“Beasties Voice” – Chapter Seven – Beasties

“Beasties Voice”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Seven – Beasties


The song may have ended but the drum beats continue, creating a lush bed of rhythm that drives like a human heartbeat.  The fist pumpers and citizens have divided to aggregate in different sections. The small percentage of our audience overrun by their bad beasties overruling their intellect do not know their enemy is their own irrational subconscious belief systems.

As a romantic, poet, rock ‘n roll songwriter, teacher and student of life, I’ve discovered that a minimal amount of people have the capability to change their behavior appropriately, and accept their faults for betterment.  In my imagination, now appearing to be real life, humanity appears to be getting eaten alive from the inside, and the disease is escaping.

As the drums pound the beat, the band looks to me to start the next song, written about the visions I have been seeing, that are presenting themselves as pretty darn real right now.  Gra and Terra are standing by her easel. I now assume that I am no longer the only one who can see Terra surrounded by her beasties, all positive, her expressions of hope, empathy and kindness, and that everyone is attuned.

The next part I will explain to you, from an unconvincing memory about what I believe happened, if I can actually explain it.

Sure, I have ingested a lot of mind-altering substances during my lifetime, and those experiences have taught me a lot about good and bad, right and wrong and real or imagined.  I believe that even though something unusual may be difficult to believe, it still may be real to me, if to no one else. I’ve learned to be okay with that, part of my go-with-the-flow philosophy.

It seemed at that juncture in history, that time appeared to stop.

Yep, stop.  Completely. Totally.  Stopped. 

Tens of thousands of humans in a park in the center of The City That Never Sleeps, stops.

I was still thinking clearly, and my thinking was linear, it just looked to me like everyone around me began moving in incredibly slow motion.  The band, the audience, Terra and myself, physically unable to move at the speed at which my mind was functioning.  

At this important time in my life, I felt motionless and unable to continue the show, yet felt no anxiety about it internally.  The interesting part for me was that Terra’s beasties remained in my view, unfettered and moving. I could hear the drum beat in my head, which Sid would have provided to continue this next song.  Although he was not moving, the drumbeat permeated the stillness. 

The only person who was not frozen was our new friend Gra, who appeared to be completely unaffected by the momentary freeze of time as we were experiencing it.  He was standing near the easel next to a frozen Terra, then flowed right up to my frozen face, surrounded by what looked like happy cartoon characters similar to the beasties that have surrounded me my whole life and that are a part of Terra’s world.  

The best that I can explain any of this would be to say that Gra reached out to me telepathically and tried to explain what was happening to me.  He was not a regular crew guy, not a musician, not a human and not here to harm us. He relieved my apprehension, allowing me to comprehend his complicated message.

I originally wrote this song with little understanding of what it meant, as the words flowed out of me in poetic fashion directly from my depressed (at the time) heart and mind directly to the page.  It was based on my experiences with the good and bad beasties that I recognized existing outside of myself, along with each and every other person I met.  

Based on lessons and knowledge gained by experiencing life from birth until now, I had decided that beasties are a physical, yet imaginary, cartoon representation of each human emotion. 

I learned that each person must learn to deal with other people’s beasties, while also learning to control their own beasties’ behaviors through internal and external growth.  The human mind is an incredibly powerful tool, and weapon, to create ideas and feelings often beyond our ability, or desire, to understand.

Gra informs me mentally that he is an impulse from the universe, that I am some form of a communicator of an important message to the audience, and this is a test of our resolve to save the planet and humanity.  Right, sure. I thought I must have been dosed prior to the show, but okay, go with the flow.

Confident that I can handle this new intrusion to our lives and our show, I mentally convey back to Gra that he has nothing to fear from us, and that we will continue the concert if that is what is needed to prove our commitment.  With a blink of Gra’s eyes, and a slight gesture of his hand, Sid’s open mind appears to be able to continue the drum beat, although his eyes appear to still be entranced. 

The beat becomes stronger.  The band, still also appearing mesmerized, begins to chant my opening lyrics to the song, “Beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties.”  With another wave of his hand, the audience comes alive, the roar of their awakening grows as the beat builds. Leaping from on top of a speaker stack to the stage, Punkhead awakens from his trance, and passionately raps my lyrics narrating my thoughts. 

“Beasties believe in endless pleas, a tease to ease their freakasies, rants beyond the eyes of dawn comes alive on seeds of song,” my cryptic message that the beasties are deep dark emotions.  “Creepy empty space in time delineates my aching rhyme, sometimes heated sorrow becomes true bliss.”

The song had been written to educate about my childhood hallucinations.  Emotions can be “beasties”, and can change to extremes and control humans’ actions unless controlled by rational thinking.

Terra and I vocally respond to PunkHead, singing of fear and hope combined, “Even if I’ve tried to find a pathway to a better clime, if my try seemed vastly dark, no glimmer of light, no sign of a spark, even though I feel the pull, of every bad decision culled, between my spirit’s dream untold, I believe there’s something to this.” 

Gra then steps in to add my lyrics about demeaning humans for small failures possibly being the root of bad beasties’ actions, singing, “A beastie is not just human, psychically diminished ruin, devoured through and through in, darkly depths within.”  

He continues, explaining that the bad beasties blame themselves, their humans and others for the fact they consider themselves, “Failed like a withered blowhard, a delinquent emotional shit-tard, lost in a ghastly brain fart, disgusted that it’s so hard.”  The abuse is self-sustaining to the beastie and their humans.

Time appears to be back on track, and everyone on stage is back into the show.  Everyone, including the audience can also now see the beasties’ auras as they have been accepted into opened minds.  Beliefs can change if subconsciously someone accepts that their current beliefs are false or unhealthy.  

Some people can see things that others cannot.  Much like reading music and complex mathematics, understanding is sometimes about believing you can understand.

Now that everyone on stage has become aware and able to visualize them, the bad beasties representing hate, fear, anger, greed, apathy, arrogance, narcissism, suffering, malice, sadness and anxiety, among others, begin acting as though being called “bad” is all positive, celebrating being recognized and encouraging bad behavior. 

These bad beasties, potentially created by a combination of bad experiences, misinformation, negative influences and chemical combinations in their human’s systems, are usually left to control their own conditions and can cause the mind to remain closed, causing grief to their carriers.  The good beasties representing positive emotions such as love, empathy and kindness, choose to dance and enjoy life, not creating false anxiety.

Seeing them now, allows us the opportunity to finally accept what I always believed but could not easily explain to those who could not see with their own eyes.  Their belief systems have changed instantly upon understanding the reality of the situation, as we have projected the correct message directly into their brains. Either Gra has amplified my message and my telepathy abilities, or is just controlling all of this and making me think it’s me.  No worries, it feels good so I’m going with it.

Punkhead begins the second verse, rhythmically chanting, “As the art flows through your heart, coloured by dissenting marks, leaving space to be replaced by moments of un-splendored grace, contradictory desire, contorting even arts’ inspired, no one believes they can change this.”

Again, in my lyrics, I am trying to convey that the human belief system is flawed.  That closed-mindedness is the enemy that needs to be transformed, and will probably achieve better results with creativity, as education and having access to all available knowledge appear to be failing humans here in the 21st century.

Terra and I move out front and add the next lyrics, “Enlightened business of the claw, reaches out to touch yet mauls, the flesh, the soul, the bonds of cold, demeaning self-control, distracted yet from the timely set of requirements of human debt, without the sense to feel remiss, I believe there’s something to this.”  We seem to know through our collective knowledge that we owe our future to our past, and those who do not learn do not survive.

Gra again attempts to defend the closed-minded manufactured senses that cause pain, reminding all that, “A beastie is not just human, psychically diminished ruin, devoured through and through in, darkly depths within, failed like a withered blowhard, a delinquent emotional shit-tard, lost in a ghastly brain fart, disgusted that it’s so hard.”  Yet again, my lyrics are misunderstood by its subjects, the bad beasties, as meaning they are the best of the options for survival.

Here we stand, bad beasties believing they are good, and good beasties not caring what the bad beasties believe because they feel they offer positive experiences for their humans, and the internal chemicals and memories provide reinforcement of their beliefs.  A proverbial stand-off has emerged in front of us between two sets of emotions for control of the situation.

Everyone appears to be visually and mentally aware of the beasties I have been singing about all my life.  Many people are now realizing for the first time that their emotions can manifest to be seen and experienced by others.  Tied to memories of their own childhood trauma, demeaning behavior by responsible adults, bullies in school, mean bosses at work and people who have taken advantage of them in their lives.  Bad beastie personas spring to life, symbolizing that the loss of control of subconscious memory emotions can become loss of control of real life.

Now this adds the anxiety beasties to the mixture, each triggering others to evoke their own, appearing to me like a growing toxic epidemic as they spread through the audience.  The band, performing our jaunty melodic interlude, continues to project positive beasties as the music plays. Everyone is now dancing, as these good beasties within them may be the creators of the skill sets needed for the musicians to understand and perform. 

Dancing with Terra, we move toward the front of the stage between the good and bad beasties as they begin to conflict.  I sing, “Whether we be strong or weak, whether there’s a final peak, clever, life is, so to speak, a vacuum of aloneness.”  I look to Terra and sing, “Grip the charcoal, control your grasp, paint by numbers without a task, black and white oblivious lapse, the actions that define us,” as a way of asking Terra to add her art to our defense.

While the beasties dance around, Gra moves to Terra’s easel, which has the earth on it.  He stands by a second easel next to it and places a discarded protest poster board upon it.  He then draws a giant heart shape in red marker. The band drops back into the rhythmic beat.

Punkhead again leads the chants as everyone joins in, including the good and bad beasties, all happily proud of their contributions to their humans, “Beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties.”  Then as before, Punkhead breaks into another powerhouse appeal that, “Beasties live with hopes of chance, change their queer by circumstance, no special needs or crucial greed, just find a place to be at ease, no one understands their pain, superficial attempt to gain a freedom from their madness.”  

And with that validation, all of the bad beasties quickly return beside the humans they emerged from, content that they are accepted as misunderstood traumatized beings, not evil.  And the good beasties offer warm support to their humans, now with a better understanding of the other side. 

I can see all of this happening, understanding the underlying meanings because I had written these lyrics exclusively from my previous perceptions, but had no idea how or why we were in a mass hallucination.  In some connotation this could be the story of lost causes and unexpected successes, besides defeating irrational beliefs. 

Knowing it is not easy to change ingrained programming and knowledge so that other people can recognize changed behaviors, I am sympathetic to helping create happier beasties with education and entertainment.  Each person has unique qualities, including free will, can think for themselves and also be a positive part of a group, allowing them to change their minds, behaviors and/or emotions when facts are presented. To me that would be a definition of choice.

Gra waves his hands again.  Charts and images appear in mid air, as he seems to be calculating a puzzle like Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible movie.  He sings the next section passionately in an attempt to soothe all those beasties who are not yet assured of a cooperative environment for change. 

“Never worry that Beasties exist, within that space of time persists, a fluid reminder of the lost track of time were there any involving the mind, beyond what is normal, a beastie is formally challenged to be what it’s formed.” 

“Unique is better than sameness, a freedom from their madness,” Gra sings, relating my message of a misunderstood underlying desire of each person’s emotions to make them special, considered by some as an important part of the human spirit.  To me it is about allowing everyone to be accepted for being themselves and controlling those inner feelings that create bad actions.

As we all chant the phrase, Gra continues to wave his hands to bring the rest of the audience back to our reality in time, and vocally concludes the song with, “Unique is better than sameness.”  The crowd, coming out of a mind-altering experience, is now charged with new knowledge and being able to witness the beasties on stage and all around them. They cheer enthusiastically. They think it is just part of the stage show.

Although the fans had really only experienced the heartbeat rhythm of the drums underlying the ceasing of their time flow, along with the words which they already knew from the recording, yet were telepathically infused into their experience, the audience reacted with approval and applause, as if experiencing all the activity that we had. 

Terra steps over to the easel where Gra had drawn a heart shape, and adds a beautiful, yet different, unique heart shape on the board, interconnecting the two hearts. 

Two hearts for one planet.


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