“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter One – New Reality

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved


Chapter One – New Reality


It seems that what may appear from the outer reaches of the cosmos as just another isolated rock spinning in space, or a blood cell floating in plasma, might just be an important aspect of all things in desperate need of change and help in the universe of all things.

And if appearances matter, it also seems to appear that the unknown entity of benign power sometimes referred to as the “universal knowledge” has decided that some assistance could be offered to the science experiment, a sci-fi rock known as planet Earth.  

As every being of rational conscience no doubt eventually understands, and obvious to the rest of the universe, Earth appears as a shining jewel, known as the “grand experiment,” teeming with a multitude of life in all its bizarrity and glory, the mathematical odds of its existence unfathomable …  a rock so magnificent that all just dream to be near her in orbit … or just soar by for a quick pass or visit. 

No other in my known universe.

So my consciousness finds myself now appearing to be traversing through the timelessness of space, passing movement and stillness equally divided among the substances bandied about with self-creating gravities, generated by the merging of atoms and ions, elements that are the glue that holds together all of the seams of reality that exists.

Traveling as pure energy amongst the particles and waves within the powerful streams of light emanating from limitless outlying sources, floating yet racing, coalescing atoms as I travel, with my mission to bond with the biological natural wonder that the planet Earth had created for its inhabitants after billions of years of trial, error, conflict and resolution.   

Then assist in finding a cure to her illness.

Even though I am sure I have come from a place beyond, the initial deployment of what my “prime information and data interface,” my PIDI, guides me as I begin to align my transcended beingness into a current reality. Every atom in the universe contains a PIDI to analyze all information presented, add and store memory and new knowledge, along with debunking non-knowledge.

Traveling as an impulse within a beam of light from a distant source, I found myself slowing down as the light struck the outer reaches of the solar system known by earthlings currently as the Milky Way.  My sense of my purpose was locked deeply within my core beingness and guided by my PIDI, like an imbedded agenda program running on automatic, able to bridge the confusions of ever changing realities traveling through the galaxies on a beam of light.

Even with the deep repository of knowledge that my PIDI had to guide me in advance of this journey, I will encounter the same basic internal queries as any other semi-intelligent creature on this planetary body.  

As you are embracing this story visually or aurally, I would like to explain to you that, from where we all come from, all beings communicate mentally, without verbal language as is known on Earth, in a science referred to on your planet’s surface as “telepathy,” and we choose to cerebrally exchange information and education freely with all we encounter as “universal knowledge,” being universally owned, is universally shared in order to balance various forms of energy across the cosmos.  

I am sharing this story with you telepathically, being to being, although in your state of being you may consider this “reading” a story, but nonetheless you will envision the story the same either way you interpret the words and actions of my position as storyteller.

An imbedded “code” within each individual’s multitude of atoms creates it’s own unique evolution of change. Added to the shared “knowns” of the universe, “mathematics” and “science,” assists the evolution of the entire planet and its evolving beings.  Survival and growth can be guided by rational choices based on facts.

As I travel through pure energy, I may not be quite sure if I sent me, or if another being or entity sent me, or if this is all just in my own imagination. Who or what will I be to this alien environment, and what could be expected of me ?

Just like every other being on Earth, it appears that I will be starting from the beginning, the development of a new reality that allows me to enmesh with the planet to solve problems that exist only here that affect the entire universe.  Decisions, choices and adaptation appear to be what could be demanded every second going forward.

I arrived at the planet’s edge of space being unaware of Earth’s current physical reality other than the universal knowledge of its existence. My PIDI told me that I am traveling through a pure energy source and materializing from the particles of light atoms that could house my PIDI during the travel.  

The chemicals within the light emitting beam within which I travelled, when impacting the planet, caused reactions with chemicals in the atmosphere, then more reactions when nearing the surface from the oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide rich “air” that surrounded the planet. This planetary amalgam of mass, with its gravity drawing my light source from space, pulled me to pass through the emergence of gases and liquids prior to reaching the surface of the planet, added more chemicals, reactions and changes to my evolving atoms. And adding data to my PIDI.

As the chemicals and atoms around me mixed with my own, my PIDI became stimulated and I discovered attributes that would benefit me in this environment. With a few prompts, I was able to begin experiencing my newly found existence.

And then, still within the beam of light swiftly moving towards striking the surface, I encountered an immense variety of substances, solid, liquid, gaseous, some still, some moving, and all existing in what appears to be different unique chemical environments.  

The beam of light in which I travelled hit the Earth through the clouds of moisture without an impact as we seemed to mesh effortlessly all around and upon the surrounding atmosphere and surface, seemingly being embraced by the objects and occupants of the colorful space rock.  My mode of transport was not deterred by objects until it struck the planet surface.

Already enabled within my original form, my PIDI transmitted through the light energy upon entering the atmosphere scientifically engaged a nucleic acid, bound in a double helical chain by hydrogen bonds between the bases, which when encountering the surface formed a basic material in what we will call a universal cell “nucleus” containing scientific code in some form of an identifiable pattern on earth similar to my PIDI.

My first “breath” of the atmosphere, the mixture of chemicals needed to sustain the inhabitants, did not happen as I expected. The first terrestrial object that my beam struck that I did not easily pass through was a tall, green-colored eukaryote. Needing and attracting the energy from the light within which I traveled to create the unique process of life on Earth, by mitosis or meiosis, using their internal cellular chloroplasts to modify the light into a chemical process that generates growth, the “plant” created the “air” needed for the atmosphere to remain in a cycle of earthly natural order.  Again science and math are universal.

I became part of this being, enmeshed seamlessly, developing similar cells, organelles within the biology of the species, merging nuclei and chromosomes effortlessly, learning from my PIDI and my new terrestrial cellular structure, as does every being “born” on this planet, the chloroplasts within the plant were taking the energy from the light within which I travelled and allowed me and my PIDI to inhabit the being without resistance to learn.

With my PIDI continuing to telepathically connect through now shared biology, and then align with the PIDIs of cells around me, I enabled myself to learn from what was happening scientifically, examining the genetic code, cellular structures, operating systems and memories of each cell I connect to the universal whole.  My genetic code is able to assimilate with the simple basic qualities of the biological being I inhabited.

I was experiencing becoming a new physical being, morphing into the natural elements that surrounded me, something my evolved consciousness could analyze, deduce, qualify and function with, now with new knowledge given about the environment and all predecessor species locked within the plants own PIDI.

These natural pinnacles reaching toward a lightly colored atmosphere dotted with assemblages of liquid chemicals floating above, surrounded by undergrowth of similar cellular content, inhabited by billions of creatures of atomic, microscopic and biologic variety mirroring the universe’s massive imagination.  

What am I, and what is going on are the questions asked of themselves by every living thing such as I or in the form of any being with a PIDI appearing instantly, or “born,” within this environment, just as I have experienced. Even a being with universal knowledge could have difficulty with a queue of analysis with so many unpredictable chemical reactions that could affect changes within the structure or function, even affecting the PIDI’s determination abilities, or any being’s ability to communicate with other atoms or beings.

Even if I am only functioning at this moment within my own PIDI, communicating with no one else except maybe those cells that have evolved enough to comprehend universal telepathy, a “language” that remains the common communication means between atom based beings, for ease of conveyance of needed instinctual memories, and enabling actions between beings even through the vastness of space.  PIDI being the only universally known interface that allows the aggregation of all knowledge, merged with the atom’s personal information and data to be saved, sharable and enhanceable.

Acceptance of this current “reality,” and prior to my PIDI becoming fully intertwined, allowed me to begin naming new-to-me things I encounter on this planet, just as any offspring of any being might do when presented with this obstacle, and with no one to communicate with at the moment, the need for these “words” were only for my own edification and to convey to you in this story.

Science remains the same throughout the universe, and many proven facts are indisputable, therefore understanding a first science allows me to move to the next sciences needed to be learned in order to exist in an alien environment.  All data stored in my PIDI for future reference will allow me to understand more about this planet, my mission and the possible alternative outcomes.

As was expected upon arrival based on my intrinsic PIDI, I immersed myself within the cellular structure of this plant, and went through the process for which it was inherently designed.  All plants, it appears, take light processed through the atmosphere, and converts it into energy allowing the chemicals within the object to cause growth, reproduction and evolvement.

Immediately as a plant, I began to “feel” like a part of Earth.  My higher evolved intellect, with the universal knowledge in my PIDI allowed me to absorb the nutrients provided by the atmosphere and chemical makeup of the planet and understand the feeling of being a part of something larger than the single me.

My PIDI tells me I am a “tree,” ingrained in the environment, part of this new knowledge base, and learning the scientific means and methods for all things related to flora, the unusual miracle that covers the earth converting the ever impacting light from far off energy sources into the life sustaining breathable atmosphere.  

So I mentally chose to evolve as something I “saw” with my instinctual mind. I made a choice and determined by my will to mutate my chemistry to expedite my growth, push my top towards the top of the lushness, passing objects that have stood for thousands of earth years, while observing the creatures that inhabit the “forest” around me coexist in a constantly moving blanket covering the rich soil it gains sustenance from within.

The choice to mutate may be the Earth’s gift to all its inhabitants.  The opportunity to change, and change again. Solve inherited problems with change.  The Earthly experiment essentially involves evolving.

Like other vegetation surrounding me, but with vigor, I was growing appendages as I reached for the warmth emanating from the powerful burning star in the sky … this must be what evolving on earth is all about and from my limited senses I appear to now be at the top of the world … i could sense the photosynthesis of my parts taking energy from the air, ground and light.  I sucked water from the ground through the minerals and moved the liquid to the ends of my “leaves.”

During my decent, and prior to witnessing first-hand, it appeared to me from afar and from data available in my PIDI, that the dominant inhabitants of this space rock were either the color “green” or the color “blue,” and not knowing what comprised these blocks of color made me seriously consider my trajectory. 

Analysis and scientific data conveyed that the blue was a chemical mix of hydrogen and oxygen that supported a group of lifeforms instead being a lifeform or a species, but that this group “plants” appeared to me from the distance to be the dominant living species driving the survival and evolution of the planet.  

The blue “water” was teeming with a multitude of aquatic beings, what appears to be initial life experiences on the planet for single and multi-cell beings living and evolving in their environment. Some beings determined to leave the water to live, made the choice to attempt the big change, and each of those beings that followed by making tough choices and changes, helped evolve the ongoing changes on the planet.  

Each change, no matter how small, affects and effects other changes. 

Educating myself from within the plant allowed me to observe other objects and beings on the planet including the minerals that contributed to the magnetic gravitational mass containing many of the needed elements for many of the needed processes to function.  

And many of these minerals it appears have come from across the galaxies to the planet, impacted the surface, ripped and changed the landscape many times over eons, adding cosmic chemicals to the mix, that when added to the mass of other native and foreign substances, formed the planet’s incredibly complex and unlikely attributes. 

Some of those foreign minerals hurtling through space may have also previously enabled the destruction of most of the higher evolved living things that existed on this rock millions of earth years previously, leaving a teeming mass of biological and chemical matter to continue to push through and recreate changes.

Yes, Earth took a hit and came back from oblivion apparently destined to shine again, or as seen from space, shining still.   The unlikely fortitude and infinite possibilities that have placed this sci-fi rock back in a splendorous glory for my witnessing is beyond the mathematical imagination of even my highly evolved PIDI.

The interactions between the millions of anomalies that happen every second of the evolution of this living being referred to as Earth causes newly evolving species, formations, mutations and chemical reactions that once having been created, effect more and continuing change.

The planet as a whole functions by universal standards as a single unified living entity inhabited by a variety of lifeforms sustaining its existence.   

Earth as the sum of her parts and history, survives like everything else in the universe.  

From afar she is a unique beauty, misunderstood and misused at times and always changing.  From within, she has a complicated magma soul wrapped in a chemical imbalance only wanting what may be best for herself and everyone who depends on her survival. She is mother to all of her denizens, supplying needs and solving problems.

As a plant, now part of this living being Earth, I grew as tall as I could as quickly as I could in order to learn as much as I could as quickly as I could.  I was not impatient, but with an intellect that can hold the knowledge of the universe, I was ready to add to my PIDI everything about this place which seemed to have more than enough to satisfy my curiosity.  Able to communicate in a telepathic manner within the community of flora, I received an education, absorbed the environs and felt grounded from my initial Earth encounter.

Up into the sky towards the emitting light source of energy and the white floating atmospheric objects of water I grew.  Even though my fellow plants merely existed to reproduce and sustain their species for the benefit of the planet’s existence, I was evolving past that genetic core tendency pull as my senses of my earthly surroundings continued to evolve.  

As my branches and leaves made their way towards the tops of the other trees around me, I could study what was around me as I grew, and witness the splendor of the other natural elements that surrounded me the tree, including “insects” and “animals” dependent on me and my fellow plants for survival as much as the living planet depended on us for turning light energy into carbon dioxide to create the life sustaining atmosphere. Many of these inhabitants could not be seen from outside of a microscopic view.   As plants, we all felt important to the love of our lives, the sustaining Earth.

Yet none could be seen from my previously distant reaches of universe.  But, here they all are, science enabled denizens of a rock hurtling through space.

Encountering animals as I grew was a surprise. The variety of species, and the variety of means through which they communicated including telepathy, sound, gesture and aural communication indicated more innate senses in these more complex organisms. 

Attuning my senses by observing the variety of these creatures, I was able to analyze and understand based on my PIDI that my universal consciousness included similar aural and ocular science as animals.  I could “see” and “hear” these creatures as they completed their survival missions for themselves, their offspring and their planet.

As I pushed my top above all the trees around me, I sensed the feeling and sound of movement created by changes to the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere that moved objects. These pressure changes created “wind,” causing myself and the other trees to sway in the breeze, pushing clouds across the sky, and it appeared that I could actually hear and feel this wind.  Having never encountered atmosphere that moves based on the changing pressures created by the varying influences on the planet, it was another unique surprise to add to my PIDI.

My tree top pushed its way into the light, the wind, towards the clouds, sucking in water and nutrients from the soil below me, all that adds to my growth.  And now successfully standing taller than all around me.

Reaching this apex was not my purpose or mission, and this knowledge is just an important addition to a full PIDI including an immense amount of new information and experiences.  

As I perused the landscape around me I noticed the presence of objects that were not green, and could not have been seen from space.  They are just as tall above the soil as I am, but do not wave with the wind. They appeared to be foreign in the environment, resembling minerals shaped and stacked in an attempt to compete with trees to get to the clouds and sun.

As a scientist, having now evolved enough to understand my natural environment, I am able to investigate more in depth by researching my PIDI about planet Earth.  In doing so, I discover that these are the dwellings of what are a higher evolved species of living things on the planet that live just beyond the trees. 

These beings are my primary mission, and I appear to be in the correct location, just not the proper form.

My senses absorbed as much as I could as I reach up into the light.  Natural energy from the light, air, wind, soil, water was creating internal energy within my being as a tree, enabling me to channel all of my conscious being and my PIDI into a part of the tree, a flower containing a pod, a seed, growing on an appendage.  

This is the natural way flora on Earth propagate, and gave me the opportunity to learn the process and merge my chains of nucleotides twisted together into a double helix and joined by hydrogen bonds between complementary bases adenine and thymine with the tree’s own genetic makeup creating a new mutated formation.

The seed I embedded myself into at the top of the tree was shaken by the wind to the point where it was sent flying over the grouping of other plants.  This was another new experience for me, floating uncontrollably, being chased by land animals that could fly that looked at me, the soaring seed, as food.  And the struggle to eat me was furious between numerous of varying species of these winged animals as they appeared to own the skies above the trees. These birds were not my next step in my evolution.

The seed pod I travelled within also contained unmutated seeds that I chose not to inhabit, and after many had been shaken from our planetary space capsule and been eaten, I descended to the ground.

My pod was picked up by a land mammal called a “squirrel.”  The seed pod was ingested, and I was now part of a new being, and my PIDI became alive with connections to the beings electrical system and biology.  

Now, my PIDI and underlying consciousness reside within the body of the animal which I observed while I grew as a tree. A being solely dependant on the grove of trees for safety and nourishment, but extremely mobile and agile, I took over its behavior and began to explore.  A being that uses chemistry and mental electrical charges to power its “brain.”

My PIDI immediately networked with the squirrels neuron network, assimilated needed assets, brought all systems online in my functional beingness, created an operating memory.  The PIDI as designed then merged my internal code with the beings deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of, and carrier of genetic information with all creatures on Earth.  

I began to understand more about the habitat from the animal’s sensory memory and instincts.


This assimilation also gave me things I did not have as a tree, including the ocular and aural senses to “see” and “hear” my environment.  I could see through the squirrels eyes and hear the sounds of Earth though its ears. The immense amount of sights and sounds was overwhelming at first, a symphony of unique noises, of other animals and insects, of the wind blowing through the trees, and the distant sounds of unidentifiable origins.  

Add the complex patterns of telepathic communication to the squirrel’s unlikely ability to function and the overload of input would be too much for any unevolved being.  But to me it was as exciting as experiencing a star burn out in space or a new galaxy appearing from the gases of a dead solar system. New was good for me, and I absorbed as much as I could and saved all into my PIDI.

It appears the location where my beam of light initially landed was part of a large assemblage of trees surrounded on all sides by what appears to be a settlement of stacked mineral enclosures.  These, according to the squirrel’s memory, were the habitats of humans, who appear as both benefactors and enemies to the many animals and plants inhabiting this area of Earth.

Since landing here, although I currently inhabit a squirrel, I remain merely a mass of intelligent energy that can travel within a beam of light, engage with the genetic code of a plant and within the biological complications of this lowly evolved mammal’s cellular and cognitive functions. Now that I have my senses online with the natural earthly atmospheric and biological environment, I can recreate or insert my being, and PIDI, into almost anything I choose.

As a squirrel with new senses at my disposal, I could now move quickly among the trees and plants to observe from different viewpoints, and learn more about accomplishing my mission.  My PIDI reminds me again that my mission is critical and that another change of my planetary self would be eminant to meet my goals.

Hopping from tree to tree and across the ground, my exploration led me to an edge of the trees where other squirrels were gathering food from sources not native to their tree grove.  

And that is where I first encountered the reason for my travels across the galaxies.

As a squirrel, I assembled with others at the edge of the trees where the low lying plants dominate the landscape, the fields of green “grass” stretch out between towering trees and stacked mineral enclosures.  My squirrel brethren were fearful of the humans, yet busily gathered food, avoided the predators and as we curiously observed this large species of animals busily building things, as they paid little attention to the goings-on of the lesser beings around them.

My PIDI brought me up to speed with the knowledge that I needed as a squirrel around humans. But from this initial view, it seemed hardly likely that it could be possible that these seemingly small creatures, unseen from above the treetops and seemingly unknown beneath the clouds, could be causing the destruction of an entire planetary ecosystem that has survived for billions of lifetimes.  

Finally my PIDI has completely caught me up with my reality, and I see the humans have similar ocular and aural gathering devices to communicate with each other through an oral device call “mouth.”  

As a squirrel, I easily found a safe place away from the humans scurrying and noisy communication with each other, yet close enough to observe all.  They used verbal oration, language, as a means to progress, not just scrounge for sustenance like squirrels. I spent a little time listening to their ramblings as they constructed a colorful environment on the edge of the grassy lawn between the trees and the mineral structures called “buildings.”

The humans paid little attention to the squirrels gathering their seeds, busily assembling, erecting a platform, with colorful fabrics and flags attached, waving in the breezes, with unnatural energy producing devices appearing to be drawing on the magnetic electricity of the ground and emitting noises.  

Visually they seem similar in structure as the cellular creature I am currently inhabiting, also with four primary appendages, and the communication devices needed to engage with each other attached at the top of their bodies.

I watched their interaction as the progressed, many moving as one sometimes in unified effort, and others acting alone.  I saw some humans baking in the sun’s light that danced upon the lawn, objects and humans reminding me of where I came from and how easily it appeared to travel here on a beam of light. 

As I gazed at the humans I recognized that the clouds in the sky block the constant impact of the sun’s power, creating rays of sunlight making shadows upon the ground. My PIDI determines that one of those beam’s could possibly be my currently needed power source to make my next evolution.  To move from one being to another.

If the science and mathematics of the universes continues to be legitimate for their absoluteness, then my ability to move from squirrel to energy beam of light to human, complete with my PIDI, can be possible, empowered by my firm belief that the change can happen.

Evolving becomes about a being changing their basic internal “belief” system to accomplish something that was not possible previously.  When the water breathing creatures decided to breath air and walk on land, they evolved their belief system first and their physiology followed.

As a highly evolved being, I am lucky enough to be able to make good choices, believe in my ability to accomplish an impossibility and then boldy make the change.

I saw my opportunity and scampered the squirrels body into the beam of light that also happened to also be impacting a human sitting casually within its ray mindlessly looking at the trees from which I had just evolved, holding an electronic light-emitting device. 

A circle of change. 

My being again disintegrated into the waves and particles of the universe. Attaching my energy to the unlimited power and energy of the light itself, I was able to maneuver my beingness with PIDI towards the cellular structure of the human. I touched the surface of the being on its outer protective layer made up of cells that contained pigment, nutrients and basic building blocks of life, but appear to regularly disintegrate and are replaced.

We became one, in some senses, just as I had with the tree and the creature.  Our biological connection allowed my PIDI to become engaged with the electrical and physical systems of the human, discovering newly evolved infrastructure and processes far beyond the tree or the squirrel. 

Although humans are unable to replicate the needs for the planet’s sustainment by transposing basic elements into atmosphere, the human was in some senses doing the opposite of the productivity of the plant.  Instead, the human inhaled the entire atmosphere into its being where the needed nutrients and life giving energy was available, and expelled only the carbon dioxide, which the plant uses as part of its process.

Immediately below this skin of the human, lies a constantly moving stream of human “blood” connecting all of the being’s operating systems allowing life-supporting atoms to flow throughout the physical being.  My now connected PIDI, analyzed the fluid in relation to the structure which held its operations, along with its uses and chemical makeup.

According to my PIDI’s analysis, it appears that this blood is like all things in the universe, made up of atoms composed into “cells,” some of which are able to metabolize and move oxygen throughout the body, while some cells, it appears, are constructive fighters to sustain the health of the being. Also flowing through this blood stream in large numbers were small disk-shaped cell fragments without a nucleus which my PIDI defined as platelets, all of which are immersed within a liquid that also carries more chemicals and additives such as nutrients, hormones, and proteins throughout the beings physical presence.

The complexity of the cellular structures, interactions, consistency and uses throughout the bloodstream allowed continuous modifications as needed to happen with the system.  Many actions occur simultaneously, as survival is dependent on the “health” of the blood, and all other cells that make up the functional aspects of the human.

My PIDI led me to follow the stream as it wound throughout the body, passing through organs that processed all incoming outside energy captured through the epidermal layer or ingested, propagated growth of new cells, tissues and structures, touching every aspect of the being.  

All avenues led the blood through an organ known as the heart, which cleaned the liquid and pushed it with newly added electrical energy to make sure it could move through the entire system including the extremities.  The heart was a large muscle, developed over a millenia of evolving to become the sustaining attribute to human life. Survival was dependent on this muscle doing its job.

After being pumped from the heart, I encountered the muscle that I had been seeking, resting on the very top of the human’s body, protected by an electrical system and another human structure called bone, a living, growing tissue composed of a protein called collagen that creates a soft framework, then engaging a mineral known as calcium phosphate to harden the human framework where needed throughout the physical being.

This extraordinary muscle perched atop the being was called “brain,” and has evolved to be the source of all knowledge and energy, which was the closest thing I have yet to encounter replicating to some degree a transcended being’s PIDI.

Within the human brain my PIDI and I exited the blood stream and attached to the main source of electrical stimulation through what are known as “nerves,” which was also attached to the blood flowing through all cells of the brain allowing free movement of electricity through a conducive environment.  This “source of all systems” appeared to me to be what could be what emanates the highest level of human awareness.

A system of “nerves” within a human touches every cell, connects every aspect of the body’s functionality, and evolutionary growth, and functions by transferring electrical impulses internally along these “wires” that are similar to directional maps of the galaxies, so that the brain, like my PIDI, can analyze and record everything.  

My PIDI and the human brain aligned as one.  

Now the human had my PIDI’s universal knowledge attached within its brain, and has just become aware of my intrusion of its senses.  A sense of awareness overcomes the human, noticed by me as a sense of confusion reigning throughout the cell structures of the brain, randomly issuing electrical impulses to other centers of sense and chemical distribution. Reacting initially based on some internal chemical induced “sense” instead of knowledge, the human tries to dispel the “thought” that something is happening.

Since I am now linked directly to all systems within the human, I can monitor all functions including some things that the brain continually buries below current data, called “subconscious” that mirrors my PIDI even more than the brain. This I can describe as a measuring device to balance “status of mind and being” with a huge repository of past experiences and related assumptions, along with being a functioning aspect of the current human survival condition.

It appears that the human brain can decide whether it chooses to allow access to the invading organism or not, and has bodily defenses against any outside variant from incursion of its innerworkings.  This fights diseases, harmful bacterias, divergent thoughts, erratic feelings, chemical reaction and other entities known within the brain to cause damage to functioning systems.

The human has decided that something is wrong since it has lost some control of some functions as I attempt to bond closer to the motor skills and observation senses, and tries to move.  Awkwardly we as a team, a duo, now try to work together to apply my newly learned knowledge of the planet and my mission with the being’s continued resistance to internal change. 

Obvious to me, I am enabling the human to evolve with the new information. But I am discovering that there appears to be an ingrained genetic complacency that has caused the mental workings of this human’s brain to be “closed” to new aspects that cannot be explained by its own knowledge base or subconscious memory.  

Deeper into the brain my PIDI and I search for the configuration that will allow the human to free its restrictive irrational bonds of past experiences and allow the flowing of new knowledge, acceptance of accurate facts amongst reality based thinking and issue the proper chemicals and instructions to the rest of the physical being so that the human can evolve to a higher plane of existence.

It appeared that this human did not have the mental knowledge or ability within his brain and subconscious to answer my questions about the human condition.  Its “thoughts” come from computations produced electrochemically from nutrients. These thoughts create “feelings” as the electrical stimulation triggered chemical reactions that caused cells in some sectors to react or change.

Noticing massive electrical impulses coming from the nerves leading from the ocular devices, the human eyes, I was drawn back out to the edges of the physical being through the optical nerve to witness what was causing the spikes of input.  The human was fully engaged, including its brain and audio input devices, with the output of the electricity and light producing gadget we held in our now communal hands.

This device in some ways resembled my PIDI, much like the brain and subconscious simulate aspects of it, and the emitting light particles and atoms allowed my PIDI to invade this non-biological manufactured PIDI-like entity.  

At that moment of alignment, the human and I had access to all human knowledge available through the constructed electrical currents accessing data memory from billions of sources. Now, by finding a resistor within the brain needed to accept a connection to the electronic device to open the locked portion of the mind was not as complicated. 

Seems that for some reason the human actually relied on this device for some of its memory and core belief principles. Knowledge flowed from the human’s electronic device through the human’s ocular devices directly to its cerebellum where the information was electrically dispersed to where it was needed, along with being stored in a “memory bank” for future needs.  

Now with unlimited knowledge of human physiology and terminology, I began digging deeply into the cell structures of the brain using my PIDI and the earth’s “Internet” of information.  Within the brain, I was able now to connect with the accurate target, a human’s double helix that defines so much about them. 

According to the electronic info, its defined as deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material present in nearly all earthly organisms as the main constituent of what are referred to as “chromosomes” and the carrier of information needed in breeding and survival.  And chromosomes, it turns out, were these structures of nucleic acids and protein existing within the nucleus of most living cells, holding historical data and needed survival knowledge referred to by Earth scientists as “genetic information in the form of genes.”  

Now, everything seemed like it was the way it was supposed to be, mentally functioning at the level I am used to in the outer reaches of the galaxies, and potentially able to find the secret to the human’s difficulty in changing their belief system.  Just have to deal with this physical stuff like movement and creating positive change.

What unlocks the mind, and what activates action?

My PIDI was now fully integrated with the human’s internal functions to think and act, able to communicate in earthly methods derived from knowledge gained through the device and ready to find out how my new external self will navigate the new-to-me environment from this perspective.  

After time on earth as a beam of light, a tree and a squirrel, I have discovered that the knowledge gained from each of these entities allows me to have the differing perspectives needed to appear as a human among humans.

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