“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Sixteen – You’ve Gotta Understand

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Sixteen – You’ve Gotta Understand


Voice and Terra have been attuned to my thoughts throughout this entire experience, as we are all three unified by common beliefs and understandings, and again I am slightly surprised by the evolution Voice has attained in his short time on earth, in the face of the situation, staying completely calm and in control of his beasties. Here we three stand in front of tens of thousands of humans all attuned to Voice’s lyrics and music, all accepting that his messages so far have rung true and with his guidance good fought back evil, even if half thought it was only a staged performance.

In the uneasy stillness that remained after witnessing the death of evil in the form of a human, the audience is unsure of how to react.  Voice understands his place right here right now.  To sing of his love for the universe, Terra and terra firma. As he signals Vibe to start the song, I feel it may be time for all to know the crisis may have passed, yet can recur.  I go to the easels, and remove the placard with the meteor heading towards earth, and give it a toss into a recycling bin at the edge of the stage.

We give him the internal strength to confess, and Voice sings directly to Terra “you may think that I don’t love you, or you may think I’m just a fool, I’ve just always had this trouble, staying cool.” Then gesturing and looking directly at me, Voice knowingly sings “and when you’ve gone and left us, for some other memories, take the knowledge we’ve been humbled and set free.”

Together Voice and I sing to terra and the gathered minds and beasties “You gotta understand,” after which Voice sings sweetly to Terra, “I’m just tryin to be my own kind of man.”  Again Voice and I harmonize a plea that “you gotta understand,” he to she, and me to the universal being we all inhabit. Voice takes Terra’s hand and professes “I’m not useless and i’m doing the best i can.”

I move to the front of the stage to engage everyone.  The crowds appear to stretch all the way to the concrete barriers. I implore them all to be aware of what they take, do, want and believe singing Voice’s lyrics “Do what you want, take what you need, leave what ya don’t, don’t soften, opportunity knocks just once, but greed knocks often, it can nail your coffin.”

Voice sings again to Terra’s heart and the beasties that surround her “You gotta understand,” and she and they sing in response “You’re just tryin to be your own kind of man.”  Voice, terra and I link hands and sing proudly to the audience “you gotta understand, we’re not helpless and we’re doing the best we can.”

Vibe walks up aside of us and plays a magical guitar solo that captures the positive spirit of the moment, elation created by music and good vibrations being delivered by waves of energy and atmosphere interlocked creating a unique experience for the humans, especially those further evolved.

I reach out to all whose minds can grasp the greatness of the moment, a mass change in human behavior can occur when minds open and irrational beliefs become replaced with knowledge, facts, science and kindness.


As Vibe concludes his solo, and the crowd is enraptured, I chose to sing about my hope for them all that “ in your darkest moments, I hope i brought you light.” Voice turns to Terra and sings from his heart of his attempts “even as I grew up, keeping right” for some simple validation of his lifetime commitment.

I sang to Voice and Terra about the lessons learned throughout this short epic in time to “remember all the good times, keep the spirit in your heart, and always keep the heavens on your charts,” since the both now know that those heavens are merely the knowledge and empathy for all creatures great and small, including the bacteria and microbes we all evolved from.

Voice, Terra and I with Vibe by our side face the completely engaged audience and sing passionately “You’ve gotta understand,” which Voice punctuates again with his honesty to be just like everyone else, “I’m just tryin to be my own kind of man.” We again repeat our call for clemency from our mistakes, growths and bad beastie decisions made in our pasts to the audience and the universal body singing “you’ve gotta understand.”

Voice sings the last line to Terra acknowledging that he knows his weaknesses, but will always continue to make his best effort as acceptance that “i’m not useless and i’m doing the best i can.”  He continues to cry out his hope for acceptance in the face of flaws, to the audience, to Terra, to me and the a planet, all hoping for the change.

“You got to understand, gotta understand, baby please, gotta understand, please,” he wails, surrounded by his good beasties, gesturing to the crowd to respond with love for his pleas.  They respond quite appropriately, as the applause begins, builds and peaks with a roar as Vibe completes the guitar licks at the end.  

To Voice the sound of approval of his song and message represents that of a warm blanket on a cold winter night, wrapping Voice, Terra and the band in an aura of of unity for the purpose of sharing the love.  

There remains hope.

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