“Beasties Voice” – Chapter Seventeen – HOPE

“Beasties Voice”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved





Chapter Seventeen – Hope


To me, Terra represents the beastie Hope, and Gra has informed me that to him she is the human representation of Terra Firma.  She is complex yet wishes to live simply. Her vibrations exude a calm excitedness, and now I am comfortable with all that she is or ever will be.  We have adapted to our reality, and now we know a deeper love and friendship through knowledge and this incredible shared experience.

I notice the smile on her face as I cue the band to start the final song of the set, of which I have asked Terra to sing the lead vocal.  When I wrote this song, it was heavily influenced by my irrational love for her at the time, the change that happened between us and my realization of our positive reality.  I was inspired by her, lyrically, reaching out to all that I could to teach, learn and communicate with her, and my audience. 

Now it also appears to clearly state her perspective poetically, quoting my lyrics as she sings my questioning poetic thoughts about it all, “I wake another morning at the dawning lost in thought, wonder about the thunder in my mind and in my heart, moving to the future in the nurture of the pain, alone with distant music pounding rhythms in the rain, human yet immortal, lost in a time outside the portal, given to disaster with a thought of dying faster.”

Gra calmly responds with some universal knowledge that somehow I wrote when depressed, adding some definition, singing, “Hope can be fleeting, never have the chance of being the saving grace of knowledge and change,” then looking directly at Terra who adds my written encouragement to “Be the one, who inspires the sun, and blooms the flowers in springtime,” concluding the line with a mystical metaphor that came to me when composing, stating, “Hope is the only magic that illuminates the strange,” which we now understand.

At that moment, it appeared that Gra captured everyone’s minds in somewhat the same unified trance he previously had with Terra and I, as all the beasties and humans appeared unified in vibration and spirit, something I only recognized when we were outside of our reality.  Gra joined Terra singing my chorus, and it gave me such a wonderful thrill to feel the unified message being accepted by a unified audience feeling in harmony, “Give love to each other, be kind to strangers, maybe Hope is the answer, but whatever the question, can’t be too kind.”  I reach for Terra’s hand, casually, not possessively, and we dance together surrounded by our happy beasties.  

Terra smiles and saunters up to the mic to sing the second verse, written during a time when I was suffering from severe depression, deeply concerned about what to do about my imaginary beasties and what was then unrequited love from Terra.  Plus, the planet was being attacked by evil people, and whenever I have felt alone or afraid, music and poetry has allowed me to turn my anxiety into creativity.

“Another day of doubt, no idea what it’s about, isolation is not the equation to cure a human heart,” Terra sang, “belief in the possible and not the irrational, learn what is feasible even if it’s difficult.”  Continuing, she sings what I have always felt were important words that somehow magically came out of me, “The mind’s the only muscle that can make you cry, and take you beyond the errant squandered wish to try.”  I am having a profound realization now that I realize more about us humans in relation to our beasties and the universe, our free will and ability to make choices, thanks to Gra opening my mind even further.

Gra again responds to Terra, offering my written words clarifying that special inspirational power, singing, “Hope may not help weaklings, or narcissistic beings, working towards a solution to force their evolution.”  Where these words of mine came from has always been a mystery to me, but the realization of them has awoken me even more as Gra sings, “Power of the mind can create the kind of feelings, destructive to the soul, deep control of sad devotion.”

I discovered recently, after a lifetime of suffering, that the illness depression could be best described as having “mind cuffs”, like handcuffs, but placed on a person’s mind by themselves at the insistence or encouragement of others.  My mind would be put into what I perceived as an inescapable trap. Although the solution was sitting in plain sight, within reach, the unwillingness of my irrational subconscious belief system with mixed messaging and societal conditioning, added to my beastie Arrogance not wanting me to change.

I also recently discovered that I have narcissistic personality disorder, and learned this condition is brought on by negative influence of loved ones who wish to control for someone’s own good, often subconsciously.  This can cause unintentional damage to a young person that could last their entire lifetime if they are unable to change their irrational belief system. I was damaged, but found my resurrection in music and poetry, finally winessing my goal of surviving reality by turning my anxiety into creativity.

As the song builds, the band starts pointing to the audience shouting, “What about you?” reprising “Good Old Friend”, which started the show off about two hours ago.  Going into the chorus, Terra and I sing to the audience, “Give love to each other, see the kindness of strangers, maybe Hope is the answer, whatever the question, can’t be too kind,” and with Gra joining in, we punctuate it with, “Be kind to all.”

As the band kicked into our musical interlude, Gra telepathically connected to everyone to quickly enlighten on a massive scale, with everyone at once experiencing what Terra and I had during our out-of-body experiences.  Whatever Gra was or is, Terra and I both felt safe. My mind was open to any possibility, as he telepathically explained to us that the human which we called Gra, that had been engaging with us, was inhabited by an otherworldly being.  He referred to himself then as Impulse, a catalyst which was sent from the brain of the universe to help us all realize our humanity, by showing everyone their beasties.

Gra then related to all that the complexity of humans chemically, psychologically and mystically tied to every other living thing on the planet within this living universe.  The open minds in the audience accepted the reality that everyone was part of making a better universe. He also downloaded a lot of scientific information into everyone who’s minds were open, showing the possibilities science offered.

He then added the knowledge that beasties exist in everyone, representing their true internal beliefs, as their human brains write their own internal script of beliefs and thoughts from external stimuli/influences, both good and bad.  Wow, was I getting a brainful. Which is what led me to write this book and try to explain what happened to the best of my ability. 

He explained that our brains process in a computer-like network, resembling what most people visualize as the stars and planets in our solar system in the night sky.  Adding that the brain can trigger an emotion, either from real memory, some outside stimulation or something completely imaginary, that can send chemicals through the bloodstream into the brain and body triggering good and bad beastie creation. 

With all of this info being dumped into most everyone’s brains in my audience, he adds that brain signals also emit beyond the internal human system into the universe, and back.  He continues to explain that many beings over history have evolved to develop their telepathic abilities on waves unaccepted by close-minded people, enabling communication with everyone and everything.  This signal can be turned on within an open mind, just as it can be turned off by a closed or compromised human wishing to remain unaware.  

Humans survive and evolve against all odds due to a strong, yet often irrational, belief in the beastie Hope.  Anyone can choose to turn on the trigger needed to evolve to become a better being. Unfortunately, too many waste their Hope beastie waiting for another to change, a god, saviour, deity or solution outside of our own evolution.  Acceptance of being part of a bigger universe that may be as small as a single atom, making humans actually subatomic in scale, can never be fathomed by most. The beastie Hope wants to totally comprehend, chooses to explore and desires to learn more, pushing humans on the path towards transcendence.  The path to hope goes through the brain to reach the higher plain of existence. 

All of this knowledge and realization seemed to have happened in seconds, yet it seemed that it clicked with the band and the audience as Gra led the Beasties, joyously singing, “Kindness is the currency of the universe,” with Gra punctuating to “Spend freely,” as Vibe provided a transcendental, triple-picking guitar flow.

Terra, Gra and I step up to the mics and reprise some important messages from earlier in the show for the newly aware audience to share with their happy beasties, “The rays of the Sun are making shadows somewhere, it may be sunny here but it’s raining over there,” from our second song, “Forever Girl”, sung two hours earlier.  

Gra then releases the audience from the telepathic download, as he steps forward to reprise another important message singing with Terra and I, “Giving back from lessons learned, paying forward for graces earned,” from “The Price of a Kiss”, also played earlier. 

As the interlude wraps up, we reprise the ending of “Love and Let Love” to the crowd’s joy. 

Terra steps up to sing the next verse of our finale, and I can sense her confidence in her new knowledge, “Elation often fleeting leaves the heart slowly beating, for the passage of time or the change within the mind, as we witness the erosion of a soul explosion creeping, we find the strength to keep our distance length behind, moving with the wind keeping fluid stance within the fire, never taking chance to enjoy the happenstance of desire.”

She sings my words like they were intended, as poetry, describing my abstract feelings about her, our planet and our fate.  I respond to her with, “Hope is a glance towards one happy dance against the odds, or be nothing more than disaster in store with only fear to follow.”  Gra finishes my sentiment singing to “Believe in the outcome you want or find a path to your gods, lest your wishes and dreams become manipulated schemes of horror,” a warning against the trappings of organized religion, corrupt politicians and manipulative narcissists.  

This part of the song was now taken over by everyone’s beasties … the band, the audience, Terra and mine, all chanting, “Beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties, beasties.”  As rehearsed, Terra wholeheartedly sings, “Empathy,” beginning sincerely, building the song with the entire ensemble as big and powerful as they could so that it could be heard way off in the buildings surrounding the park.  

Terra reprises her powerful vocals singing, “You see it in the floods and in the fires,” to which Gra adds, “You see it in the hurricanes of human desire.”  Again comes the resounding sound of 20,000+ people singing, “Empathy,” followed by Terra belting out, “You feel it in your panic to the cries.” 

It was my turn now, as I sing, “Your actions show your feelings,” and I’m joined in beautiful harmonies by Terra, Gra and the band singing, “As your spirit starts to rise.”  Once again the entire band is joined by the audience and their beasties projecting that important word, singing, “Empathy.” Gra sings, “Drives you like an engine deep inside,” and I sing the conclusion that matters, “To do what’s right no matter there’s no prize.” 

As rehearsed, the band then stops on a dime, and all we can hear are the voices, a cappella, as persuasively powerful as humans could be vocally, singing, “Give love to each other,” answered back by the band with power chords and piano build.  Again, another glorious a cappella aggregation singing, “See the kindness of strangers,” followed by a blast from the band. We continue with, “Maybe Hope is the answer, whatever the question, can’t be too kind.”  

As written, the band and music slow into our proverbial kick line pace with Gra and I at the front of the stage, singing, “Be the love for each other.”  Terra belts out a soaring vocal callback, “Be the love for each other.” We all sing, “See the kindness of strangers, maybe Hope is the answer, whatever the question, be kind to all.”  She sings an exclamation with all of her heart to “Be kind,” and we follow again with, “Be kind to all.” 

On stage, I look at Terra with a heartfelt smile of satisfaction.  I then look at Gra with a smile of acceptance of my reality that currently exists, and now better understanding his place in it, we all sing, “Be kind, be kind, to all.” 

Gra steps up to end the song, adding his message to everyone that “Unique is better than sameness,” and to make your “beasties be kind.”  The message of hope has been delivered and received. The audience is fulfilled and they react with overwhelming applause and cheers for us.  Being the last song before encore, we take bows, wave, accept the adoration and head to the backstage. 

From what I understand, the internet blew up over our event and everyone was talking about the unusual experience in the sheep meadow that day.  It would appear that millions of people were changed that day, in New York City and across the planet. Eyes and minds were opened and it was the beginning of a new era.

I believe that if we were destined to do something magical that would be remembered and potentially effect change to save the planet, we may have done our part.  

If not, then everyone still seemed to have a good time.

Messages delivered. 

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