“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Four – Knock It All Down

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Four –  Knock it All Down


Clouds always make Terra feel secure, any clouds, like a blanket, and she often felt comforted by the rain as it comforted the misery she felt from the anger and fear around her.  Like the the earth protects its ground from the harmful effects of the outside universe around it, Terra has done the same to her human being for her own safety with her auras. 

Reading Terra’s mind was like none other, complex in its simple reality, holding singular definitive principles beyond most humans, similar to a being about to transcend, accepting of her fate and still hoping to help. 

In her mind she has identified these good and bad emotions. Some created by DNA no doubt but others initiated due to society, or the emulation of past experiences, outside stimulation or repression, psychological nuances, instincts, chemical reactions, nerve synapses and oftentimes can be attributed to irrational subconscious beliefs. Her terminology for these auras are her “beasties.”  They are as real to her as to me.

Among the hope, singing, dancing and desire to create already shown by Terra on stage, inside there is a fear beastie shaking her at her core, causing her to want to make everyone aware of what she fears.  It is a common cause, a common fear among the audience, obvious by my ability to see all of their fear beasties aside them. I am deep in Terra’s senses and find that this fear beastie seems to permeate all.

Terra prefers to be surrounded by nature, animals and art with happiness, communal good will, and music playing.  Inspirational or eclectic grooves, anything but boring or without a message. So if there was music playing, and especially outdoors, Terra was the happiest.  

Voice being a singer attracted Terra’s attention as he was always surrounded by, or making music, and his best friend since childhood Vibe always treated her with great respect, so she felt comfortable at their gigs.  Vibe, the practical, factual, technical member of the entourage, relatively apathetic about all the “causes” Voice writes about, appears to live for the applause as his screaming guitar solos and emotional notes make audiences swoon and his bank account grow.  And he was always interested in Terra as a potential mate should it not work out for his best friend Voice, always kept Voice focused on career and the band.

What a difference these two companions are, and to have stayed together as friends over all these years showed a dedication and friendship between two humans that made me wonder how this could be possible.  Voice in some senses was negatively controlled by Vibe’s drive for success, and now Vibe was beginning to “feel” due to the influence of Voice’s conscientious messages. As a duo, they sure could perform, supported by the bassist, drummer and keyboardist. 

I am snapped out of my deep thought of who, what and why, when Terra takes me by the arm, and grabs Voice by his, and she glides us both across the stage as the music begins the reggae rockers riffs. Voice and I look at each other and haplessly shrug acceptance of the friendly rivalry, lock arms with Terra as the band starts the reggae groove of “Winds Of Change (Knock It All Down).” We proceed to dance across the stage, each of us humorously pulling her one way and the other doing the same pulling her another way.  Terra laughs and leads us both her way towards the side of the stage where her easel stands at the ready for her next expression of art. 

Voice has invited his friend to sing the next song as part of the rehearsed set list of the band.  “Went down to the park, stayed until it’s dark, had a good time,” sang EarthaMon to the reggae groove as audience danced in a sea of bobbing heads. “Shufflin with the band, wavin to the fans, wind starts blowin, and Jah mon, she can knock it all down, knock it all down, go on.”

Now, here among the joy, beauty and splendor of the human spirit enraptured by music, hope, cheer, happiness and communal love, I ask myself in the arms of Terra and Voice, from where could this beastie fear emanate. Again I am wondering what could possibly be wrong with earth, humans, nature or if i am here for an easy fix.  

Right here, right now, there appears to be a universal human communion of movement, togetherness, peace and harmony. This sound and rhythm appears to be a universally understood as a scientifically proven vibration that can create energy in a positive way. The movement of the bodies, the breathing circulating the atmosphere, we are all swaying with the trees above.

A casual glance towards Terra witnesses a shocked look of confusion appear on her face. At first I thought she was looking directly at me, frozen she stared past me. A small group of self-proclaiming by the signs they were carrying, “righteous citizens”, pushed to the front of the stage provoking agitation among the previously unified audience. Their motive was to convey their message to Voice’s audience, whether it was wanted or not. 

The citizens with their signs were also being met by a group of self proclaimed “radical punks” with their slogan signs, loud unruly vibrations disrupting the citizens clamoring for attention and the good vibes. Both groups seemed to be erratically out of the rhythm of the musical reggae groove, exaggeratedly dancing amongst the other attendees to make room for themselves in front of the stage.  

Voice recognizes Terra’s emotive gaze, as we move off to the side as the happy hippies move out of the way, these citizens and punks push and shove each other with fake smiles, pushing their opinions as slogans on cardboard, causing Terra to tremble from the fear being created by the cause of the protests. She does not fear the voice of the people, but she fears the reason the voice of the people is so fearful and angry.

Just as Terra was creating art on her easel for the audience as part of the show, and to communicate her message, these humans are attempting the same in a subversive manner since this is not their party and not their people.  The placards in the citizens hands read positive messages for evil things such as “Donald T. Raitor for Ruler of Earth,” “Capitalism is A Great Ism” and “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks.” The punks signs professed “End of the World As We Know It,” “Stop Corporate Corruption and Climate Destruction,” and “Destroy Greed to Save The Planet” as their causes of action.

The mood of the humans, and myself, was immediately changed from happiness and hope to fear and distrust.  Internally, i was feeling a human emotion identified as angry by my analysis, and it’s creating a chemical mixture within my human body.  It appears my host has long standing resentment for those who pollute and those who take advantage of innocence.  

I have now discovered the dire divisive cause perplexing the civil humans, and the living planet, as the citizens signs convey messages of hate, division, fear and greed being good and the punks conveyed messages of anarchy, change at all costs and evil being bad.

I have appeared here, now, to meet these people and witness these experiences, and it may be the reason of my visit.  I have always believed in “go with the flow,” so let’s see where that goes. And it went. 

In the second verse of the song, EarthaMon sings Voice’s lyrics about the disparity among the political opinions of the day, the hate spread by politicians and the revolution called for by the radicals … “Hate mon, really deadly game, players are insane politicians,” to which both groups, citizens and punks, cheer believing the other group is the evil one. 

“But together we can find a way to see a brighter day in our future,”

sings to the cheers of the rest of the audience. “And Jah mon, she can knock it all down, knock it all down go on,” sang EarthaMon as he commiserates his hope for happiness to the crowd.  

As I slowly move away from the audience towards Vibe and the band, Terra and Voice move towards their microphones at the front of the stage next to EarthaMon, and join in singing “Now I’m learning, yes indeed, to be patient, and believe … that a time may come some day my friend tho we may never see it, with the grace of Jah the sun shines on and the tunes go ever playing,” 

The band plays a lilting riff that get the whole crowd moving as one again, even the citizens and punks seem in the human mass movement, all breathing in and out, all expelling carbon dioxide to benefit the atmosphere, plants and living planet, all creating movement in the atmosphere.  The winds seem to embrace the added air motion created by the people, and begin to pick up momentum causing the flags and fabrics ordaining the stage to blow with exhilaration.  

A strong gust almost lifts Terra to her surprised delight, and the stage crew looks prepared to batten down the stage if needed.  Voice and Terra dance with EarthaMon, all the while looking concerned about the two opposing groups aggregated in front of the stage.  The audience is able to subdue the boisterous activities of both groups by swarming to the front of the stage dividing the opposing forces.

Right there in front of the band, the audience and the universe, the citizens attempted to demean the punks and the fans of the band and band’s message.  Using their signs to block people’s view of the stage, and dancing spasmodically like they owned the place, they acted as bullies, plain and simple, but for no plain and simple reason except that they considered themselves superior to others who did not agree with them. 

I tuned in to the citizens en masse to gather the  thoughts telepathically. Supported by their signs and body language, they believed they were entitled to get their own way at any cost. Their minds gave me the sad message that to push, beat, bribe or kill their way to their goal was allowed in their internal damaged irrational belief system, which appeared to me to only emanate narcissistic, materialistic and selfish behavior. 

Towards the end of the instrumental interlude, the punks moved themselves to the front edge of the stage, fist pumping, sign waving advocates for their message as they telepathically communicate unified support of Voice’s lyrics and songs, opposing the citizens direction.

EarthaMon moves towards his microphone, inciting the punks to jump madly about in a frenetic display of false appreciation, and begins the final verse, which the audience knows is about the group currently occupying control of the front of the stage. “Punk mon, really state of mind, players want some kinda revolution, Together we can find a better way, to see a brighter day in our future” he chants in the rhythmic candor of the song.

Terra and Voice move to their mics, and I feel compelled to join them. We join EarthaMon in singing the chorus “and Jah mon, she can knock it all down, knock it all down go on, Jah mon, she can knock it all down, knock it all down go on.”  The audience is now joining in to sing the chorus. As the music builds, the audience is singing unified to put on notice that Jah, a religious term for a deity but also known to my host’s intellect of Voice’s song meanings as a reference to Mother Nature Earth herself.

The sound of thousands of voices singing from their hearts and minds, sending a huge energy force upwards, from their breathing and swaying, creating more winds in alignment with the planet’s approval of the message and feeling.  The wind gets stronger as the chorus builds, and it almost appears that the sound system stacks could blow over had the stage hands not been thereto brace them, and the tall trees bend. Terra smiles broadly and she feels the strong wind almost lift her from the stage and she  senses the earth’s aligned emotions transferred by the breeze warmly affected by the sunlight.

As the band concludes the song, and as if on Terra’s cue, the breeze subsides. The roar of the audience’s approval takes its place as an energy force.

“Knock it all down,” the message of Voice’s song, exemplifies that no matter how evolved the humans become, they can be destroyed by the nature that surrounds them. Some in the crowd could not fathom that concept and prefer to remain static within their corrupted or unevolved mindsets.  My human host issued chemicals from his hypothalamus into our system that made me feel sympathetic for their ignorance, with a hope to educate them, but not to a point of pity

Over millenia, many planets had been left to their own destruction as lessons in the cosmic laboratory. Could the same curses that had destroyed previous universal experiments of life on earth be enabled to restart this study all over again as these multi-celled beings appear to be no better than others that have failed before them.  

As the audience cheered, EathaMon waves and heads to the side of the stage where Terra’s easel stands, with a picture she had drawn of the planet earth, now with new lettering added:

“Save Me.”

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