“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Fourteen – The Price Of A Kiss

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Fourteen – The Price of A Kiss


Voice is no stranger to fame, success, hard knocks, long grueling tours, negotiating business with unscrupulous business people for his art.  He has lived a life of experiences hardening him to be able to be a spokesperson for a generation of music fans, literary scholars, scientists and musicians.  He epitomized the meaning of being surrounded with good beasties, good vibrations, good aura, emanating kindness and fairness.  

Sure he has had his bouts with his devils, as does every evolving being, but being open minded and able to change made him a prime candidate for accomplishment of his own mission and assist me with mine. Along with his music and lyrics being inspiring.

But with all of this global and universal drama going on, the man who is Voice, now aware of more that just his personal perspective, wishes to communicate his appreciation of Terra to her and her beasties.  Another of his songs written when he met her, it seems the right time to sing about his affection for Terra.

The band begins the introductory strains of one of my symbiotes favorite of Voice’s songs, as it speaks of all human unrequited love and the cost of finding the proper mate against all odds. Voice looks at Terra, then to the audience, and sing thoughtfully “I’ve come to consider at a time like this, the cost to a soul for the price of a kiss, a futile desire for the simplest twist, of nature’s grace and human’s bliss.”

To express his frustration of a previous relationship’s single sided disappointment to another’s outward affection, Voice calmly laments a request “to crave for a simple emotional lift, a gesture, or words, an encouraging gift, Instead to be burdening creating a rift” with his sentence to be finished by Terra “time makes change the practical shift.”

The drum cracks the beat and I grabbed the microphone to sing the next part acknowledging Voice’s plight as if it were mine “to dream like a young man, with the knowledge of the ages like some stupid anagram, never know just who steps up, cause anything can happen.”   

The chorus of the song is a powerful message delivered simply, so I gave it my best shot like a professor giving the answers to a test in class, singing “Giving back for graces earned, Paying forward for lessons learned.”

Vibe and the band played swirling music as Terra and Voice’s beasties danced, the audience could now see or sense the beasties among them and on stage, but in their state of mind, most were not sure of the reality.  Vibe masterfully musically took the audience, the beasties, the atmosphere to an unified state of flow.  

Vibe nods to Voice as he concludes the solo, their silent communication after many years of performing together could be considered indivisible. Voice smiles gratefully for the beautiful expressions Vibe puts forth and begins the second verse. “Again I consider the price of a kiss, when they are free everywhere, and can be had for an ask, can this be discussed with mutual respect, or best set aside for that moment when if.”  The beastie doubt has been a part of the unevolved human experience. 

Terra joins in to sing the second chiming in “Imaginary reality is the kindest routine, insecurity can destroy the strong dreamer’s dream, hopeless it would seem to believe that it’s real, must carve out time and space to heal.”  She knows that when Voice wrote those words he was missing her company, her attention, her comfort, and he was able to rise above the beasties pain and fear, because his beasties hope and love would overcome.

Voice looks at Terra and sings from his heart “To love like a young man,” and I add my perspective to this love story with “the universe guides me like some fucked up hologram.”  Voice injects his next lines singing “never know just who will step up, cause anything can happen.”  

We all three look at each and remember back to the time stopped, being in the cosmos, believing in the new knowledge, ready to give answers to the masses with questions, the answer came again as we again sang “giving back for lessons learned, paying forward for graces earned, giving back for lessons learned, paying forward for graces earned.”  Again and again we built, repeating the message, the band driving the heartbeats of the humans.  

I’m believe that it could be heard at the concrete barriers at the edge of the forest, could be heard high above the terrestrial plain. I believe that it might be felt by beasties all over the world, and if we got it right, could be felt throughout the nervous system of the cosmos. 

But most importantly, can it be felt by terra firma, so that change can occur with human interaction for health and will she accept this commitment to do good.

Just because Voice, Terra, the audience and most of the beasties are now evolving and attaining a form of happiness, that didn’t quite cover everyone.

Terra and I move over to the easels as the audience cheers the conclusion of a beautiful song and message.  Beasties are rampant in elation. 

Terra pulls out another blank poster board and draws a large question mark as big as the board.  

Next to it, I draw a US dollar sign, a universally known symbol of the destruction of the planet.

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