“Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One – Impulse” Hits Earth; Book Of Grā Released

“Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One - Impulse” Hits Earth; Book Of Grā Released

Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One – Impulse released across all digital services in conjunction with the first installment of the book series, Book Of Grā.

Following along the path paved by other cult classics, Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One – Impulse tells the first half of the story, and is just the beginning of a pop culture work of art aimed at saving the planet and humanity from climate destruction and societal corporate corruption. Act Two is being mixed for release in April.

The first installment of the book series, Book of Grā – Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera, is currently available in paperback and ebook form on Amazon, with the audiobook version, read by best-selling science fiction narrator, Michael Kramer, being available on Audible in late February.

Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera is a story about a rock band that finally has a hit record after years of touring, performing a free concert in Central Park that attracts a huge crowd. But, without telling the band, the promoter sold a sponsorship to a corrupt politician, Dick T.Raitor, who interrupts the concert in an attempt to hijack the audience’s attention. The hero, Grā (pronounced: Gray), currently a stagehand and a retired singer, is affected by an alien intervention from an otherworldly impulse—which infuses within him a schizophrenic identity with special powers—to make humanity aware of their inner Beasties.

The cast concept recording features singers Dave Bickler (voice of “Eye of The Tiger”) as Grā (an alien impulse from the cosmic universe); British rock star Chris Farlowe (1966 hit “Out of Time” with Mick & Keith, also sings with Jimmy Page, Van Morrison, among others) as the villain Dick T.Raitor; rock n soul singer Barrence Whitfield (of The Savages) as the “star” of the concert, Voice; and new-comer Liz Proteau as the female lead Terra. Orchestrated, arranged and co-written by Bill Holloman (Springsteen, Nile Rodgers). Record mixed by Paul David Hager (Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Jonas Bros., Devo).

The story of Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera centers around teaching humanity to control their bad “Beasties”, otherwise known as their energies and emotions. Gary Sohmers has crafted a tome which is not only entertaining, but will also leave you with a restored faith in humanity that you can sing along with.

Gary Sohmers wrote the story around these songs in early 2017, having written several of the songs over the course of his life, he wrote 9 new ones, along with 3 novels from the perspectives of 3 of the main characters. As a singer and songwriter, Sohmers spent his formative years in Madison WI working with the likes of Butch Vig and others in the clubs and studio, recording and performing. “Being able to work with top musicians and vocalists along with orchestrator and songwriting partner Bill Holloman, has made creating Beasties a joy to deliver this important work to humanity,” says Sohmers.

The first novel, Book of Grā – Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera, is written from the perspective of the title character, Grā. It’s a whirlwind of rock and roll, alien encounters, and political interference, all wrapped up in two separate love stories. One between the lead singer of the band and his muse, and the other between the alien, Impulse, and the planet earth.

This rock opera is being staged for a touring show, eventually landing on Broadway.

“I am so inspired by what Gary and his team have achieved with Beasties– an original new musical with something important to say– a timely message delivered through rocking entertainment.
– Vivek Tiwary, Tony winning Producer, Eisner winning Author

“Impressive display of creative gymnastics, Gary Sohmers takes you on a magical trip through his mind to his musical meaning of life.”
– Bob Eckstein, NY Times bestselling author

“Beasties is a busy beast of an album, packed with fist-pumping hard rock…and hooky anthems.” – Jim Sullivan for WBUR


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