“Beasties Impulse” – Chapter Two – Good Old Friend

“Beasties Impulse”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Two – Good Old Friend


The symbiotic relationship I now have with my human host can be best described in earth terms as “cooperative” with the acceptance of change within the systems of thought in the brain.  And the human has made its first forward step towards evolving by accepting change deep within its belief system.

I’ve added to my PIDI what I have learned about what are called “emotions” with what one called “wonder,” which seems to be a link to change.  A human first must wonder whether something new can meet its needs on many levels … feasibility, sustainability, accomplishment ability, based on its desire and skills along with deeply ingrained detractors to change of any kind.  They use the word “feeling” to address these sometimes irrational belief and idea chemical reactions within their systems.

And from my observations and direct access to my PIDI and earth’s network of interconnected knowledge storage deliverable by electricity, I’ve gained the understanding that these feelings are results of chemical interactions that trigger unique, definable attributes to a human’s knowledge base, while seemingly separate from universal deductive capabilities. The feelings sometimes can overrule logic … very unscientific for the brain, and possibly the reason humans often fail to enjoy their lives.

What to deduce about these unknown combinations of chemical interactions within the biological system triggered by electrical actions within the brain attached to current or subconscious memory causing their intellect to question the causes, effects and purposes of every decision made, every choice chosen, every movement made?  

I will now begin to address these variable and varying feelings through my analytical process as “emotions” and attempt to rectify their actions with logical interpretations so I can use that knowledge to advance my reason for being here, my “mission.”

But wait … maybe as I suspect, I am just a human and happened into a place and time, or just a state of mind, where I could be, inhabit, become, inspire and guide, not as an omniscient being of unknown origin, but as ignorant and unaware of reality as any human, feeling emotionally as any human, breathing the air and enjoying the view of any human.  

Inside my current consciousness I was now becoming sure of “who” I am supposed to be. But in reference to how I would be perceived by any other beings in this place in time, I could not know.  Based on my constantly inputting data stream, human reactions are often illogical by universal scientific processes.

Much like the vastness of space to a human, to an atom, the brain was galaxy sized, and understandably nearly impossible for the human psyche to comprehend.  As an evolved energy formation myself, I am able to understand the immensity, break it down into explorable regions and learn by doing. I read the info streaming in from the interconnected network device through our shared eyes and decided I could explore these internal systems quickly and efficiently so we, now as a combined being needed to progress on my mission.

Ever since arriving within the human environment, and embraced by the inside human conditions, I can “feel” all of these chemical and electrical stimulations defined as their basic emotions, rooted in subconscious and conscious memories. Bookending basic survival with extremes known as “love” and “fear,“ their ability to exist above their lowly evolutionary planet mates gives them a strange range of reactions to varying actions.

I decided to learn the meanings of these feelings by embracing them to determine which adds beneficial attributes and which cause harm to the human body I was inhabiting and to the planet. It appears that when not exclusively used to survive, humans fear aspect breeds irrational beliefs causing negative emotional outbreaks like hate, guilt, narcissism and greed … consistently pressing the weight of the humans’ emotional conditions upon our now mutual heart muscle. 

Our communal human mind was now extremely activated, as change was sought all along by the human, yet without a proverbial “reason to try,” would not even seek change out of “fear of failure” or other human imposed judgments that affect confidence in thinking on their known conscious and subconscious levels.

My depth of human knowledge and terminology now gives me the ability to communicate with my human host within its brain, using the words it accepts meanings for and with acceptance of my exploration of its internal operating systems.  Humans have names for everything, and if there is no commonly used term to describe so others can understand, a new word is invented. Yes, everything on the planet has been created exclusively for use on this rock in these beings lifetimes.

Deep within a brain section called the “cerebrum,” which is the largest and most external part of the functioning brain held within the skull, I have discovered the controls to functional thinking skills such as reading, analysis of facts, learning, speech, planned muscle movements like walking and those irrational emotions. It also is the processing vision, hearing and other senses of which I now have shared control.

This cerebrum, divided into two cerebral hemispheres each has four sections, called lobes, specifically controls mental functions such as decision-making and reasoning, along with the development of a unique “personality” of each being, including factual and self-created memories on the sub and conscious levels of awareness.  No small feat for a mass of nerves, muscle, tissue and blood, the size of an entire universal solar system within the skull of a terrestrial being.  

Upon moving my consciousness towards the back of the brain, I find what the humans have termed a section the “cerebellum” which controls balance, coordination and certain voluntary muscle controls such as movement in the physical world, while also functioning to retain posture and equilibrium.  Most of these behaviors are stored subconscious actions, as once learned they need not be constantly updated or changed, allowing a human to no longer need to relearn basic survival and coordination techniques.

Exploring the sections of the human brain, their functionalities, uses, mechanics, connections to each other and other attributes, many of which I can now recognize are stored “reactions” to outside influences.  The conscious aspects need constant updating and relearning while the subconscious may be where the underlying problem lies in determining huma’s choice to change. These chosen stored reactions appear to create an electrical stimulation causing a chemical interaction into the bloodstream, which then can trigger these irrational beliefs called “emotions.”  

At the bottom of the brain, all tissues, muscles and other matter are connected to those electrical and chemical conduits from the encephalon by something referred to as a “brain stem,” directly connecting the cerebrum with a “spinal cord” running almost two thirds of the way down the back of the human body. Controls of fundamental body functions such as breathing, eye movements, blood pressure, heartbeat, and swallowing are called “involuntary” actions developed through generations of evolutionary change and function far beyond the human’s undeveloped subconscious level of thought.

By accepting the physiology as science fact, and understanding the terminology and vocabulary needed to communicate to both my symbiote and the outside world of humans and other species yet to be explored, I gathered needed knowledge from every system and cell within the body.  It appears that all human cells have the ability to communicate with each other, and when aggregated into a “system” can communicate and function together. Coordinating all of the human’s cells from the cerebral entity it may be time to interact with my human partner intellect as equals and begin progress.

Analyzing all available data, I learned that it had a name, a gender, an age in human years, attributes about size, pigments, physical attributes and agendas that would be helpful to coordinating decision making and functionality.  It turns out I have inhabited a male described in historical records as from the species Homo Sapien, used in taxonomy to describe the only currently existing humans, a name originated in an ancient language called Latin for “wise man” in 1758 by Carl Linnaeus, a deceased botanist, physician, and zoologist, who formalised the modern system of naming organisms called binomial nomenclature.

My human eyes now start observing everything that is beyond my epidermal architecture … movement, color, distance, creatures, people, objects … an array of diverse shapes and sizes making up the landscape of what is “outside me.” 

My human ears are being punctuated by an overload of sounds and noises, almost as varied as the invasive telepathic cacophony that happens within the cerebral cortex that most humans often ignore as “imaginary voices” in their heads, filling my human system with stimulation and triggering chemical reactions.

Even dispelling the “inner voices,” the combination of sight and sound when ingested by humans may be the cause of their total confusion with their reality, and having no one but themselves to reason with, humans seek others to gain validation of their internal descriptions of their external experiences.

And it appears the human I am inhabiting, bonding with, it now appears has certain human social frustrations many human prefer to ignore and avoid.  Deep within his subconscious, this human has accepted the belief that he lacks the ability to be more than the sum of his parts, internally submissive and unsure, happily existing without the need to progress intellectually or mate to carry on the species. 

With more research into human vocabulary and psychological sciences, it appears I have inhabited an anti-social introvert who enjoys music, but has low self-esteem and ea being occupied by the humans prefers to avoid interaction with others when not needed.  He/we are at the the edge of the woods clearing, observing the scurrying functional bodies building a structure.

The platform, as I related, being a flat wooden platform, supporting many people and large pieces of electronic equipment, some of which is emanating what is considered “music” on earth, surrounded by colorful pieces of fabrics, seems to be the focal point of our eyes and ears.  The sounds appear to be attracting more humans as they stream in from all directions towards the activity.

In the distance, beyond where the stream of humanity originates, I again observe the massive structures, unnaturally built to compete with the trees for height, and now understand these are the dwellings of the humans.  These “buildings” represent safety and security from the wild of nature, and from investigating the deep recesses of my mate’s memories discover the buildings resemble the basics of a beehive or a termite mound for aggregation of all elements of a species society.

All of this awareness and analysis happens in moments for me, and it appears my human companion is beginning to feel more like a partner and less like an invaded territory.  The next phase would be to communicate directly with him and see what happens.  

Everyone must be curious if the voice talking to them within their mind could actually be another’s voice and not one’s own.  But how can a human detect the difference, when their mind, habits and behaviors have been taught that those facts are not true, no matter what they might individually believe.  Back to the “choice” issue.

I am hopeful that my host will choose to accept me, but when digging through the memory records I discover that throughout this humans time on earth, he has had difficulty making what are known as “friends.” 

The universal scientific definition of a friend, someone who knows all about you but likes you anyway, makes it necessary for me to know all about him in order for him to really trust me to meet that requirement.

His current “feeling” that I could recognize was apprehension. Being unsure about himself and his ability to bond with others, he has always been reluctant to attempt alignment with other humans for mutual enjoyment.  So maybe this was my chance to find the physiological trigger within him from within that will help this human make a needed change for the planet’s survival, and therefore influence change in others.

That is my current mission.

At this point, moving my PIDI directly into the frontal lobe of his brain, I began the process of communication in order to deal directly with the decision making synapses that lie between the conscious “choice” level and the subconscious “belief” system to attempt to amend the imbedded false truths.  

Using untapped internal electrical energy, and an adapted chemical concoction of proteins and enzymes, I was able to create a charge of power that jolted the human internally.  

Change happened.

The human accepted my presence, my “voice” within him, my PIDI and the memories of ages before him drawn directly from his own DNA memory cells.  He had just been freed of a blockage and now I could sense from his body producing new cells, generating new chemicals, directing the flow of both to the thought centers of his brain enabling him to accept previously unacceptable beliefs.  He had what is referred to as an “epiphany.”  

His mind was now open.

My first word invoked to his psyche in the language he would understand was “friend,” but since his definition and memory of such was unclear, but it was important to me to create that defining element to bond us and eliminate any form of deeply rooted fear of the unknown.  Humans are born with that fear from millions of years of survival programming.

Two voices in one human brain.  His fear sensors begin to wonder if he is crazy, losing his facilities, doubting his sanity.  

My solution is to move different chemicals from the brain to the hypothalamus, an organ than regulates the flow of chemicals to different parts of the body.  The chemicals I released into the bloodstream caused my friend to feel somewhat relieved although he could not explain to himself why. Human physiology reacts to its internal chemical reactions in numerous ways, as some factual science not understood mentally by the individual, but the cells of the body carrying the needed, and some unnecessary, information and combinations allows each cell to glean what it needs from the bloodstream to perform its duties for the whole.

His reluctance was disappearing quickly, as now with his mind open to new thoughts, concepts and ideas, he was accepting that change had happened to him.  He also accepted now that the universal knowledge now a part of his psyche, along with knowledge of his own historic DNA concoction, were tangible science that can be understood and explained to others. 

Now a “feeling” of relief flowed through him, as his intellect now processed signals being sent to his brain from within his entire body, a checklist of health, and he found himself physically fit, as he was prior to his change.  When the chemicals of confidence began to flow from the hypothalamus into the bloodstream reaching the frontal lobes of the brain, he was able to justify his thoughts to himself, no longer as confused.

I also sensed these feelings, and now both he and I were working together to adjust different chemicals compounds and electrical signals throughout the body.  These feeling were the stimulation of cells with electrical pulses that caused fusions and chemical reactions. The response of these actions by the body triggered by thoughts emanating from the brain causes these senses known by humans as “emotions.”

And it seems that the humans have a full plate of these emotions, and through my partner’s eyes, I began digging through the electronic device into earth’s scientific  knowledge base to understand the definitions of the words understood by my friend discovering the extremes of “love,” “hate,” “fear,” “happiness,” “empathy,” “apathy” and what appears to be hundreds more variations of the good and bad aspects of thought.

This will not be an easy task, as the subtle nuances between the synapses that trigger thought, chemical reaction and positive or negative stimulation, make the decision making processes of any human a guessing game of how to manage and maintain a healthy physical structure while also maintaining a healthy mind.  Internal chemical balance, created and owned by the brain, was an unknown entity to any human who did not have the mental capacity to accept change and adaptation.

Now, I was “feeling” as a human feels, connected to the brain, eyes, ears, hypothalamus, blood pumping muscle and electrical stimulations, I now felt we were one being.  He was no longer fearful of the unknown, no longer apprehensive of change or questioning the rational acceptance of the unknown. 

From the perspective of the universe, or any other being on the planet that may be observing this human from any viewpoint, it would have appeared that the past few moments of he and I bonding would have appeared merely as a human at rest, reading his electronic device.  No human outside of us has any idea that an extraterrestrial being could be cohabitating within this human body, mostly because of the closed mind of most individuals basically only in survival mode.

At this point it is time to engage new attributes of my human friend, as we attempt muscular movement together.  

Since he was completely adept at the physical world, I enabled his muscular memory to completely manage those systems going forward confident now that his belief system’s change will help him feel more confident in his actions. So with his involuntary physiology including breathing and his heart pumping blood left to its own processes, and more comfort with my ability to adjust chemical mixtures and electric pulses, I decided it was now back to the mission.

We turned our eyes away from the screen of the device, detached our conscious thoughts away from the internal questioning and answering, initiated our cerebral centers of decisions and actions, and began to observe all that was external to us surrounding us.

Now that I understood the terminology and the psychology, of the humans I was ready to learn the next phase of human interaction.  Internally I feel confident about speaking the common language, known as American English, to my host and would soon expect we would need to speak with others.  

To recap where we are, as my senses of sight informed me but now able to understand in the current forms and words to describe them. We were sitting at the edge of a forest near a enclave of tall buildings known as New York City, in what was referred to Central Park, near a platform built as a stage.  

Interestingly enough the universe has a special place in its emotional memory for the combination of sounds known on earth as “music.”  When performed to inspire, enlighten, pacify or stimulate, it has one of the common elements of creation throughout universal knowledge and can emanate emotions beyond anyone’s ability to define. Those in tune with musical happiness share a special bond which is expressed in many ways.

There were amplifiers and instruments used to create the music.  There were people scurrying about to lay wires on the ground, erecting flags, raising speaker columns and painting signs. There were people on the platform holding musical instruments, testing electrical devices and doing the things humans do by nature interacting with each other with language and gestures of their appendages.

I knew we would need to interact in the same manner, and trusting my new friend would not act inappropriately due to my ability to be inside his thought processes, we decide together that it may be time to stand up and do something physical.  No problem for either of us now, as our chemical and intellectual bond as friends continued to grow stronger. Onward to fulfill the mission.

Since my new friend has had insecurity issues in his history, and his ability to make friends had always been subnormal compared to others he encountered, he did not know many people in the vicinity that we could immediately connect with externally.  But with his newly found confidence, along with my control of his internal chemical and electrical stimulations, we have decide to make new friends. 

In front of the stage, large amounts of humans began arriving for the musical event.  All shapes, sizes and pigments, with varying arrays of hair color and decorative attire.  An amalgam of genetic diversity from eons of evolutionary change. My ability to listen telepathically was not diminished by my ability to hear using his human ears, and I was intaking the knowledge and emotional messages spewing out of the brains of hundreds, now thousands of humans as they streamed like the flow of blood towards the stage.

The general feeling of the audience was what are known to them as “good vibes,” a term developed as slang for sharing happiness.  These people had come to share the music and atmosphere in a physically, emotionally and mentally healthy natural state of relief and enjoyment.  My ability to connect with their senses was not lost on my partner, who also felt the knowledge, along with the proper natural chemicals being distributed to his brain and senses.

We aligned with the good vibe. These people were attending because they were familiar with the musicians on the stage, as they were a popular group performing original music they had created for the purpose of effecting change in mind and action.  They attract an audience of like-minded people who find comfort in large groups enjoying music communally. And according to my new partner, were his favorite musical entity, able to transcend his previous emotional issues by losing himself in the songs.

As a duo, we were bonded securely internally.  We now thought alike, “felt” similar due to chemical balance, and were now unified in assisting me with my goal to discover the cause of such a travesty that any human would not care deeply about the survival of the living planet that supports their existence.  

To accomplish this, we must motivate.  First, let’s see how our motor skills are functioning, and “test-drive” this new “vehicle” for my PIDI and myself.  Sure, it is much easier to move along waves within a beam of light, once you know how to do it, understand the science that allows it, adjust a belief system to enable it.  

Luckily the being I aligned with is physically fit.  In fact, as defined by human language, he would be considered somewhat “attractive” to the opposite sex, which will help him with mating.  Even though his mental state may have been insecure and unsure prior to our merger, he had always had a love for music and dance, allowing him freedom of expression among his personalized oppression.  I could look at others in relation to ourselves without judgement due to accepting the norm of the human population is average, with very few being deemed above that.

Scanning the area visually, while listening to a myriad of sounds through my ears and absorbing the thoughts of many, we have decided that we will make our presence known to the other humans.  We stood up from our seat, put our connected electronic device out of sight into a cloth bag we were carrying on our back, and began to walk towards the stage. It appears we were wearing a “pass” that allowed us to be behind, around and actually on the stage where the musicians were getting ready to perform.

We were acknowledged by a few workers with a nod, a smile and/or a hand gesture, although even though some appeared to know my partner, they all seemed to be looking at us with doubt evidenced by a questioning expression and telepathic thoughts of curiosity.  Not is a negative way, but emanating a sense of wonder and amazement.

Discovering another intangible aspect of humanity, it appears that people sensitive to the “feelings” created by music are more receptive to changing their inner subconscious belief system when presented with sounds that soothe them in a style they enjoy.  This deep “trigger” within human DNA, may just be the opening I need to influence many people with a simple message for change. This will need further testing and investigation as human science does not currently allow for “feelings” to be based on facts that can be modified.

My human host was emotionally moved by the sounds coming from the guitar players amplifier, as it sent sound soaring over the electronic public address system, being picked up by the wind and carried to the distance ends of the human horde hurriedly heading towards the band stand.  The sounds being played were quite powerful in the scientific sense of pushing air, volume and effect on the ears and minds of those assembling masses.

We were aligned by the chemicals and electricity were currently shared, and I could “feel” the feelings the human was having and how those caused reactions within certain operating systems deep inside the conscious and subconscious workings of the human being.  This acceptance of the feelings as part of the human experience made us both realize we each now had a true, by scientific definition, “friend” on earth. 

We stood on the side of the stage, enjoying the sounds of the guitar blasting out into the atmosphere, as we emulated the swinging arm movements of the guitarist as he strummed his instrument with passion, determination and finesse.  Swinging our arm in unison with the musicians movement, I am telepathically listening to the words in his head, gleaning information about the person performing. The song was already familiar to my friend so the poetry that gave meaning to the music was already imbedded in our knowledge.

The person standing at the front of the stage, dynamically engaging the audience with the power of music, was known to the world as Vibe.  He was the guitarist for my partner’s favorite singer and poet Voice the lead singer. He believes that the message Voice conveys could change the world to a become better society.  Even prior to having my influence, he was drawn to Voice and his lyrics about a different future for the world, as both of their basic survival capacities had always been infected with a desire for a better life.  Voice spoke for us.

The chords being played were melodic, somewhat soothing as the volume escalated.  The other musicians were taking their places on the stage, to support the lone figure standing strumming.  The stage became populated with more humans colorfully dressed, carrying a variety of instruments, sitting at drums and keyboard arrays as the music begins to grow even louder.  The harmonic overtones balancing on one another, was now combined with a consolidated telepathic message emanated by a stage full of humans growing stronger together. 


Voice now joins Vibe at the front of the stage, strumming in unison, and the song became more powerful.  Best friends since childhood, Voice’s musical partner conveyed his message exclusively on his instrument and not with words or telepathy.  He was apathetic to the message in his musical ally’s heart, but since they were true friends by universal definition, was able to help Voice get his words across by composing compelling instrumentation.  Here they were on stage again together, this time in front of a huge crowd of supporters all attracted by their music and message.

My partner and I felt compelled to be physically excited, emotionally compelled to smile and feel a sense of comfort in knowing the song and believing in the message the musical group conveys. These performers appear to me to be powerful communicators, and they may have been visited by transcendent beings previously also.  

Still standing off stage, but now in view of Voice and Vibe, we were unable to control our reaction to the music.  Our body began to move rhythmically, our blood pulsing to the beat, our nervous system excited by the knowledge of what comes next combined with thrill of what was happening now.  Our senses were beginning to be consumed by all that surrounds us.  

We were reflectively strumming an imaginary guitar, mimicking the movements of Voice and Vibe onstage, anticipating the next part of the song to start, since my partner knew the song by heart.  The audience was assembled and ready to experience. The musicians were arranged and ready to perform. The universe was aligned and ready for something to happen.

On cue, the music came to a halt.  Voice stood motionless at the front edge of the stage, poised with his right arm held high in the air, ready to take another swipe at the guitar, ready to create the big noise everyone was anticipating.  There was a moment of silence. Everything appeared to stop. Even “time” appeared to stop. All of the humans, birds and insects ceased all sounds. The atmosphere was still. The universe took a breath.  

The moment might have appeared microscopic in human terms, but I was completely aware of the stillness and gathered strength from the cosmic rays of the sun for what would be a barrage of emotion from a large group of humans. I telepathically scanned the mood of the crowd to take a proverbial “temperature,” so that if change occurred it would be able to be scientifically supported. 

My scientific measurement telepathically was receiving a unified confidence in Voice’s message to not just enjoy life, but to preserve the planet on which life exists.  

My baseline recording was hopeful, but if the high results of desire to change within this audience was representative of the planet, then there is no reason that the planet would be having a problem with the humans inhabiting it.  Earth as a living being itself, needs only to be treated with the respect it deserves to survive, and humans within this group amassed appear to be supportive of this obvious reality.

From somewhere deep within his DNA, Voice then gave a telepathic “shout out” to all within his mind’s eye, something only possibly learned from an ascended being somewhere during his evolution as he definitely was not being inhabited currently.  Once influenced at the belief level of a human subconscious, it can be passed along genetically through mating.

The moment of serenity, Voice and Vibe stood motionless, with eyes closed, at the front of the stage, arms raised in the air, quiet rush of wind blowing fabrics,  blowing smells on the breezes, all of the human senses open and aware, ready for the next experience in life. The quiet slowly begins to dissipate as the audience becomes enthusiastic. The shouts and cheers begin to swell, as the chemicals within their individual systems affect each in its own time and manner triggering mental and physical reactions to their emotional charges.

Upon cue from Voice, all of the musicians on stage attack their instruments like a rhythmic machine, a driving musical momentum engaging the audience to escalate their cheers and unify their movement.  My partner finds the rhythm infectious as the others and moves willfully from our combined subconscious memory of the music and the meaning. 

As he senses our presence, we make human to human eye contact with Voice, now reaching the deeper level of telepathic communication between two humans who both believe that telepathic communication is scientific fact.  Our minds were now aligned for direct communication, and I directed the muscular actions of my partner to move us onto the stage. With no resistance we danced towards Voice.

On the opposite side of the stage, dancing but not playing an instrument, painting a poster on an easel as part of the performance, is a female human, what I understand from Voice’s thoughts is his chosen desire of the opposite sex for mating to propagate the species.  At that moment his thoughts have moved from his message to his woman.  

Her name is Terra.  Uncanny that she is named the same as the planet for which I am growing fondness.  She is the embodiment of the planet to me, round, beautiful, colorfully shining in the glow of the sun’s rays, with mysterious eyes beaming out life-giving happiness.  She appears to float on the stage swaying to the music, slowly painting an image of Earth from a universal perspective. She may be the reason I am really here.  

My partner is also aroused by her feminine allure, but understands the human social etiquette of mating rituals within his culture and we agree that competing for her as a mate would not be a positive course of action to accomplish the mission.  

But getting to connect with Terra seemed important to me, as if I had encountered her essence before and felt the basis for communicating was beyond human rituals. I attempted to mentally connect with telepathy, but she was so much farther into the depths of her own life that she did not respond to my attempts to communicate.  She did not appear unable or unwilling, her mind was truly open and there was nothing but positivity emanating.

At first thinking I had considered only speaking to the universe as needed and report at the conclusion, but I was compelled by Terra’s unbridled “spirit” of hope to convey something that could recorded for historic scientific use.   

Using the human host’s vocal chords for the first time, and having memory of the songs from data stored in the frontal lobe of the brain, we sang the first line of the song so that Voice, the audience and the universe heard, “Is this just an endless stream, another day get up and dream.”

This appears to be how highly intelligent humans communicate, through the language of poetry and music. The universe truly enjoys both artforms.  Seems simple enough, and appears to be what excites and then again can soothe the masses. And here I have found a charismatic leader, a human spokesperson, who believes in the life giving realities of science and human nature. So he and we will bond on this knowledge.

With a moderate look of concern, both scientifically and from his ego based reality, Voice seemed puzzled with my presence on his stage at his concert, especially this human body standing before him he somewhat recognized but not in this capacity.  Why would someone try to upstage him, and how was it possible that he, and everyone else could hear my words, and thoughts without microphones and loudspeakers.  

But the music continued and Voice turned towards Terra and responded with the next line of lyrics from the song, “In decision, in despair, a romantic’s life is just not fair.”  Terra smiles and sways to the rhythm. 

Understanding the message of the song from my host’s memory, and now possibly mirroring my mission, would be to help save planet Earth from destruction by humans, that the next line in the song would be a good question to ask of these humans, as my host and I sing “why must this happen day in and day out?”

Voice’s attention continues on Terra as he sings to her “why must my hope always end up doubt? Is my fate just to be some unknown shroud.”  

The doubt of reality within the human understanding resonated among the performers and the audience. The fear perpetrated by a controlled society not allowing most beings to schedule their fate or predict the future of their earthly bodies, outside of what their genetic capacity allowed.  They could know by looking at ancestors, what their physical attributes may be from the combined sources of all genetics before them, but any minute catastrophe could ensue causing premature death. Fear was a driving influence on species success oftentimes outweighing hope for change.

And we all sang, mouthed or telepathically transmitted that doubt with the words  “I’m not sure.”

Vibe stepped out front to join Voice as they again dramatically swiped their hands against the guitar’s strings, with volume risen and chords of basic grounded vibrations that permeated all beings.  This chord seemed to unify all of the minds, the bodies, the spirit and compelled me to sing the next line to everyone onstage and off, as an outsider attempting to understand another culture’s beliefs.

“If I could see what was wrong with you, I would understand.”

To which Voice responded, again towards Terra to make sure she understands that she is a priority, with the words he had written for this song and sung many times previously, “If I could see what was wrong with myself, I’d be more of a man.”

When his gaze moved away from Terra and towards the band, Voice and I made momentary eye contact and then we both turned to the audience, watching with a mutual breath being held.  In a cooperative gesture, Voice and I sang “If I could see what was wrong with this whole world, I would lend a helping hand.”


Voice points at the audience and sings emphatically “What about you?” and then looks to me encouragingly to follow his lead.  I look to the mass of smiling faces, feel the good vibrations as the music swells, and raise my voice and hand and ask in song “What about you?” 

At this moment of build in the emotion of the moment, Voice and I lock eyes and sing to each other “What about you … My good old friend.”

The band then kicks in with raucous driving music led by Vibe’s searing guitar notes blazing into the wind.  The audience swirls excitedly, as my host thinks about everything that is happening in his head, body and around him.  Realizations from changed beliefs.

Yes it appears that there is more of a connection between Voice and us than our knowledge suggests.  Being my first time on this planet, and even with the knowledge of the universe within my PIDI and the historical knowledge gained from the electronic device connected to the internet along with my host’s genetic make-up, another new-to-me moment about humans has occurred.  

My host, being basically antisocial to begin with, including previously showing apprehension to engage in “friendship” due to past historical evidence of betrayal within his memory, we seem to be fully accepting of Voice being our friend.  And Voice telepathically relayed the mutual acceptance and respect given to us, another unknown human to his memory bank, with a glance and a smile, to which we gave with a matching response.  

The chemicals in my human body was causing reactions in numerous places, and my analytic scientist mind chose to think away from the music and mania happening in real time and concentrate on the lesson being learned here.

When presented with approach of words and music that is considered like-minded with a societal group of humans, enables them to accept friendship based exclusively on the music common desirability. If the music correlates and appeals to the humans vibration levels of pleasure, the discomfort of real life decision-making can be overcome and acceptance of that person as friendly is more likely.  

The brain can choose to subconsciously issue proper chemicals from the hypothalamus into the bloodstream creating a feeling of security or comfort from that stranger or unknown person also enthralled by that sound and surroundings.  

We, meaning my host and I, along with the “we” of masses dancing in front of the stage, were “friends” because we felt a common vibration.  Much like a galaxy from a universal perspective clustered in a pattern of evolving gravity, substances and movement, when aggregated for pleasure around the sound of music, humans act and react to the continuously changing stimuli associated with basic science facts of atoms, particles and waves, oftentimes merely to gain relief from their pain or in a mating ritual. 

This was both.  Relief and a ritual. 

Voice’s eyes met ours, and we felt as if he and we were looking into a pool of water reflecting back a similar yet watery image.  Could we be of the same ilk, transcended into different humans, with similar or different missions, to spur evolution or destroy its progress? 

Or just a cosmic coincidence that I would encounter such a human at this point in the history of time?

If he was unique on earth, it wasn’t coming through telepathically.  It appears he is gifted, inheriting his genetic ability to be wise, creative, talented and able to carry his message to the people who needed to hear it.  They respond to his talent and embrace his message. He was not alone among humankind in trying to educate and inspire, but he did have an evolved human “spirit.”

Human “spirit” appears to be an extraneous sense, infrequently used by humans, when aligned with motive can change subconscious irrational belief systems and oftentimes be used to attempt to change others.  A positive spirit can create and a negative one can destroy.

As strangers who felt as long lost buddies, through his song which we were singing together, and through telepathy, we discussed the reality of his life in the 21st century as a songwriter, a man who loves, feels and wishes to create, but lives in an environment of hate and fear, greed and division. 

I turned our attention away from our internal communication again towards the focus of the masses, the band was actively stimulating the crowd and in return reacting to their movements.  As the song changed direction and the group of players of metallic brass instruments, horns trumpetting attention, snapped the crowd, the excitement went from chaotic elation to unified motion.

All my partner and I wanted to watch was Terra, spinning, smiling, emitting rays of happiness to the sounds being produced.  Voice dances around her like a satellite rock broken from a planet and becoming a moon. As a duo they aligned, with their natural magnetic gravities keeping at the proper distance.

Voice swirled, twirled and reached for the microphone with the finesse of a dancer, traversing a star cluster. He smiled to the audience and sang “The earth spins round a day goes by, i’m feeling healthy I don’t mind” while gesturing towards Terra as she rotates elegantly displaying her poise. 

Then with a nod to Terra, then one to me, then a smirk, he faced the audience and sang defiantly, “Trying to make another buck, this modern world really sucks.”  His message was understood by his fans and they responded with cheers.

Voice looked directly at me, and we gave him our full attention in return, and we sang in unison.  The words and melodies flowing from my partners memory out our mouth in harmony with Voice, as we hold our hands up to the sky and question the universe together “Why must this happen, day in and day out?”

Voice asks a second question directly to Terra this time, again wanting to know “why must my hope always end up doubt, is my fate just to be an unknown shroud?” 

Terra, comforting as a friend without the right answer to a tough question would, convincingly offers a simple “I don’t know.”

Vibe steps up between us, guitar slung low and volume turned up, breaking the drama created between the 3 of us with the power of amplified major chords ringing clearly like an anthem. I took his cue and stepped up front to join him with microphone in my hand and Voice beside me, my confidence brought to the surface by the music and the message.

Again I sang to Voice and the others “If I could see what was wrong with you I would understand,” but this time with the strength of my eternal spirit now beginning to emanate through the being I was inhabiting.  And with a sense of submissive honor, Voice kindly responds to me and the audience with the same confession wishing for knowledge confidently singing “If I could see what was wrong with myself, I’d be more of a man.”

To which Terra responds with loud proud vocal prowess “and if I could see what was wrong with this whole world, I would lend my helping hand, but what about you” while pointing to me.  She is mimicked by Voice again pointing at me and singing with full throat “What about you?”  

Then they both begin pointing to the audience members, shouting at them “What about You? And You? And You and You and You?” inciting the crowd members who then leapt with joyous acceptance they were included. They were the few who accepted, embraced and made this community and message their mission along with the musicians.

Vibe stepped to the front center of the stage again, and showed his magical ability to weave the notes emanating from a bunch of wires strung across a few pieces of wood, and powered by electrical math, into an emotional chemical reaction within humans. With the help of the band, the built the crowd into a frenzy, at the pinnacle of which Terra joined Vibe front and center, proudly portraying the artwork she had been creating on the easel on the opposite side of the stage from where I was standing.  

It was that graphical representation of earth from above with the words “Save The Planet” written artistically surrounding its sphericity.

Voice then joined Vibe and Terra at the center of the stage as the crowd surged forward to meet him, hands reaching towards him, as he musically screamed with the power of a splitting atom one final attempt to reach everyone with “What About Yooooooouuuuu?”

Vibe and the band escalated the speed of the songs ending, guitars screaming, building into a crescendo of aural resonance mixed with a driving, hysteria building rhythmic frenzy.  The song concluded and the roar from the masses was as powerful as the wave vibrations from the amplifiers pumping on full volume.  

The message was received. 

The answer was positive.

We were among friends.


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