“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Three – Forever Girl

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Three – Forever Girl


Elation can be exhausting for a human body, but the chemicals available to uplift the muscles, nerves and senses in order to carry on, whether for survival, propagation or pleasure, are plentiful and can be released as needed by a healthy mind.  My host and I were now one healthy mind supporting one fully functioning physical being. And that exhilaration from the performance, the audience, the sound waves, boosted those natural ingredients.

The song, the experience, the bonding with the band, all helped forge the internal relationship beyond any irrational beliefs imbedded deep in my partner’s genetic or learned knowledge. We became one, among cells and atoms, among muscles, organs, nerves and epidermis, unified to learn, grow and evolve. 

After that initial song, the audience cheered for what may have appeared to my host as quite a long time.  


I mention this to relate the difference between my host and myself, as where I exist, time does not. Time is an invention of humans to justify their reality.  Like language, time was initially based on a need for common communication and correlation for the purpose of getting along with other humans within and without tribes, survive and propagate.

The time I have been on this planet, speaking in human terms, since arriving on a beam of light into a tree, and evolving myself to the status I attain now with my symbiotic human being has only been about 15 earthly minutes. Each minute defined as one 60th of an hour and divided into 60 subdivisions known as seconds, that make up a 24 hour day, synchronized with the rotation of the earth on its axis by universal math and science translated into human understanding.

Humans are sincerely aware of their mortality and time appears to be a measure towards the conclusion of their temporary planetary visit.  This belief in time and finality drives everything in the tribal cultures humans embrace, from survival through mating to any legacy remaining.  My host, his memories and his subconscious all maintain an anchor to time and death, using it as a countdown clock towards the end of their time.

Yet, as the universe sees it, from the distance, and from an eternalist’s view of science, time is never ending, always preparing for the next phase, never a final phase.  

There may be no true conclusion to the human experience, unless the human mind decides that a conclusion may be needed to bookend the existence, because more than likely an atom, with PIDI intact, will attempt to sustain against odds, time and reality.

Most beings on Earth contribute to the life of the planet in part by processing deceased entities as the recycled needs needed to sustain a healthy planet.  Plants, insects, animals and humans die, and their physical attributes can be used by other beings or the planet itself, supplying life giving elements to the planet herself.   

The decomposition of any organic object on Earth returns chemicals into the planet necessary for this unique living being to prosper. Much like a human needs sustenance like food and water to exist, the byproducts of one entity can become the sustenance of another. Even a living planet.

At this moment in his time, my host appears to have this mental “feeling” as if his current “time” may be being “wasted” in my contemplative reflection.  

Not true by my standards, but he appears to have issued some memory messages from his brain to his hypothalamus that released some chemicals into our system creating something I will identify as anxious, expectant or anticipatory, words defined to explain the generation of “feelings” that those certain chemicals create in the bloodstream and nervous system.

Breaking my contemplation and adding to the feelings, the music on stage begins again with Vibe strumming his guitar, the music soars gracefully, completely different that the previous song in mood and rhythm.

Voice appears to be a bit shaken by my appearance on his stage, in front of his band and his love interest, singing his songs and appealing to his audience.  

A lot of emotions are being emanated by Voice’s eyes and telepathic messaging. Standing next to Terra, in almost a protective or possessive posture, he closes his eyes and begins to sway to the music he has written to sing to his fans and his woman.  His ego is strong, his will defined, his confidence secure, he believes in his ability to maintain his status and satisfy his needs.

Vibe is strumming his chord progression and he needs to get Voice back into the show, all the while wondering who this weird new guy was on stage.  Voice recognized Vibe’s telepathic message to continue and, just like it had been rehearsed, joined him at the front of the stage strumming along on his guitar.

Responding to Voice and Vibe’s telepathic outreach, my partner and I joined them, assuring them non-verbally that there was no threat, and that we may be on a similar mission and wish no harm.

Voice looked at me with calm and comfort, which caused my host’s anxious chemical reactions to subside, but also called upon a new chemical be issued through my system that boosted our confidence, and made the apprehension evolve to confidence.

It may seem unusual by human standards that my reluctant at times host and I share so much in common in thought, feeling, desire, with the similar discomfort of not knowing answers to the big questions … such as who I am and why I am here now? 

Voice has his own quest to discover the human spirit, find where the love hides and fulfill his purpose, whatever it is, on his own mission at this time in this place, capture those feelings and knowledge in poetry and share it.  And it appears Terra was his inspiration and his desire to satisfy.

Terra moves to the front of the stage to join us.  She moves like a flower being tossed by the wind, gracefully erratic, smoothly awkward, erotically natural, without any trace of insecurity.  She contributes to the entertainment for the audience, but has her own messages she wishes to impart on her easel. As an artist, she believes that art can reflect the respect needed to save the planet.

But Terra the human woman only represents the Terra planet to me personally, yet my human host has been issuing new chemicals into his bloodstream upon encountering and thinking about her.  Yes, she is very attractive as a human, appealing to our mating need, but I needed to keep some control here. Is there a balance that includes the positive emotions without any negative side effects.  

It appears her namesake, the term “terra firma,” was ancient earthly language for the planet Earth, and has since become accepted universally to describe the universe’s shining jewel, carved out with precise love and care by the majesty of the unknown with science. Historical information written into the existence of every creature and plant, etched into the minerals by eons of wear and tear and surrounded by the atmosphere and sustenance to allow humans to evolve to be able to feel and reason.

She moves like a remarkably familiar light, an uncanny reflection, a shadow dancing in brightness, a crystal that gleamed with the presence of a solar flare while calm as a gentle warm rain on a perfect summer day, brimming of innocence and curiosity. She glided to the music towards her mates.

And here exists a living, breathing human being that symbolizes everything about the planet itself that had been shaped by time, space and humans desecrating and idolizing her being. And here I come to this place and time on a mission as a messenger to help the grand experiment of the universe. 

Voice greeted his companion with a wink and a nod, a knowing smirk between them showed the bond was deep and the connection was secure.  

At that moment, Voice realized he had no idea who I was, and when he asked my name, Terra sang out “You are Gray,” as if she had known me throughout all my existence.  “If you say so” I musically reply and with a smile she says “of course you are, look at you.”  

Upon the worth of Terra, I am who she says, because she would know if she says she knows, after all, she appears to me to be the all knowing and all caring mother earth even if she, in human form, does not realize this … and even if I am an omniscient being actually the consciousness of the universe itself, or merely human, I bow and humbly submit my true love is Terra, the earth, the planet, the place, the time and, now through my understanding of humankind, the person.

Upon her prompt, I casually looked at my reflection in the shiny, metallic drum set on a riser in the rear center of the stage, and there we were, in human form, my first glimpse of what our combined DNA can be observed by humans.  Yes, she was correct. By human definition, I appeared to emulate the color gray, as our merger has caused my host’s external epidermal cells to have changed to a shade of gray, and protein growths on our head turned the flowing elements of hair to a silvery shade of gray.  On earth I am what I appear.  

This anagram of my symbiote’s earthly given name appears to have no effect on his recognition, so we go with it and become one as Gra.  The song’s familiarity to us, as our memory is now unified, made the words and arrangement come natural to us.

Voice steps up to sing to Terra, and I begin in his stead, looking at Terra with thoughts of Earth from my universal perch, vocalizing “I’ve known you through a flood of lifetimes, when i catch a glimpse of the twinkle in your eyes.”   With a look of acceptance of the friendly challenge for Terra’s attention, Voice sings to Terra “You smile with knowledge of my notice, And lure me into the comfort of your mind.” 

Terra moves between Voice and I on the front of the concert stage with the audience’s attention focused on us as I sing my appeal, “I may not have been ready any time before,” with Voice responding his own “But I’m the man I’m supposed to be now.” 

Knowing the chorus of the song by “heart” as the humans refer, my partner and I, unified in thought, confidently sing a transmittal of universal knowledge and the timelessness of existence “You are my Forever Girl, you’re always in my dreams, Since time was young you’ve been just one step outta reach.” 

As Vibe manipulates his guitar strings to create a fluid stream of erotic and eclectic sounds, Voice and Terra begin to move together as one, in their rehearsed physical activity, dance simulating human mating and sexual encounters, and the audience responds with cheers.  I smile with approval as they move across the stage enjoying the choreography and symbolism. 

As the music played, my head swirled with recollections that I could not recognize as remembrances, yet seem so clear.  The formation of the earth among the cosmos, the birth, destruction and rebirth of nature on this rock, the evolution of the atom from a single cell to a reasoning being, the growth of awareness and consciousness among all multi-celled beings, the earth’s continuing beauty amidst natural and unnatural disasters, I tapped into the awe inspiring universal knowledge of my pidi.

The music soars with Vibe’s prowess and then subsides.

Voice may have written these words for his song, but I am now singing them as Gra with universal truth resonating and messaging to all within earshot. “Time makes no limits on imagination, we are as old as we want to be.”  And as written, Voice sings “When you meet someone special over and over,” and I counter “But each time unable to be complete.”

Our banter continues as Voice leans towards Terra and laments “I believe she’s out there somewhere” and I respond to his efforts with a similar physical presence with “And hope when i find her I’m what she needs.”  Voice acts to be slightly perturbed that I am now competing with him on his stage for his girl with his words, but again not fearful, gaining more confidence, which excites his audience.

Voice and I, eye to eye, in front of the tens of thousands of eyeballs, music swirling, heartbeats pumping, we both turned to the Terra and sang from our hearts “She is my Forever Girl, always on my mind, lost and found Forever Girl, one step outta time.”  The audience swelled its appreciation.

Vibe goes into another ethereal guitar solo with the band churning a progression that seems to soar.  My transcended being within Gra was being moved in another way by the intonations, sustain, effects and musicianship.  I was actually able to sense and see the different unique qualities of the humans, presented in a optical way that humans cannot see themselves although sometimes can sense in others.

By focusing my abilities, I could see some form of their emotional and mental factors driving their actions and feelings, appearing almost like auras besides their physical beings.  They appeared as identifiers that my pidi, now firmly entrenched in Gra’s cerebral cortex, could attached names to and then attempt to determine what creates them and what they do.

Every being here on these premises are unique, genetically and otherwise, although due to tribalism and other factors, it appears these humans are divided into groups by these emotional and mental visions I am seeing, telepathically reading and interacting with on and offstage.  I can see Voice, Vibe and the band surrounded by theirs. Terra appeared to be lifted by hers, able to float gracefully as she and Voice danced.  

These auras were as unique as their owners. I could sense good and bad, strong and weak, confident and fearful, angry and loving, emanating en masse from each human, each displaying multiple conflictions yet all seeming to be enjoying the concert based on their current physical body language and facial expressions.  Some were extremely sad, while smiling, some were angry while smiling, some were fearful while smiling. This dichotomy was observed until the music led back to the third verse of poetry Voice had written.

Terra breaks away from dancing with Voice, and takes the lead, singing her heartfelt question to the universe “Why do i feel like gravity, when i only want to be the breeze.” She continues the plea for answers accepting nature as a dominant factor in all that happens. ”I feel the magnetic pull of something, stronger than the passage of time, two beings entwined in the destiny of nature, creating art from division so sublime.”

Then Terra releases the answer we had been anticipating, and that Voice has known all along, as she sings “Yes i am Forever Girl, always in your dreams, lost and found Forever girl, one step outta reach.”  Voice and I look at each other with a mutual respect, and sing together “You are my Forever Girl, always on my mind, you are Forever Girl, one step outta time outta time.”

The music soared, and I chose at that moment to use some universal science.  By using telepathic influence I was able to get the mass of audience to breathe in unison. In and out, the movement of the atmosphere combined with the bending of the natural breezes and the exhaled carbon dioxide streams causing the plants to all sway and swirl, the winds to blow, and the crowd, was one living breathing body as part of the giant living organism called Earth.  

The clouds moved by the atmospheric changes and flow of winds above the audience broke up the light beams emanating from the sun as powerful rays as pretty puffy clouds created patterns on the crowds.  In the distance, outside of this unique self contained atmospheric condition was a darkness of cloud cover over the high rise structures.

The music peaked as Terra and the entire band elegantly sang Voice’s words of optimism and hope, “the rays of the sun are making shadows somewhere, it may be sunny here but it’s cloudy over there” and we all joined in for the end of the song singing “the rays of the sun are making shadows somewhere, it may be raining here but it’s sunny over there.”  The audience knew the song and sang along, then reacted as before with a thunderous ovation of appreciation.  

Voice appears as a secure intellectual, able to put his feelings into words crafting the messages resonating with his generation, and yet he may be emotionally immature, and although practical and rational, has been mired in the realities of career and ego.  Here, from his perspective, was a beautiful, creative, sensitive and sexy potential mate for him, needing little fulfillment other than some companionship and mutual goals, previously only a minor concern for her needs other than mating.

Here, from my perspective, Terra was a living breathing human equivalent of what myself, and the universe that sent me on this journey, viewed as terra firma, giver of life, protector of nature and essence of peace in unity.  Terra projected a comfortable roundness in the shape of her physique and face, a glow emitting around her with a slim darkness shining through her dark eyes, her hair hewed in terrestrial colors with sunlight blonde highlighting the golden earthiness energy that she was exuding. 

But Terra is now showing me that she is an empathetic ambassador of the human race and really only concerned and distraught over the situation in the environment around her.  From the hatred being spread, the violence, ignorance, corruption, narcissism and greed permeating the society she must exist within, she sees an illness destroying the beauty and humanity that is her being and her planet.

Was she aware of my purpose, and possibly able to propel me on this journey, or could she also be a hapless individual like my human co-pilot cast into this task with minimal information and maximum hope?  

Maybe we are merely 3 humans intertwined in a puzzle or riddle crafted by a comedian watching to see some hilarity ensue.



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