“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Six – Stand And Fight

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Six – Stand And Fight 

And it appears now we seem to have a volatile situation with a group of antagonistic beasties controlling easily manipulated human beings.  Sure they all have brains, plus the internet giving them more information about reality than ever before in Earth’s history, yet they choose to embrace what would be considered an irrational reality to any human with said basic understanding.  

The beasties hate, fear, greed and narcissism control a minority of humans in general to a large part, but those that they control are very forceful to get their way embracing the fine evolutionary art of the bully, crafted by humans over thousands of years for survival and control of the tribe’s weaklings.

Many of these citizens being led astray, have underlying goodness, and if their internal triggers can be switched to a new operating belief system overriding their falsely frightened subconscious, they may be able to tame their beasties.  And music may be the path.  

Having watched the reaction by the humans to each style of music so far, it was not surprising to me that Voice chose to perform this next song at this time. The band begins to play a jaunty little country beat, which has the citizens and trolls nodding, feeling comfortable in their music as the key and rhythm appeals to them. Their egos also enable them to feel like they affected the change in music and that they are being accepted with music safe enough for them.  

Voice takes the front of the stage and tries to persuade them that they are following the wrong leader and their actions are negative against humanity, something maybe I was supposed to have proclaimed, maybe as part of my mission or duty, but nonetheless it was getting said. And by the correct person I believe  now.

“You can tell by the tone of my voice, life is giving you a multiple choice,” Voice sang in a twang that even the vilest trolls would savor.  “I can read what I want into anything, Is it real, or am I just imagining, Could it be reality or fantasy, Just make it critical or flattering” conveying Voice’s meaning that anyone can believe anything they want about words, or language. 

“Cut me to pieces or build me like a wall, I wanna know how you feel I give you my all, Doesn’t really matter if I wrong or I’m right, I just wanna know if I should run, or Stand and Fight” sings Voice with such emphasis that it immediately rang true to the citizens pumping their fists right next to the punks pumping their fists and the hippies pumping their peace signs. The citizens hears Voice singing and assume he’s encouraging them to fight for DT and the punks hear it to mean to fight against DT.

“Stand and fight, stand and fight,” the chorus lyrics proclaim, sung strongly by Voice and the band.  “Like Tarzan for his Jane protects her paradise. Stand and fight, stand and fight, like a king for his queen protects her paradise.” 

Could these negative beasties be a representation of egoistic power, shared power or just a superficial internal struggle release as they all want to stand and fight for something deep down. But maybe they do not know what they are standing for or against, fighting for or against. The driving beat amplified the adrenaline pumping into their bloodstreams, and their distracted desire to “win” the fight was all that mattered even if they knew not what winning or the fight was about.

The citizens appeared to act as though they were winning, and so did the punks, although as i referred to in the beginning of this story, behavior also can be contradictory.  I saunter to the beat across to the opposite side of the stage where Terra dances alone by her easel. I join her and we laughingly enjoy each other’s company for a few moments while watching the mass of humans and beasties frolicking.

At this point Voice has all involved unified in the music and the song, although all groups for multiple different reasons and purposes, are divided up by the beasties that controlled, isolated or unified them.  

Voice moves to where we are dancing, puts himself between Terra and I and dances her to the front of the stage.where he conveys his human courtship wishes towards her by singing in a down-home, twangy style of traditional country music “I can tell by the sparkle in your eyes, that subconsciously you’re trying to entice me” followed by “I hope the girl in you is ready to be a woman, cuz the boy in me is ready to be a man.”

This is attractive to Terra, and she smiles as he sings to her. As a human who can speak his feelings as a poet, Voice is gifted not only as a vocalist, but also as a man of words, eloquently eliciting profoundities that capture the human element and spirit giving it definition in poetry and song. 

Now wait, i thought for a while there that I was the universal consciousness aspect in this story, and now, as nonlinear time shows itself to me, maybe i am just a reflection of all that i think i am, and maybe Voice is who I wish I was able to be, not just emulate.  He is showing me what human love becomes, for one and all, as his beasties representing love and hope appear around both Voice and Terra as they circle in their mating dance together.

In the final chorus, Voice reiterates his message of choice to believe what you want and filter the false with his lyrics.  “I can read what I want into anything, Is it real, or am I just imagining, could it be reality or fantasy, just make it critical or flattering” hoping the simple meaning would help evoke change in people’s minds and actions. But he was singing to humans, not to the beasties who now appear to be in more control of their humans. 

“Cut me to pieces or build me like a wall, I wanna know how you feel I give you my all, Doesn’t really matter if I wrong or I’m right, I just wanna know if I should run, or Stand and Fight” he sings to the masses as if laying himself on the chopping block to convey pure vulnerability. 

Everyone on stage and in the audience is now singing along as the voices rise to match the sound of the instruments booming through the loudspeakers. “Stand and fight, stand and fight, Like Tarzan for his Jane protects her paradise. Stand and fight, stand and fight, like a king for his queen protects her paradise.”  

Voice with his words, trying to protect earth, humanity and civility, has many of the audience misunderstanding the sentiment, and instead incited some audience members’ irrational beasties towards physical violence.  

The unification was again fragmented, and maybe the universal consciousness thing that Voice attempted was above his, or my, pay grade, or maybe the lesson is that it’s better to not question what others attempt, and support their failures as if they are my own … which they may be … as an immortal being or part of the universe itself, i figure i could just step in and make change happen, but if I am just a mortal human like the others, it seemed more interesting to continue to go with the flow which was really flowing now.

The musical appeal apparently did not work to soothe the savage beasties to the dismay of Voice and Terra. Their message misunderstood, leading to the factions being ready to stand and fight each other, not stand up for a proper cause for a rational reason, but because they all felt their way was the only way.  They were completely controlled by their beasties internal chemical, hereditary and educational attributes. Humans were losing the fight they so desperately wanted to have because they did not know their enemy. 

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