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“Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One – Impulse” Hits Earth; Book Of Grā Released

Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One – Impulse released across all digital services in conjunction with the first installment of the book series, Book Of Grā.

Following along the path paved by other cult classics, Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera Act One – Impulse tells the first half of the story, and is just the beginning of a pop culture work of art aimed at saving the planet and humanity from climate destruction and societal corporate corruption. Act Two is being mixed for release in April.

The first installment of the book series, Book of Grā – Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera, is currently available in paperback and ebook form on Amazon, with the audiobook version, read by best-selling science fiction narrator, Michael Kramer, being available on Audible in late February.


Beasties Rock Opera “Good Old Friend” has been getting great airplay on these stations, and on many Radio Indie Alliance Indie charts.

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Music Authority (Florida)

CDNX (United Kingdom)

Radio Candy Radio (Los Angeles)

WITR (New York)

Bumblebee Music (Mass)

EN5 (United Kingdom)

KZUU (St. Louis)

Lonely Oak (USA)

Howfen Radio (United Kingdom)

Chasing The Essential (USA)

Base FM (New Zealand)

Banks Radio Australia

UK Independent (United Kingdom)

Valley FM 89.5 (Australia)

WEDG (Buffalo NY)

Somer Valley (United Kingdom)

WICB (Ithaca NY)

Castledown (United Kingdom)

Krux FM (New Mexico)

Belter Radio (United Kingdom)

Radio VGR (United Kingdom)

QCIndie (Canada)

Lux Radio (Brazil)

5GTR (South Africa)

Radio Sotra (Staume Norway)

Flatlines Radio (Germany)

Rock Radio Northern Ireland (Ireland)

Dublin City FM (Dublin)

Narradio 95.3 (Stockholm Sweden)

Camglen Radio (United Kingdom)

IPO Radio (United Kingdom)

Unlikely Place (USA)

Hanks Alternative Radio (Texas)

The Menace (United Kingdom)

Radio Saltire (Scotland)

KCC Live (United Kingdom)

Merseyland (United Kingdom)

FM4 (Germany)
Mike Rogers Show (Japan)

Woody Radio (Gidget & Boris)

PopRadioUK (United Kingdom)

Dandelion (United Kingdom)

Cambridge (United Kingdom)

Radio Wey (United Kingdom)

Aggie Radio (Utah)

Radio Pepito (Mexico)

New Visions Radio Network (New York)

Radio Ara (Lux)

Secret Weapon (Woody Radio)

EDA (Scotland)

Future Radio (United Kingdom)

Only Rock Radio (USA)

DM Pulse (Iowa)

KOR Radio (United Kingdom)

Limehead Radio (United Kingdom)

KKID FM 92.9 (Missouri)

Perfumded Allotment (United Kingdom)

IC Radio (United Kingdom)

Bombshell Radio (Canada)

WORT (Wisconsin)

Military Veterans Network (United Kingdom)

Island 92 FM (Phillipsburg Saint Maarten)

Lucky Star Radio (Colorado)

LSR Leeds (Unitd Kingdom)

104 FM (Sydney)

WMPG (Maine)