“Beasties Voice” – Chapter Eleven – Love And Let Love

“Beasties Voice”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved




Chapter Eleven – Love And Let Love


The sound of the audience’s reaction carries all the way to the buildings surrounding the park, where high atop the skyscrapers, people a mile away can hear and feel the tremendous surge of emotion being generated by this large amount of people and beasties reacting.  The squirrels in the area do not even notice and continue to forage around for snacks dropped by the attendees, as the birds also busily go about their unobtrusive daily activities of survival. Nature endures even among chaos.  

Terra spends much of her reality time reading, writing, creating art and taking care of an array of pets.  Now, she and I have either experienced a very public, common hallucination that is still happening, or we have entered a deeper relationship built on reality at our deepest understanding of our current place in the real universe of existence.  Being somewhat content with our relationship as it is right now, no matter what reality is true, her wry smile breaks. With her rational and humorous common sense viewpoint, she always sings from her heart about life, love and happiness.  

We both feel disbelief that this many people have showed up for this concert, and that evil has infiltrated our environment, much like corporate pollution has plagued Earth’s.  Since she and I now clearly see, accept and understand the beasties, her eyes convey that she feels somewhat hopeful. We are all standing in front of the cheering audience as she picks up another discarded poster board.  She places it on the easel over Gra’s drawing of a meteor, writes the word LITTER on it in black marker and adds the human symbol for NO, a big red circle with a line diagonally across it.  

Upon my cue, the band begins the next song, a quieter number that features lead vocals by Terra.  With an orchestral swell, the audience quiets as she sings my lyrics, “Some say to live and let live is being alive, they move about the planet just trying to survive, content as a bee provides for the hive, as the queen, so serene waits patiently to die.”  It was my attempt to convey Terra’s feelings, comparing humans to all life forms that provide for the planet’s survival. 

She continues singing the words she had inspired in me to elaborate about everyone’s short existence on Earth, “Some say that life is just to experience the ride, that feeling of being takes you to the ends of time.”  I sincerely believe that since I’ve met Terra, and now Gra, that time may not exist. She sings her own internal balance with my words, “Why bother to be worried when a sickness seeps inside,” with the solution being, “try to be one, who can feel the sun and let’s their lovelight shine,” as a representation of hope for betterment.

At this point in the song, Gra jumps in to join me with the chorus, a series of absurd statements I wrote about human behavior and the decisions humans make.  A jaunty rhythm I had written that would make Gilbert and Sullivan chuckle, relating that humans have become lazy in their evolution, negatively affected by their apathy, comfort and egocentric society and that they have lost their will, Gra sings, “Without the drive, to see outside, their driven genetic complacency.” 

I join in with Gra and a couple of Tweets singing, “Humans divided by decency,” though religion and politics cause them to “believe in impossibilities,” while they “enjoy the abundant delicacies.”  I add that they, “Can’t control what is destiny.” As we sing, we dance about on the stage to the audience’s amusement and conclude the chorus with a harmonic, “Love and Let Love.” In my humble human opinion, there is probably no other beastie that can assist good or bad change better than the beastie Love.  

And those love beasties I’ve seen all my life have been varied and confusing, as each is different in each different person.  Thanks to Terra, I’ve now learned the difference and beauty of platonic love, friendship love, respectful love, familial love, maternal or paternal love and true romantic love.  Prior to our meeting, I only understood sexual love, narcissistic love and various shades of affection for a person, object or an attribute love. No wonder it’s so confusing for young people.  And all too often in my past, especially when I met Terra, my irrational love beasties were controlling me. 

Terra continues singing my song, “Some say life is just a fantasy, a hologram is not a real symbol of reality, 3D and so deep beyond the mind’s capacity, we have become a victim of technology,” my lyrical reminder of the discrepancy between actual reality and the illusion of reality being beamed across the electronic media. 

Continuing, she sings my words, “Some say life is just a history, you try to make something that remains your legacy, could be cast as revisionist memories.”  I sense she could be singing to me alone as I wrote it for her to sing initially, although Gra was standing right next to me believing the same. As did the entire audience.  She had that ability.

Somehow, I knew Gra was going to join in, since he appears to know all of my songs, and being telepathically linked to Terra and I, he sings my words from a unique perspective, “Some say time and space are just distractions, those who haven’t lived them just can’t fathom, I see the universe expanding toward the horizon.”  Terra joins him singing, “And we see the earth, another birth, could be another victim.”  

For your information, my meaning when I wrote that lyric was my belief that each child born to an irrational human controlled by bad beasties suffers and must struggle to survive.  Terra sings my big desire, “Some say we have a fate beyond our means, to be part of something larger as we live out our dreams.”  Gra sings, “Scattered among all human screams,” my original inference being that I hear Terra’s calls among the many.   

Terra firmly sings, “Try to be defining,” Gra adds, “Always be shining,” and she concludes the phrase with huge heart-filling emotion that, “Your lovelight gleams.”  My personal lovelight of eternal unlimited energy is now gleaming again for Terra. She makes my words matter when she sings them. 

Still kind of smitten by the conviction of her performance, Gra and I repeat the humorous chorus, chiding the audience about the negative things that do not lead to happiness, “Without the drive, to see outside, their driven genetic complacency, humans divided by decency, they believe in impossibilities, and enjoy the abundant delicacies, or can’t control what is destiny.”  But that no matter what, the path to human happiness may probably be to just, “Love and Let Love,” as Terra joins us singing.  People need to concentrate on their own happiness and not shit on others who are different, love differently or have differing perspectives on life.  

The audience responds to the song’s conclusion with a joyous approval of Terra conveying the message.  During the applause, all that mattered was that my love for her as it is now is appropriate for her needs.

Terra is special.


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