“Beasties Voice” – Chapter Thirteen – Why

“Beasties Voice”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Thirteen – Why 

On easels in front of all, Terra has posed the most basic and often asked questions of all time.  When I wrote this song, I was pondering that each decision was a why or why not supposition that needed an action to develop a solution.  What was the impulse that causes that choice, creates that beastie, pushes our evolution to be better, worse or different?  

Terra inspired me to be a better person, to use the talents I had, to lead other collaborators, including herself.  We are in a good place as friends. I feel good having her nearby and involved.

On my finger snap, the band kicks into a funky number Bill built around my lyrics.  As Terra moves confidently to the front of the stage with her beasties dancing alongside, she sings the proposition, “Why becomes the question, when answers are evolving, as the questions are asked, from many perspectives, many options exist.”  

With my newfound insight, my lyrics crafted years earlier now have new meaning to them, “Why not may be the solution, as there may be no correct answers, each being only serves the purpose of moving time forward.”  Terra adds, “And time never stops,” to which I sing directly to her as rehearsed, “But that doesn’t mean that anything is linear.”

Terra starts my next verse of analysis, “Humans are the most curious of species, with traits of all beings that evolved before them, along with that special stardust imbedded within their genetic code.”  I respond directly to her, emphasizing some of the words with directional and amorous gestures, “They think, they feel, procreate, evolve, manifest and deviate, other species on the planet respect, fear and/or idolize.”  Terra repeats her acquired knowledge, “And time never stops,” to which I reply, “But that doesn’t mean that anything is clearer.”  

The band shifts musical gears, changing the tempo for Terra to emphasize the importance of this awareness about the destruction of the climate singing, “Yet there are some humans whose animal instincts, internal grief and conditioning, have made them dangerous to the planet itself.”  From the side of the stage that T.Raitor and his trolls were last seen scrambling around, I continue the song pointing to the campaign rally posters still adorning the cheaply made platform. “I have discovered, directly, in my face the cause perplexing the human race, on the planet, as the bigotry and hate, division, anger, fear and greed were the same.” 

Gra appears with a microphone next to Terra and the easels, throws his arms around her and chides, “Curses that had destroyed previous universal experiments,” with everyone’s response questioning, “Yeah?” was followed by his tongue-in-cheek warning that, “Once a meteor was sent instead of a messenger to restart this planet all over again.”  A nod of approval with an affirmational, “Uh Huh,” and Gra concluded with my query, “Can humans evolve to be more than just food chain?” 

Stepping out to the front of the stage to address the audience, Terra reiterates her initial inquiry singing, “Why could be an equation, when answers are evolving, as the questions are asked from many perspectives, many versions exist.”  I sing, “Why not can be deviation as there may be no correct answers, each being only serves the purpose to reproduce or die.”  I remember writing this song when I was questioning my own self worth, choosing to live when suicide was an option, when I believed I could never tame these beasties.  

The two of us harmonize a final sentiment, “Why is the big picture, when answers are not coming, as the questions are asked from many perspectives, universes exist.”  I chime in a final, “And time never stops.” 

As the band drifts off, we’re singing, “Never stops, never stops, never stops.” 

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