I have slowed down human earth time to a mere fraction of their ability to interpret, with all of their minds deeply consumed with their own inner worlds.  Terra, Voice, Vibe, the band, the citizens, the trolls, the punks., the audience all having something else on their minds. A clutter of drama, expectation, disappointment, anticipation, calendars, responsibilities, survival and propagation against the minimal moments of joy in an all too short existence when the time that was invented moves too fast.

That rare elusive joy Voice and band give the attendees, the response gives equally back to the performers. A mutual exchange of kindness and appreciation if only for a moment or three. But they don’t need time right now as everyone is in a mental state they would all like to always attain.

With time stopped, I look at Voice, his eyes smiling at Terra’s and hers beaming back.  They have a special bond, and for some reason, his lyrics to all of these songs eerily seem to be well versed about the subjects, and my mission.  I needed to understand this interesting human anomaly better. I walked between he and she, stared into his eyes to break the contact between them and put Voice into my time frame.

We had experimented with this state of being earlier together with Terra, but now I knew more and felt that we needed to discuss our situation honestly in a nonjudgmental environment, outside of human corruption.  There comes an instant when every being chooses to commit or quit, to survive or die. I faced Voice with his own words and challenged him to explain. This could be one of his moments.

Voice accepted the time shift again as if it was natural for him, and we immediately melded at a high level of brain and pidi interconnect. His basic human emotional need  to compete with me fades, as I convey that there is no “challenges” from my human companion for Terra, the woman, although there is emotional desire, but that I was here for my love of Terra Firma, the planet. There was no challenge really, Voice was the best person for the position, but he may have needed to be pushed to take a leap of faith for love of a woman and our mutual love of a planet.

I then explain to Voice that his words and music can help the planet’s denisons evolve, change and survive, that Terra is actually Mother Nature and give him the big picture.  

Earth is merely a single cell in an organism that is as immense as the cosmos, with a brain far from the planet, an egg fertilized by special chemicals, irritated by others, and capable of surviving no matter what exists on her surface or surrounding her.  Only a cancerous bacteria on her surface can destroy her. She must choose to fight the irritation of die. Just like humans, she chooses to survive.

Explaining who and how I arrived to him, i include that the technical operating systems in humans, such as brain, blood flow, nerves, chemical distribution and others, replicate the systems in the cosmos’ own “body.” To be as aware as Voice’s lyrics make him to be, he has a elaborate historical pidi attached to his current human being.  We have formed a very unique bond now, as deep as any humans attain, and on a galactic level.

I now take Voice on an intercosmos exploration at the speed of nerves, surpassing the speed of light beyond human comprehension, as mere subatomic specs we propel to the brain of the cosmos, are charged by direct energy, our pidis filled with new relevant data needed to continue, and spit back into the bloodstream for the instant path back to the cancerous cell we need to cure.

Yes, it appears that I may be an antibody, sent to find local healthy cells to help heal a dying body part, just like in humans.  It now appears that a cosmic antibody can love and communicate with humans when needed. A human brain has the power comprehend a massive influx of new data, scientific fact and experiences. It also has the ability to cure each individual cell within its mobility vessel, even if humans sometimes cannot accept it.  

Voice got it, accepted it, embraced it.   Time didn’t exist, but time was of the essence.

When the message had been conveyed clearly to Voice, we begin our mutual ascent toward the next phase of the solution and back to human earth time reality.

The band appeared to be catching up to us in earthly time flow as we descend, as we hear the slow, dredging guitar and bass riffs, slogging drums and colorful organ, a back beat calliope of blues based hard rock music.   Terra begins to slowly sway as the band and time begin to merge with what Voice and I sense.

Taking what he has now learned, Voice attempts to tell the tens of thousands gathered to hear him, this new knowledge, but only to effect positive change. He knows that he may be judged as crazy by human standards, but he is compelled, so OK.

He begins to sing words he wrote prior to this imparted universal knowledge to an audience he loves, to hopefully push them to change. “I dive like a mad man, a flying crying sad man, circle the ground with wings of hope, believe you can fly for as long as you can,” to compel others to at least let your hope beastie try to overcome the fear beastie for the happiness beastie. “Dive towards the crazy the ultimate joy, don’t be lazy or shy or coy, be the bird, not a beastie in your mind, to discover the thrill as the sun burns your eyes, there is no awareness to tell you to stop, as the ground comes ever closer to ending your drop.”

With all of his strength, coming from deep within his emotional core, and surrounded by an army of happy positive beasties and his band, he sings a a gut wrenching “You gotta Dive, Leap from the precipice, Into the abyss, You gotta Dive, like this.” 

Vibe moves to the front and offers a blistering guitar solo, with the intensity of a nervous reaction to pain or joy.  The music builds at this continued crawl, edging the audience to feel uneasy, as they wanted to learn quicker, absorb faster than most of their unevolved brains’ comprehension could even allow.  Voice knows and is kind.

As Vibe brings the crowd to elongated elation, Terra has turned away from her easel to watch Voice perform and I move to join Voice up front to address the audience with his lyrics. “Dive like the strong one, or insipid wrong one, watching your shadow on the earth below, the jump is your freedom if you truly won.”  Voice looks at Terra and continues his words “Dive to the future, your past is long gone, the open door of nature begs for your songs, watch as those around you in amazement they watch your whole world changes to a world you can touch.”  

Voice looks out into the audience and points with as much emphasis as can be exerted singing ”it’s heading towards you as you continue to fall, there is only you in your head to answer your call.” And with that, lets loose with even a more emphatic plea for his audience to commit to change “You gotta dive, magic in motion, believe that you can, you gotta dive, like I am.”

Vibe again rips into the crowd with electric guitar meant to stir the emotions, stimulate chemical reactions with proper notes, tone, effects and musicianship to give the audience an experience that will not forget.  Powerful, yet tasteful, effective manipulation of strings, electronics and control of creative beasties allowed Vibe to be a star. The crowd nears mass orgasm, breathing in slow unison, growing anticipation and excitement, a breeding ground for chemical reactions. Terra dances with Voice in front of, and representing, the desires of all to mate.

Out of the guitar solos, Voice moves back towards me at the front of the stage to sing “Dive like you know it is the best way to go, imagine the best and that’s not what’s down below,” to which I respond “your wings may evolve but you’ve never been here, feel the rush of the fall as you clear the air.”  The banter continues as we try to bring the audience into the song, I sing “believe there’s a chance that the end is not near, give change a chance, Dive without Fear.” 

To which Voice does it again, letting out a soulful request from all who can hear, “You gotta dive, soar from the passible, into the mess, you’ve gotta dive, like this.” And to conclude the song and reiterate the point, he digs in deep and lets out “Diii-iiive, leap from the precipice, into the abyss, you’ve gotta Dive, like this,” and lets out the strongest notes yet as he gives it all the air he has with “Diii-iiive, Diii-iiive, Diii-iiive.”

Terra stands by the two easels, looking enamored at Voice, swinging her hips to the groove, surrounded by happy beasties, she picks up a couple of discarded protest posters thrown onto the stage that she wishes to recycle, and draws a large letter “Y” in the center of one and large letters “NOT” on the other.

Change matters. 

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