“Beasties Voice” – Introduction

“Beasties Voice”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved


There are good and bad Beasties within us all.

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Music has always seemed to be prevalent in my life, from my first recognition of my mother humming lullabies, waltzes and tunes from musical theater.  My father was a sincere appreciator of the brilliance of Gilbert and Sullivan. He also wanted to someday be recognized as a songwriter, and I turned out to be one.  They produced me out of common love and mutual needs.

My dad was raised by his mother when his father left them at age five, and was actually working for his mother hustling newspapers on the street to earn any money possible in what was considered the worst economic era of the twentieth century.  He learned to hustle at a young age with aspirations to make more of his life than it appeared fate may have had planned.

Mom had a stable life, with her parents treating her and her sister as precious cargo, guiding their lives rationally, hoping she would produce a legacy for their family.  She told me that when she met my father, they both seemed to know they would be together. She was looking for the proper breeding partner in the big picture and, after completing nursing school so she had her own career, they decided together to start down the family path.

The first song that really stuck with me is tied to sound, smell, taste, sight and some strange aura I had not been able to define easily previously.  I can still smell the ocean air, salty taste on my lips, glinting light off the water as small whitecaps dashed onto the shore and a strange sound in the distance, I later learned was a calliope merging with the splashing waves, as my mother sang the words, “By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea, you and me, you and me, oh how happy we’ll be”. 

I could see these auras as creatures, undoubtedly must have been in my imagination, my developing mind, as any child’s sense of wonder, I did not fear them because they all seemed as happy as my mom to be with me.  Until I was much older I would see these creatures at different times and as often as possible would relate this “hallucination” to a good feeling of family.  

Life is about the perspective we each hold as our truth … what we can see, we can  believe … what we think is our subconscious communicating to ourselves.

This is my perspective of an afternoon concert in Central Park … others may have had a different experience.


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