“Beasties Voice” – Chapter Twelve – Dive

“Beasties Voice”

By Gary Sohmers, 2017 copyright, All Rights Reserved



Chapter Twelve – Dive


Time stopped.  Seriously stopped.  Even I was frozen, but aware.  

Terra stood smiling, but even her mind was not responding to my thoughts as before.  Everyone else was completely mesmerized, people and beasties, different than when Terra, Gra and I soared into the galaxy.  I felt alone. Until the mysterious stranger Gra casually walked in front of my face and began to telepathically communicate with me.

I guess I should have expected this, since it was going so well.  Gra calmly explained that he can slow time to a mere fraction of our ability to interpret it, and everyone was currently in a happy mental state they would all like to always attain.  No one would notice a pause in reality when they were enjoying a moment of bliss.

With time stopped, he put his face between my eyes and Terra’s, in an attempt to block our connected gaze.  He then stared deeply into my eyes, the contact between us broken, and all of a sudden I was functioning. Gra and I among the frozen mass.  I felt comfortable enough with this altered state of being, because of our experience earlier together with Terra. But this time it was just he and I. 

There comes an instant when every being chooses to commit or quit, to survive or die.  This could be one of those moments.  

I accepted the challenge to understand what was going on instead of fearing the unusual, as that was natural for me, and we immediately bonded mentally at a high level of interconnection.  With a kind look, Gra mentally conveys that there is no challenges from him for Terra (the woman)’s affection or companionship.  Although he has a love interest, it was for Terra Firma, the planet. Gra explains to me that my words and music can help the planet’s denizens evolve, change and survive.  That my Terra is Mother Nature and my evolutionary duty was to help Terra and the planet be happier.    

Beyond my intellect, Gra explains that humans are a cancerous bacteria on the surface of Earth that could destroy her.  He makes it clear that no matter what, the planet will survive, as she always does. It’s just that humanity may not survive on the path it’s on. 

Gra also explains to me that to be as aware as my lyrics make me out to be, I must have an elaborate historical Personal Information and Data Interface in my genetic code that gives me access to universal knowledge.  We have formed a very unique bond now, as deep as any humans attain. He then transports me on an intercosmos exploration at the speed of nerves, surpassing the speed of light beyond any human comprehension. As mere subatomic specs we propel to the brain of the cosmos, are charged by direct energy, our PIDIs filled with new relevant data needed to continue, and spit back into the bloodstream for the instant path back to the cancerous cell we need to cure. 

Yes, it appears that we may all be cancers or antibodies of Earth.  A human brain has the power to comprehend a massive influx of new data, scientific fact and experiences.  It also has the ability to cure each individual cell within its mobility vessel, even if humans sometimes cannot accept it.  We just have to believe it can happen and make it happen. 

I got it, accepted it, embraced it.    

Time didn’t exist, but to save the planet, time did. 

Gra brings our minds back to what appears to be the reality I am used to, as we are again standing on the stage, face to face, eye to eye.  The band appears to be catching up to us in earthly time flow, as we hear the slow, dredging guitar and bass riffs, slogging drums and colorful organ, a back beat calliope of blues-based hard rock music.  Terra begins to slowly sway. 

Taking what I have now learned, I figure I can attempt to tell this new knowledge to the tens of thousands gathered before us to effect positive change.  I may be judged as crazy, but I am compelled, so okay. I sing words written prior to this newly imparted universal knowledge to people who have shown me great love and support throughout my career, to hopefully guide them to change. 

“I dive like a mad man, a flying crying sad man, circle the ground with wings of hope, believe you can fly for as long as you can,” to compel others to at least let your hope beastie try to overcome the fear beastie for the happiness beastie.  “Dive towards the crazy the ultimate joy, don’t be lazy or shy or coy, be the bird, not a beastie in your mind, to discover the thrill as the Sun burns your eyes, there is no awareness to tell you to stop, as the ground comes ever closer to ending your drop.”  

With all of my newly discovered strength coming from deep inside me, and supported by an army of happy positive beasties and my band, I sing an emotional, “You gotta Dive, leap from the precipice, into the abyss, you gotta Dive, like this.”  Vibe moves to the front and offers a blistering guitar solo, with the intensity of a nervous reaction to pain or joy.  The music builds at this continued crawl, edging the audience to feel uneasy, as they want to learn quicker, absorb faster, than most of their unevolved brains’ comprehension can even allow.  

As Vibe brings the crowd to elongated elation, Terra turns away from her easel to watch me perform.  Gra moves to join me up front to address the audience with my lyrics, singing to me as a challenge, “Dive like the strong one, or insipid wrong one, watching your shadow on the earth below, the jump is your freedom if you truly won.”  Looking towards Terra, I continue, “Dive to the future, your past is long gone, the open door of nature begs for your songs, watch as those around you, in amazement they watch, your whole world changes, to a world you can touch.”  

Looking out into the audience, pointing towards a fan with as much emphasis as can be exerted, I sing, “It’s heading towards you as you continue to fall, there is only you in your head to answer your call.”  I really let loose on that chorus with an even more emphatic plea for the audience to commit to change, “You gotta Dive, magic in motion, believe that you can, you gotta Dive, like I am.” 

Vibe again rips into the crowd with electric guitar meant to stir the emotions.  Powerful yet tasteful, his effective manipulation of strings, electronics and control of his creative beasties have allowed Vibe to be a rock star.  The crowd nears mass orgasm, breathing in slow unison, growing anticipation and excitement. As Vibe psychedelicizes the sound, Terra and I dance together in what could be considered a mating ritual.  Respect and kindness beasties dance with us for all to see.  

Out of the guitar solos, I move again to the front of the stage and sing the third verse as a challenge to everyone including myself and Terra, “Dive like you know it is the best way to go, imagine the best and that’s not what’s down below,” to which Gra responds, “Your wings may evolve but you’ve never been here, feel the rush of the fall as you clear the air, believe there’s a chance that the end is not near.”  I finish the statement with the push to “Give change a chance, Dive without fear.”  

Again, I am able to summon all I have within me, pleading out a soulful request of all who can hear, “You gotta Dive, soar from the passible, into the mess, you’ve gotta Dive, like this.”  And to conclude the song and reiterate the point, I dig in deep and let out, “Diii-iiive, leap from the precipice, into the abyss, you’ve gotta Dive, like this,” ending with the strongest notes I have, “Diii-iiive, Diii-iiive, Diii-iiive.” 

As the band concludes, the audience cheers.  Terra saunters back toward her easels, smiling knowingly at me, swinging to the groove, surrounded by happy beasties.  She picks up a couple of discarded protest posters thrown onto the stage that she wishes to recycle, and on the blank back side draws a large letter “Y” in the center of one easel and large letters “NOT” on the other.  

Change matters. 

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