“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Fifteen – Foolish Old Man

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Fifteen – Foolish Old Man


All for one and one for all, were words one famous earthly author put into the mouths of 3 patriots. Now as a unified force of spirit and will, we intend to confront evil and effect change.  Maybe something read in a comic book, which could be one of the earth’s best sources of inspiration in modern society.  Books captured knowledge to allow future generations to evolve.

Change is not easy, but the only thing constant is change.  At least that was what one of the anti-pollution protestors’ signs read. We now stand as humans helping earth to stop small minded monsters from destroying the life giving atmosphere. The only way to save humanity is to save the living being Terra Firma, show her the respect that any woman deserves.  Sure the bad beastie controlled humans control bombs, armies, intelligence and laws with their financial influence, but we have no choice but to try to help them change by opening their human minds. 

I recall Terra and Voice singing lyrical inspiration to the fans earlier, and here it appears to have been successful, psychologically and scientifically motivating humans and beasties with a newfound open minded ability for advanced processing of new and current intelligent data.  

It appears by from where we are standing upon the stage that there were a lower number of bad beasties prevalent among the former citizen supporters of the lies, greed and corruption.  They were choosing to change as their minds that are now opened, the irrational beliefs have been eradicated, and they are willing to assist in saving planet earth from annihilating humankind the cancerous bacteria maligning the living cell.  

But that was not gonna stop TRaitor and his miserably loyal trolls from their destructive desire to regress the planet and profit doing it. They snake their ways back to their platform to make another attempt to explain why their way is the better way. 

Voice counts off the next song, and blasting from the loudspeakers comes a guitar, bass, drums, organ onslaught launching the next rocker on the crowd.  Originally written by Voice to shine a light on the lowest life forms that scurry in the undergrowth that may be causing damage to roots, and how foolish that can be, when the music starts DT mounts his platform to make another appeal to anyone he can affect or corrupt, and sings about his life. 

The music is churning, and I take a moment to mentally bond with DT to see if there is a light in the darkness, pause his evil beasties from defending him to my presence, taking a few seconds to see what makes him tick. Dick’s internal perspective of his life, success and pain was a continuous stream of abuse from a narcissistic father who didn’t know how to raise a child, teaching him survival in a new era of global change for domination at the expense of all others, bullying, bribing, beating and berating with an  arrogant irrational core belief that he could do no wrong and he deserved all he took.  

He leans towards his security detail and begins to sing a corrupted version of Voice’s lyrics, “I’m no foolish old man,  I’ll tell you what is real or what’s real in your mind, I’m the smartest old man, a younger man’s dream in a well worn main frame, and the smoothest old man, though no one can believe that this pretty girl is into me.” He gestures to a young female citizen standing next to him that reacts with a questioning look.

PunkHead jumps up next to Voice, points at TRaitor and shouts “Foolish old man” and Voice responds with “He is just delusional, he’s losing his facilities.” 

DT continues to shows his narcissistic arrogance, hiding his abusive entitled childhood “I’m such a clever old man with a checkered past, no one could believe that my luck would last, as long as it has, never having to lose, wealthy and entitled, built a worId I could rule.”

Pointing out his weakness to TRaitor, and to the citizens still considering his viewpoint valid, I sing “A traumatized boy with no patience to wait, within him bad beasties beyond human restraint.”  Voice adds some clarification with his lyrical opinion of DT’s situation singing “In between the agony, this humorless beast” that PunkHead joins in to conclude with “Can’t be trusted to be kind, say the least.”

Terra grabs a microphone and sings “He’s a foolish old man” and in response the audience and the beasties all shout “Foolish Old Man.”  Voice adds the next line that DT is “not sure what is real or what’s real in his mind.”

His supporter citizens defend affirmatively with “He’s no Foolish old man,” and the group of punk protestors call them out on this hypocrisy screaming “Foolish Old Man.”

Traitor’s security confirm their belief that really “He’s a younger man’s dream in a well worn main frame” to calm the distrust that age could build a better machine.” PunkHead challenges that proposal as snide as he can muster “Just a Foolish old man,” which causes his associates and the rest of the audience to chide DT with another rousing “Foolish Old Man.”

Terra appears next to the young citizen female DT alluded was “into him,” and points questioningly singing “I can’t believe that this pretty girl is really kinda into him.”  In his own defense DT responds “I’m no foolish old man, you are all delusional and losing your facilities.” 

At that point I move to the edge of the concert stage facing the platform atop which the beast smugly spouts his vanity to verbally confront the truth and lies for all to witness, questioning him directly singing the next verse “Hey you foolish old man with a head way to large, why do you let all of this greed take charge?

His response was predictable as he replies “My profit and fame are my true reward, and none of it needs to be shared with the world,” pointing out his singular view of life.

I respond reasonably with another question of his pride “Do you believe that you alone can decide all of their fates,” and Voice sings his lyrics to the question adding “Without science, conscience, morals or a healthy debate?”

In his response coming from his deep, clogged subconscious hatred of himself, his past and his detractors, DT musters the false bravado to declare that “I alone am the smartest, the greatest the one, who can keep the wheels turning and get the jobs done.”

PunkHead screams: “You’re a foolish old man” and the entire audience now responds  

“Foolish Old Man!”


His security detail being paid to assist trying to protect his ego, and his physical presence chide the audience now reacting in unison against DT, “Why don’t you believe him, he trying to do everything,” and DT sheepishly questions them with “I’m no foolish old man?” 

The audience, now including most of his former citizen supporters shout “Foolish Old Man,” and with deceitful confidence reiterates his quality singing “Just a younger man’s dream that may be what you’re looking for.”

His few supporters gathered on the platform shout “Not a Foolish old man” and the audience shouts back a hundred-fold “Foolish Old Man” and Terra adds “That pretty girl was always just repulsed by him.”


I laughingly sing “What a foolish old man” and the audience continues to respond with boisterous enthusiasm calling back again “Foolish Old Man,” followed by Terra adding the exclamation point to the sentiment singing “You are so delusional, the sheep will turn away from you.” 

DT now finds that those mindless sheeple he thought had been accepting of the complacency as their new normal, supported by money and egocentric strokes, would easily become subservient tools for his new society.   

Almost all of the formerly supportive beasties surrounding their formerly brainwashed humans, have chosen to change their viewpoints therefore changing their behaviors.

PunkHead has taken the lead, pointing at DT with defiance, confidently singing “You not really a great capitalist, your nothing more than a narcissist.”

The former supporter citizens, and the current batch still surrounding his platform ask in unison “What happened to those promises, to change the fate for the rest of us.”

Punkhead tries to clarify what DT promises was not intended for all, as he sang “He never meant you Citizens, he was looking out for his brethren,” as some still confused citizens ask “What about the families, freedoms and prosperity.”  

DT shrugs, and attempts to distract the attack by attempting to dance in an awkwardly choreographed and laughable copy of a famous moonwalk dancer with his security and last few staff.

PunkHead now believes he must finish off this charade and vehemently points out “Hey you foolish old man, we see thru your scam,” and Voice sings his lyrics with conviction “Even those who had been fooled realize that they’ve been had, and Terra again adds her opinion with “You had your time controlling our lives for your plan,” and I get to add the concluding point this time singing proudly “Now the universe might try to take its own stand”


The entire audience knows it’s cue and sings wholeheartedly “Foolish old man” followed by Punkhead, Terra and I pointing to DT and responding in an accusatory tone “Foolish old man.”  Voice adds the statement that everyone is now thinking “Not sure what is real or what’s real in his mind,” and the crowd again responds vociferously “Foolish old man.” 

The punks and protestors scream “Foolish old man,” and DT gestures as if surprised they are referring to him and Punkhead decries his vain attempt singing “You’re a younger man’s dream in a decrepit old main frame”

Terra points and sings “Foolish old man, and the audience responds in kind “Foolish old man,” and follows up with the obvious fact everyone but DT knew that “nobody believed that that pretty girl was into him”

I shake my head in sorrow and state “Foolish old man,” and the crowds comes back with a rousing, change of heart chorus of unified beasties and humans clarifying their unanimous opinion “Foolish old man”


Voice states the obvious concluding the change, affirming that opinion now shared by everyone within these environs “You are just as disposable as all of your commodities.”

The power of the love, in the words, the music, the art now being shown on all placards and posters to be flowers, signs of peace and love, no longer signs of revolution, hate, bigotry or corporate greed. Maybe this is only happening in this park, on this day at this time, but it is a moment in history that those standing there, standing up were truly feeling the change of heart.

The expression of this much goodwill, caused the trolls to scamper from TRaitor as he stood alone atop his weakly built precipice, occupying space that no longer desired him. The narcissism, hate, arrogance and corruption beasties angrily causing self inflicted pain and pressure on his already weakened old body.  The physical exertion of dancing created added strain on the internal organs not being supported by the proper nutrients, chemicals, nerve responses, basic checks and balances within a human operating system.


I have now bonded with TRaitors being as I had with Terra and Voice, as in his diminished condition he was more open minded and capable of connection.  His mind and being was so damaged that cure was not possible.  Eaten alive by the generations of bad beasties growing within, nurtured and sustained by success at the failure of others, and unethical beliefs learned and inherited genetically.

Once deep within his subconscious, I am able to tap into his pidi and discover the sad truths beyond his current being status.  He was an evolved and transcended being.  His pidi showed me his history within the universal body, his voyages throughout the galaxy of nerves, chemicals and systems that keep all aligned.  When he and his pidi landed on Earth in this time frame, he decided that he wanted to try another type of lifetime this time that would benefit his growth.

He was led astray by humans, allowing the bad beasties that emerge during a lifetime to negative influence him to destroy for his own fulfillment.  I can absolutely sense that he has learned a lesson, recorded into his pidi for the future, but he has also expended his planetary life giving energy during the limited time a human being bodily vessel can exist.  His last telepathic attempt to convince me of his innocence in making these choices was futile, as his bodily functions were expiring.

The human muscle that pumps the blood is a fragile organ, and was not built to be immortal, and when the strain of his own bad beasties attacking it while his brain was unable to send proper chemicals to battle, the stress of physical exertion took its toll as he danced madly.

TRaitor heart stopped pumping, and in front of the crowd he had hoped to enamor, he was now seeing their dislike for him in his last breaths. Deep in his mind I could sense his disappointment, but still arrogantly holding his irrational subconscious belief that he was correct all along and that the world will not do as well without him.  A last narcissistic pat on his own back for what he delusionally believes.  Too many humans have this bad beasties driving them to their demise.

In front of the entire audience, with the music playing, DT begins to clutch his chest, wince with pain, struggle to stay standing as his security detail attempts to continue to dance and hold him upright.  TRaitor becomes stiff, standing straight up, eyes open with surprise that this is happening, and cracks a wry smile upon his face.  He believes that they are cheering for him.  With that his body becomes lifeless and falls into the arms of his security detail, who immediately tosses it to the few trolls left on the platform as they abandon the tyrant.

The audience and band notices the activity on the platform as they had pointed at him and had all wished for his demise.  Many felt that they may have caused the untimely passing with their bad beasties and negativity.  I could sense the shock from the crowd as his body was wrapped and removed quickly.

But the people who previously had supported him to power, did not care or step up to empathetically feel for the loss of his being on the planet.  They were released from the need to support something they unconsciously felt was negative, yet hoped was actually in their best interests.

I could sense very few empathy beasties from anyone for TRaitor, except within Terra.   Her belief that every snake in the grass may just be a creature trying to survive the best way possible, so that she hoped DT would discover his good beasties and change. To her, he may not have been able to recognize and reconcile the bad beasties within him, but even the worst beasties are given graces by Mother Earth when they pass and once again become part of the planet.  

The band changed the musical tone to a dirge, often played at funerals to set a somber tone for memorializing the deceased.  I stepped up to the microphone to conclude the scene, the song and the sentiment with a lesson for the crowd who shouted down a human and his bad beasties in order to save a planet.

I sympathetically eulogized as a warning “When that foolish old man was laid down in his grave, natural cause the culprit from a life full of waste, there will be others following bad beasties’ desire, to win by all means, set the planet on fire, 

Sometimes, even though their pidi remains with all knowledge and experiences gained within them, beings may not evolve to a greater experience next time around.  Every being began as a single celled microbe or bacteria, and we all revert to the basics of chemistry and science when our physical presences exhaust. Evolution is the growth each time we re-enter the universal system wherever, or whenever that is. Nothing wants to return again as a bacteria in a hostile environment with full knowledge of an alternative.

Like all humans immediately prior to the demise of their planetary mobility apparatus, DT’s last human thought in this iteration of being was realization of being reintegrated into the earthly species hierarchy as the larvae of a bug at a low evolutionary level with all the DNA memories in his pidi of the the memories of his affluent, wasteful past life.

With the new technology prevalent among all of the people at the event, DT’s death on stage was captured by thousands, and immediately beamed worldwide through the electronic technology spanning the globe. All the uneducated and brainwashed trolls of corporate profits and organized religion will need to find a new giant beastie to threaten the sheeple on their behalf, as there are still plenty of humans who can only function in life guided by new false visionaries and false hope sellers.

Many of the disillusioned righteous citizens will return to their day-to-day lives until told by their trusted, compromised, influenced or brainwashed friends, family and selective media what to stand up for or against. I jumped ahead to the future there for you so you could understand what happens to all those folks who need to just exist, do not have imaginations, need to survive or just believe that it’s not them, it’s everyone else. 

The revolutionaries and protectors of the planet against corporate and political corruption, and climate destruction, will find the next false icons to shine a bright light upon when more bad beasties rise up spreading messages of greed, fear and hate.  

One bacteria eating at the planet, spurring others to emulate has been eradicated.

The aggregation of the good beasties of empathy, concern, kindness and hope are all very visible to everyone that is paying attention.  

Where is the love?

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