“Beasties Voice” – Chapter Fourteen – The Price Of A Kiss

“Beasties Voice”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved




Chapter Fourteen – The Price of a Kiss

I am definitely no stranger to fame, success, hard knocks, long grueling hours, or even negotiating with unscrupulous business people for my art.  I have lived a full life of experiences of engaging with musicians, fans, scholars, scientists and everyday worker-bees. All the while being plagued with the imaginary beasties, often times causing self-inflicted destruction, depression and alienation, my devils like every other evolving human being.  

Vibe’s strumming begins the introductory strains of my song speaking of unrequited love and the emotional cost of trying to find a satisfying soul in a universe of possibilities.  Terra was my inspiration initially, so I take a good look at her, then at this huge audience, and sing thoughtfully, “I’ve come to consider at a time like this, the cost to a soul for the Price of a Kiss, a futile desire for the simplest twist, of nature’s grace and human’s bliss.” 

In the lyrics, I express my frustration of a previous relationship’s single-sided disappointment to another’s outward affection.  I calmly lament a request, “To crave for a simple emotional lift, a gesture, or words, an encouraging gift, instead to be burdening creating a rift,” with my sentence finished by Terra singing, “Time makes change the practical shift.” 

The drum cracks a beat, as Gra leans into the microphone to sing the next part, “To dream like a young man, with the knowledge of the ages like some stupid anagram, never know just who steps up, ‘cause anything can happen.”  Like a rockstar professor in a must-take class, he sings, “Giving back for graces earned, paying forward for lessons learned.”  Vibe and the band play swirling guitar music as Terra and my beasties dance.  The audience can now see or sense the beasties among them and on stage, but in their state of mind most are not sure of the reality.  Vibe masterfully musically takes the audience, the beasties and the atmosphere to a unified state of flow.   

Vibe nods to me as he concludes the solo, our silent communication after many years of performing together could be considered indivisible.  I grin with pleasure and begin the second verse, “Again I consider the Price of a Kiss, when they are free everywhere, and can be had for an ask, can this be discussed with mutual respect, or best set aside for that moment when if.”  

Terra joins me singing the second half, “Imaginary reality is the kindest routine, insecurity can destroy the strong dreamer’s dream, hopeless it would seem to believe that it’s real, must carve out time and space to heal.”  She knows that when I wrote these words I was missing her company, her attention, her comfort, and I was able to rise above the beasties Pain and Fear, because my beasties Hope and Love would overcome. 

Looking at Terra, I sing from my heart, “To love like a young man,” and Gra adds to this love story with, “The universe guides me like some fucked up hologram.”  I come back, singing, “Never know just who will step up, ‘cause anything can happen.”  We all again sing, “Giving back for lessons learned, paying forward for graces earned, giving back for lessons learned, paying forward for graces earned.”  

Again and again we build, repeating that message, and I believe that it could be heard at the high rises by the edge of the forest.  That it could be heard high above the terrestrial plain. I believe that it might be felt by beasties all over the world, and if we got it right, could even be felt throughout the nervous system of the cosmos.  But most importantly, could it be felt by Terra Firma? The audience and most of the beasties were attaining a form of happiness, but that didn’t cover everyone. Terra and Gra move over to the easels as the audience cheers the conclusion.  

Terra pulls out another blank poster board with a large question mark as big as the board.  Next to it, sits one with a giant US dollar sign.

Lessons and graces. 

At what price?

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