“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Seventeen – HOPE

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter 17 – Hope

From the highest point of the tallest mountains on earth, to the bottom deepest trench in the darkest ocean, the planet holds mysteries of life often unfathomable my most humans existing in their proverbial time and controlled by their pidi and survival skills.  The brain offers equal complexity as the universe itself, and offers the ability for any being to use it to see all from the highest viewpoints, by evolving.  The chemicals and organic systems in a human can also allow that being to understand and experience all the depths of the human spirit by accepting science facts and applying them to the current reality they exist within.  The past is the past, if you did not learn, add to your pidi, evolve, then you may need to repeat the lessons.

The most unpredictable and unique aspect of all humans evolving on this planet, above all other species, is the beastie hope. This element of behavior, thought, emotion and action can affect people in rational and obviously irrational manners.  The “hope” for anything can be a misleading exercise in futility or can be the only lifeline someone has for themselves of their planet.

Terra is the ultimate representative of hope in human form that I have encountered, potentially because she also is the human form of Terra Firma representative of the complexities of the planet wishing only for the survival and happiness of all, including herself. Voice starts the band into its final song of the set, which Terra feels compelled to sing because it states her perspective poetically quoting Voice’s lyrics and asks her questions.

“I wake another morning at the dawning lost in thought, wonder about the thunder in my mind and in my heart, moving to the future in the nurture of the pain, alone with distant music pounding rhythms in the rain, human yet immortal, lost in a time outside the portal, given to disaster with a thought of dying faster.”

I calmly respond with some justifications of her confusion, with some definition singing “Hope can be fleeting, never have the chance of being the saving grace of knowledge and change,” and adding some encouragement to “Be the one, who inspires the sun, and blooms the flowers in springtime.  Concluding the line with a mystical metaphor stating that “Hope is the only magic that illuminates the strange.”

Much to Voice’s surprise, Terra and sing the chorus “Give Love to each other, be kind to strangers, maybe Hope is the answer, but Whatever the question, can’t be too kind” to which he casually, and not possessively, takes her hand and dances her away from me.  

During the musical interlude as Voice and Terra dance together to secure their bond, I choose to telepathically connect my pidi to everyone I am capable of securing to educate quickly on a massive scale. My symbiote, partner, co-pilot has evolved to a point where his human system is now completely supportive.

I initially pose a question to all about the complexity of the human being, how could the brain possibly function, chemically, psychologically and mystically tied to each other living thing and the universe.  The open minds wanted the answer, and it quickly spilled into them showing the possibility of science proving that the brain creates the beasties by writing its own internal script of beliefs and thoughts from external stimuli/influences good and bad.  The brain processes that info in a computer like network of neurons, resembling what most humans before me can now visualize as solar systems just like in their night sky. Paralleled with the nervous system channels, the brain can trigger an emotion, either from memory or imaginary, that sends a message to the Hypothalamus, that then sends chemicals through the bloodstream into the brain and body triggering beastie creation, good and bad.  

These brain signals also emit beyond the internal human system into the universe, and back. Many humans have evolved and developed their telepathic abilities, enabling a technology that travels on waves unknown to close-minded humans enabling communication with everyone and everything.  Capable within every human, this signal can be turned on within an open mind as it can be turned off by a closed or compromised human wishing to remain unaware. 

This unique attribute that keeps humans surviving against all odds remains a belief in the beastie hope that anyone can choose to turn on the trigger needed to evolve to become a better being.  Unfortunately too many waste their hope beastie away to futile efforts with discouragement waiting for another human, a god, saviour, deity or solution outside of oneself’s own evolution.  Acceptance of being part of a bigger universe that may be as small as a single atom, making humans actually subatomic in scale, can never be fathomed by a defeatist. The beastie hope wants to totally comprehend, chooses to explore and desires to learn more, pushes humans on the path towards transcendence. The path to hope goes through the brain to reach the higher plain of existence.

As the song moves back towards the second verse, I release the audience in time for them to cheer for Vibe’s musical showmanship again, he nods accepting the accolade with self confident pride.  

Terra sings the verse, written by Voice during a time of depression, deeply concerned about what to do about his beasties, his planet and his love for Terra.  

“Another day of doubt, no idea what it’s about, isolation is not the equation to cure a human heart, belief in the possible and not the irrational, learn what is feasible even if it’s difficult, the mind’s the only kind of muscle that can make you cry, and take you beyond the errant squandered wish to try.”  Profound realization now that what has been revealed about the human being in relation to the universe is in everyone’s minds.

I again respond to Terra offering clarification of the power of hope in humans singing “Hope may not help weaklings, or narcissistic beings, working towards a solution to force their evolution, power of the mind can create the kind of feelings, destructive to the soul, deep control of sad devotion.”  

The human psychological illness known as depression could be described as having a mind trapped in an unescapable trap, with the solution sitting in plain sight, within reach, and the emotional frustration caused by a chemical distribution to the senses that continues to stimulate stagnation. The unwillingness of the mind to change the recurring inaction due to human genetic or societal conditioning, acceptance of an inevitable misunderstanding of life or the irrational belief beastie arrogance does not allow you to change as the brain continues to issue inappropriate chemicals into your senses.

As the song builds, the band starts pointing to the audience, shouting “What about you,” recalling the initial song of the show about 2 hours ago in human earth time, and the punks shout “Stand and Fight.”  The music peaks and leaves Terra, Voice and I to sing the chorus “Give Love to each other, see the kindness of strangers, maybe Hope is answer, whatever the question, can’t be too kind,” and this time end it with  “Be kind to all.”

The band moves into another musical interlude, during which Voice and Terra reiterate some of the important messages from the show for the audience to take to heart.  Over the music, in a pronouncement that change happens, Voice and Terra sing “The rays of the sun are making shadows somewhere, it may be sunny here but it’s raining over there, reprised from “Forever Girl” sung earlier.  

I move between the love birds as they dance and take the microphone to sing “Giving back from lessons learned, paying forward for graces earned with Voice joining in.

Terra joins to finish the interlude with a reprise of “love and let love” to the crowd’s joy.

Terra feels she has confirmed her thoughts about her reality and wishes to share Voice’s lyrics because she now understands them singing that “Elation often fleeting leaves the heart slowly beating, for the passage of time or the change within the mind, as we witness the erosion of a soul explosion creeping, we find the strength to keep our distance length behind, moving with the wind keeping fluid stance within the fire, never taking chance to enjoy the happenstance of desire.”

Trying to reassure her that on her path of love for the planet that she shares a name with, a love I share with her I sing “Hope is a glance towards one happy dance against the odds, or be nothing more than disaster in store with only fear to follow.” 

I look to the audience to let them know that organized religion would take this, and any advanced knowledge contrary to their teachings, and use it to control and weaken human spirit with a false sense of hope, created to profit those who espouse it. I sing passionately to “believe in the outcome you want or when you find a path to your gods, best your wishes and dreams become manipulated schemes of horror.”

Everyone on stage, including all of the beasties now present that all open minded people could now see and hear, sing wholeheartedly “Empathy.”

Terra reprises her powerful vocals singing “You see it in the floods and in the fires,” and I reply with “you see it in the hurricanes of human desire.”

The entire stage again sing “Empathy,” followed by Terra adding “You feel it in your panic to the cries,” with Voice now front and center inserting “Your actions show your feelings,” as we all three join in for “as your spirit starts to rise.”

Once again the entire cast is harmonically projecting the powerful word with equally strong meaning singing “Empathy.”  Terra, Voice and I remain at the front of the stage projecting “Drives you like an engine deep inside, to do what’s right no matter there’s no prize.”

The band shifted gears and stopped on a dime, and all you heard were voices, a cappella, as persuasive as humans could be vocally singing “Give Love to each other, see the kindness of strangers, maybe hope is the answer” to which I responded the message “Whatever the question, can’t be too kind.” 

The band and music slowed, the key changed, everyone gathered at the front of the stage to conclude the song, hammer the message and make sure it was heard.

“Be the Love for each other, see the kindness of strangers, maybe Hope is the answer, was sung by Terra as proudly as she has ever projected, and I responded “Whatever the question” and she exclaimed with all of her heart “Be kind to all.”

With what could be considered a chemical reaction produced by an immense amount of reactions within a huge amount of humans aggregated in a confined space at a single moment in their time, the sound of the entire collective in amazing harmonies sang out “Be kind to all.”  Again they gave it all they had, and sang from their heart, humans and beasties alike, “be kind to all.”

On stage, Voice looked at Terra with a heartfelt smile of satisfaction, then looked at me with a smile of acceptance in the reality that currently exists and his place in it and we all sang “Be kind, be Kind, to all.”

Just to make sure I point out what makes this all work for every human and beastie, I reiterated my message from earlier that helped the beasties accept their status and fate and make the best of it “Unique is better than sameness,” and implored to the “beasties, be kind.”

I feel in some way that the mission and story is nearing conclusion, as mystery morphs into fact and that the lingering thought of what happens in the future becomes where will this lead and what can be expected. 

An unpredictable key to happiness the beastie hope exists, whether delivered from some ancient alien, some star crossed lover, some extraterrestrial visitor or some religious icon, or dreamt up by a disciple or madman in order to control the weak minded. Hope is the only universal message that humans can all understand from the distinctly different, unique personalities, discrepancies and inadequacies. All delivered by a chemical concoction of genetics and environment, plus some unknown “stardust” thrown in to keep everyone guessing.

The question all beings have, that cause their internal beasties to get anxious, excited or upset is answered and with that, the message of hope has been delivered and received.  The audience is fulfilled and they react with overwhelming adoration for Voice, Terra and the band.  

I back away from the audience, we’re moved out of the focus of attention by my partner’s beasties leading us away from the energy aimed at the band.  

We were just doing our part.  

Time to go.


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