“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Nine – Stand Up And Be Counted

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Nine – Stand Up and Be Counted


Terra has made a sincere commitment to herself that she can, with her will and hands, keep the environment from being more inundated with trash, reinstilling and creating beauty the universe would appreciate. With no expectation of critical acclaim, or profits, or any form of ulterior success, just contentedness she has done her part to the best of her ability.  I can see her beastie who represents this thought triggered chemical manipulation of the nervous system within her, an emotion called empathy.  

This weird trait of humans may not be understood by most, as the term is often used for unrealistic means, but suffice to say from my perspective, empathetic humans propel the evolution of all species forward. Empathy beasties evolve kindness beasties and kindness is the currency of the universe. Narcissistic humans regress that evolution.  Seems simple, except the basic wonder for everyone from birth to death can be how does one become one or the other except by the training of their own personal internal beasties, since you cannot force change on others without damage, including a planet.

She emits art because it is within her and the universe is rewarded by her doing so.  She knows this inside her and i could sense it when i met her. After all, she does reflect in human form that rare, important, fundamental beauty often lacking in all destructive species, and one of the many reasons why planet earth is so esteemed in the universe.

On Voice’s command, Sid starts the next song with the drum and bugle corp beat, a march to inspire people, a sound familiar to most humans who love parades and sporting events, a sound that can chemically induce most red-blooded mammals with adrenaline and other happy stimulants residing in their hypothalamus for moments just like this.  As the rhythm built, a group of musicians known as a horn section made up of numerous instruments made of brass and several other drummers appear on the stage. Everyone cheered and all nodded in unison to the brazen sounds. 

I am not amazed by the unification that has motivated Voice’s fans, the masses gathered by their individual callings, their ideals, their beliefs that matter to them, aggregated to expend a joyous vibration.  I was also not shocked by the sincere division between facts and fiction in the minds of many of the hapless humans and their irrationally influenced beatsies trying to cope. 

The citizens coddle themselves and their leader to the side of his riser to assess the situation.  The music really appeals to their basic patriotic instincts, like John Phillip Sousa marches or the Ohio State University half time, music that resonates with them, the music of Friday Night Football, so that many appear torn between enjoying the sound or concentrating on their taskmaster’s requirements.  Musically conveyed to “speak” to conservative mentality with a musical style they accept and tap their foot to mindlessly, the citizens and their beasties now appear to be curious, joining in unified movement in front of the concert stage.

Voice’s audience continues to move, ebbing and flowing similar to the bloodstream I experienced when I initially entered Gra. I witness a sea of humans, and beasties, representing all of the human emotional characteristics. 

Most humans don’t even know that seven eights of their entire body weight usually consists of the life-giving blood, a fluid that, unconsciously to its owner, carries out the critical needs of distributing oxygen and nutrients into their cells, along with escorting carbon dioxide, ammonia, and other waste products towards their exit from the system.  Add the blood’s vital role maintaining the immune system and body temperature, and this highly evolved chemical compound can be composed of more than 4,000 different kinds of components. All mammals survive due to the proper evolutionary changes that their individual blood components make. These mammals now make up the “stream” of human bodies more or less doing the same for the planet.

Voice begins to sing to his allied masses in a key that also takes the attention of the citizens to a new focal, changing the anger and divisiveness to a unified attentiveness, “there’s a call to arms in the world today, fear and greed seem to lead the way, driven by invertebrates, who can’t stand up, yet we’ve become their slaves.” 

I chime in the next line singing “To control your world, and drive you mad, Make you think that it all has gone bad, Without a knowledge of the past, Or sense of logic even if crass,” to which Terra and Voice vocally reply “we’ll take a pass.”

“Stand up and be counted,” sing Voice and Terra.

“Listen heed the call,” I reiterate singing to the crowd. 

“Stand up and be counted” they again chant to their loving mass of fans.

“You’re an individual,” I point out clearly to Terra, with Voice’s nod of approval.

Terra, Voice and I proudly exclaim to the surging crowd to “Stand up and be counted.”

In response to the band, and the audience’s attention, Donald T.Traitor’s ominous voice comes through the PA systems once again to challenge the band and the message grunting “Hey you, up against the wall!”  Continuing our resistance, Voice and Terra counter with another call to “Stand up and be counted,” in response to which DT again interrupts with a rhyming “You’re no individual.”

Voice brings the crowd of disparate beings with contradicting agendas, beliefs, opinions, facts, behaviors and reactions, along with their beasties of varying degrees of varying emotions, into an apparent unison as they all start to realize that they have a common enemy in anyone who would divide them just to profit, let alone destroy the planet in the process.

A short musical march interlude in the song finds the bands roadies trying to find a way to disconnect DT from their amplifiers, as his trolls sneakily find ways around them in a dance of wires and cables. 

With a little mental manipulation I am able to convey telepathically to everyone, except the hard core DT dependents suckling the financial teet of their overlord, that their elected official have determined that they are not smart enough to make their own decisions, which causes their beasties to show considerable agitation as the band starts the second verse.

“Who among us will heed the call,” Voice challenges his fans again.

Terra adds “To support the cause to freedom’s hall.” 

Voice singing to Terra, “With a sincere sense of it all,” she replies his lyrics back to him, “as we stand up, see the cracks in their wall.”

Voice points to the side of the stage where DT’s campaign rally has been set up against the will of the organizers and sings “to control our food, our air and minds, Truth so painful, sheep stay blind.” 

Again Terra contributes to the song with “destroying our climate is so unkind, There is no sense in letting it slide,” and as if in finality sings “If this is the future, we’ve run outta time.”

Terra & Voice repeat the chorus to the crowd, many of whom are mouthing the words with them “Stand up and be counted” and I add “watch the bullies fall.”

“Stand up and be counted,” again comes from the speakers and I point out that there are many more of unique thinkers than blind followers with “you are many individuals.”

We all sing in unison with again “stand up and be counted,” which again is countered by the irritating noise of DT’s voice again threatening “Hey you, up against the wall, and with an overwhelming vocal attack from the stage and the audience of “Stand up and be counted,” TRaitor again uses his same demeaning defense proclaiming to the all who can hear that “you’re no individual.”

Terra’s goal to save the environment is aligned with Voice’s goal to change the political structure to benefit all, not just the wealthy.  So with a little universal magic, I am able to put pictures in people’s minds of the current climate destruction that is causing terra firma to us its own “antibodies” known as the weather to remove any irritants that may be causing its illness. Human irritants. Earth tries to scratch the itch in its own way.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, drought, fire, floods and eruptions are messages from within the planet’s soul, that subconscious thought process that allows a self sustaining living organism who has evolved for billions of years isolated from contact with other celestial sources, to survive.  Yes, human may be the blood cells, but even a human blood can become a cancerous diseased cell in the body of a planet.

Scientifically speaking in human physiology, a diseased cell in the human body is attacked by evolved proteins produced by plasma cells in the blood to neutralize potentially toxic bacteria and pathogens. By recognizing a unique molecule that may be causing the malady, the healthy ones can help the ill one and change it.

The ability of any antibody to communicate with the other components of a human’s immune system through its fragment crystallizable region located at the base of the Y chromosomes in human DNA, may be able to be translated by me on a larger scale to trigger the earth’s antibodies to back off of destroying the irritants known as humans by changing the human’s thoughts and beliefs instead. I may have the ability to at least trigger the call from within for that change.

Maybe this can be done to humans if I look at them as scientifically similar.  Voice, Terra, music, art and positive thinking may be the antibody able to defend terra firma from the growing disease being spread by DT and his ilk.

Voice and Terra move to the front of the stage as the band changes the entire mood of the song from a up tempo proclamation of unity and courage to what appears to be a somber dirge.  Similar to a march played for caskets returning from a war. Or the sound attributed to a feeling of despair and sadness. The mood and the the spirit of the beasties also seemed to also be affected by the change is audio.  The pain is then reflected in warning chants from the stage from the singers. 

Terra recites omnisiously to Voice, “They attack our culture, attach our bonds” to which Voice responds to her with “they detach our future, they’d rather build bombs.”

Terra then looks to the audience pointing out the obvious “They divide to conquer,” which Voice responds pointing to the unauthorized rally set up next to their stage adding “and take our funds.

Terra then looks to me proclaiming defiantly that “we can take down their egos, open their flaws,” followed by Voice delivering to me a commitment that “we can teach them some lessons, about passing bad laws.”

Terra shouts to the audience to “stand up to the bullies, stand up to the fear,” joined by Voice adding “stand up to the cowards, stand up to the sheep,” and in unison conclude with “we’ll stand up as humans, stand for our needs.”  Voice and Terra hammer their point vociferously to their fellow denizens of the spinning rock to make it clear this may be their last chance to defend their way of living against the monster that could destroy the planet itself.

Using my skills at mass hallucination inducing mind manipulation of lesser evolved brains, and having shown the masses internally a future vision of a climate destroyed by human recklessness, I choose to start the next verse singing a truth for all to understand. “Bullies come and bullies go, history has the skill to show,” and Voice add “what happened before we now know, can happen today if you don’t grow.” 

“Small minded beings inhabit the earth, millions of creatures primordial birth, beings not capable of filling the dearth, breeding new bullies without any worth,” I sang to the crowd hoping they would get the message, as Voice asked in song “Can we defeat them, they seem so immersed?.”

That felt really good to lay on the humans as some chemicals in my host’s body was causing a tingling sensation as our epidermis was reacting with small bumps along our arms.. I believe they may have gotten it too.  

Terra and Voice add incentive pointing their fingers at the audience “Stand up and be counted.” I point towards the citizens now enjoying the stirring marching music and challenge them with ”Hey you, hear the call.”

Again Terra and Voice sing with defiant jubilation for them to “Stand up and be counted.”

I look to Terra and acknowledge the confirmation of her personal commitment “If you’re an individual, to which she smiles and nods.

The entire crowd responds with a massive callback of “Stand up and be counted.” 

I reply patriotically pointing directly at the platform where DT and his cronies are standing and sing “Watch the bullies fall.”

The crowd again responds with “stand up and be counted,” and I counter again to the weak minded to accept they are not destined for slavery with “Sheeple need not stall.”

Again the crowd joined Voice, Terra and the band at full volume singing “Stand up and be counted,” and I add “many Individuals” while again pointing the masses of moving humans.

“Stand up and be counted,” comes roaring from the crowd and again I respond this time pointing to the punks and protestors defying DT’s messages shouting “HEY YOU, time to move that wall.” 

And again they rise up and in a unified voice offer another “Stand up and be counted” to which I hammer the point singing that “You’re all individuals.” 

From my unique perspective, it appears we may have made progress, as all of the humans including the citizens have stood up and sang out. 

In the garden of nature surrounded by the trappings of society, among the vast variety of plants, animals and humans gathered, the cosmic healing rays of sunlight mixed with the reactions within all created by chemicals, thoughtful influence and stirring music, like the first days of homo erectus, evolution may have manifested change right there in front of me.

Stand up.

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